Are HK pistols worth the money?

are HK pistols worth what they cost?

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    Votes: 304 45.7%
  • NO

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Dec 11, 2009
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this is not a question of their quality, but rather do you think their production costs and quality warrant their price.

i voted no.

the reason being is polymer is MUCH cheaper to manufacture than steel, however HK does not pass the savings on to the customer. seems much of what you pay for is the "HK" stamped on the slide.

and yes, i know glocks only cost $75 to produce, but they also don't charge a grand for their pistols...

i think HK's are great guns, just way overpriced.
Production cost is not the driver in this scenario it is what the market is willing to pay. Real or not, HK products have a perception of quality and command a premium in the market place.

The three HK's I have, P7M8, P7 PSP and USP Tactical .45 have all been excellent performers and somewhat unique, so I think they are worth the money. Not a huge polymer fan either. The USP Tactical is the only polymer pistol I own.
There are more costs than raw materials that set the retail price. Besides what the market is willing to pay, other factors consist of engineering, marketing, inventory carrying costs, logistics, debt service, etc.
There's this funny thing about people and selling stuff to them. If you price something too low, people will assume it's cheaply made, and not buy it. Price it high, and many people will convince themselves it's better and buy it.

HK should take whatever they can get. More power to them.
I got a HK P7 PSP that I paid $500 for and a HK45 that I paid $900 for. Both were worth the money to me.
I voted yes. Marketing theories aside, every HK I've ever owned has been a high quality, accurate, reliable machine right from the box. The quality, reliability and durability I've received have definitely been worth the prices paid.
Their classic stuff... Yes...

Their modern Polymer stuff? Nope... way overpriced. Ive owned a few as well as all the other big name heavy hitters and i don't see the extra 400-600 dollars of quality.

And crap, every gun I own I make sure i have quite a few spare mags and these things are $70+ per mag!.. thats just ubsurd.

You want to charge more for a gun? fine... but WHY should their magazine cost easily 3x as much as an XD mag? Glock? or M&P mag?... this is just because they can stick it to the people that buy them.

same as every product manufacturer on earth.

the topic is if HK's are worth the price.

except that most folks here do not seem to have that insight or knowledge - they seem to think that if a maker pays X for parts that X plus 10% should be sufficient and anything more than that is a ripoff....

H&K obviously does not agree........nor do I....H&K, especially P7s are worth the price charged
They are a bit overpriced but i will buy them if i really want them because it is one of the DA/SA gun that fits to my hand when in SA mode. I really want a glock but i have small hands and usually can't hold properly double stacked pistol grips including glock.

Used market price is also very good for H&K's. Yeah they are expensive guns but they are reliable and have good parts. Customer service is okay specially for us here living in Georgia. We'll glock CS is also good because they are also here in Atlanta.

They are also good looking tacti-cool guns. They have active safety levers. And they have LEM trigger available (one of the sweetest double action trigger feel).

For practical people i think HK's are not worth the money but for those who have specific wants/features on a gun that H&K got then H&K is worth the money.
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I have 2 HK's in the safe. A P2000 V3 in 9mm and a USP Expert in .45acp. Between the two I have about 4000 rounds through them. I have not had a failure in either of them. That is a huge plus for me but I almost never shoot them. The biggest gripe is the long reset. It makes them very difficult to shoot fast. The double action on the P2000 is awful but with practice I manage to keep it in the black at 15 yards. They are great pistols but I would not buy them if I could do it over.
Not to ME. Perhaps to some, but let's face it. I'm not going to shoot a $900 H&K any better than I shoot my $500 M&P. That's all that matters to me. The M&P is as reliable, and as accurate as an H&K in my hands.

For others, that's up to them.
High priced but not over priced IMO.

If there were problems with these pistols that would be one thing, but it's hard to argue when all the HK's I have shot have been 100% reliable and accurate.
800 for a USP? Why not
I just shot an HK45 for the first time a few days ago.
To me, YES! They're definitely worth the money. If I had $900 to spend right now, I'd get a P30L.
I own P30L. yes i paid a lot compare to others.

But, i do not regret a bit.

btw: anyone know what kind rug/bad is on that front page?
what i want in a gun is ultimate 100% reliabilty. as well as accuracy and shootability. i can get that in a glock and or an xd for alot cheaper that i can an h&k to me they are both very capable guns. i am all about value, i don't buy a name, i buy what i know works. to me they are not worth the high price tag, if money was no thing than yes i might have one but other than that i am just fine with other equally capable and less expensive alternatives.
That's an old marketing pic from a few years back. I believe it was the cover of their catalog. Apparently they hired a photographer who wasn't a shooter.

HK's are expensive . . . . but somehow there are very few threads about trips back to the factory for function or finish issues, kabooms and the like.

I have several flavors of USP - worth the $$$$.
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