Double Taps still phony?

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Tomorrow looks like a great day for it too. Mid 60's and sunny!

I want to plan on doing the hardcast last. Question is if I get 5 good readings of the others out of the Match should I move on to the Hunter 6" or just get more Match 4.75" barrel data?

The 10's will be barking early in the morning tomorrow with some new ones :)
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im still waiting to hear from Dave regarding the ammo i sent him....:cool:
Glad the ammo arrived.

As far as which guns to use, is there a theme or core reason for your videos? Are they about the ammo or the guns?

Two barrel lengths might help others extrapolate your data to estimate how it might perform in their gun.
David has the bone stock Glock 20. I have the witness and hunter. This gives us three platforms different lengths.
Very good, just throwing out some questions to ask that might help decide how to organize the videos.
im still waiting to hear from Dave regarding the ammo i sent him....:cool:
Got your ammo days ago. I save all my empty boxes of ammo I have already tested so I will be able to show a box for each ammo except the Starfire from PMC. That one is the only one that will be new to my spreadsheet bringing the total to 60 different rounds tested.

Saturday I don't work so looks like a trip to the desert for me.

I'll post the results and video as soon as I can.

my spreadsheet
Dave thats great news. i really appreciate you taking the time to video and post your range trips.....
Just got done. I missed my mark a couple of times today because I had a crowd watching. Usually it is just me but I didn't get there early enough and everyone wanted to see what I was doing (nerves). You will see in the video when it's done uploading but here are the numbers out of the Witness Elite Match 4.75" barrel, 22lb Wolff recoil spring:

DoubeTap 180gr GDJHP (Rated 1300 FPS): 1253, 1288, 1305, 1311, 1305. 1292.4 FPS/667.45 LBS
DoubleTap 180gr XTP-JHP (Rated 1350 FPS): 1301, 1295, 1277, 1276, 1284. 1286.6 FPS/661.47 LBS
Underwood 180gr TMJ (Rated 1300 FPS): 1450, 1334, 1362, 1351, 1393. 1378 FPS/758.79 LBS
Underwood 165gr TMJ (Rated 1400 FPS): 1513, 1530, 1423. 1488.6 FPS/811.69 LBS
DoubleTap 215gr Hardcast (Rated 1225 FPS): 1201 FPS/688.45 LBS

Only had two of the Hardcast and one didn't read.

Also did Kevins 9mm GDHP +P+ (Rated 1400 FPS) out of my 4" XD. I know it felt like a 10mm and numbers:

1553, 1522, 1509, 1548. 1533 FPS/599.97 LBS.

That's snappy and will upload the other two videos this evening. They take a while!
They were from 2005-2006. Don't have the current stuff and subtract 30-50 FPS for a Glock 20 4.6 barrel. David's numbers will be about that much lower than mine when he tests Saturday.
the DT i sent him is at least 3 years like to see a side by side of white box DT and black box DT....just to see.....
i thought they were the newer version. maybe not....the three orders i did with DT about 3 years ago all came in black box. i have no idea when the white box got used.
'intercooler', you've made a significant contribution to the DT performance saga. Perhaps video producers can document 'date of manufacture' along with temperature and altitude. It might put some light on why some people report performance meets specs while others clearly show results below spec.

I thank both you and 'drsjr1969' for your time in making all the videos.
Thank you!

It helps the results to set the gun up with a spring to keep it locked. My guess is some that try the better ammos suffer worse results due to this.
Well, people talk about recoil springs helping to keep the barrel locked to the slide, but I don't buy it.

If that happened while the bullet was still in the barrel, the results would be spectacular and the shooter would know something bad had happened.

I did some calculations for a Government 1911 and saw that it would take a very heavy bullet moving pretty fast to push a slide back far enough for the barrel link to pull down the barrel while the bullet is still in the gun. No 10mm or even the .460 Rowland comes close to what it would take to make that happen.

I think it would be simpler to investigate manufacturer loads and see if they perform as advertised.
video processing, but untill it gets posted here are the results in black and white.

temp 80 degrees
stock glock 20SF, 4.6 inch barrel, 17 lbs recoil spring

1. PMC STARFIRE 180 GR 1075.8 FPS @ 463 FT LBS
2. REM. UMC 180 GR 1127.8 FPS @ 508 FT LBS
3. BLAZER 200 GR 996.0 FPS @ 441 FT LBS
4. DOUBLE TAP 135 GR 1432.0 FPS @ 615 FT LBS
5. DOUBLE TAP 165 GR 1228.2 FPS @ 553 FT LBS

6. BUFFALO BORE 220 GR 1116.0 @ 608 FT LBS

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