Be Honest; How many bought ammo today?

How many of you bought ammo or guns within 24 hours of Orlando?

  • Yep, I filled my quota.

    Votes: 39 15.1%
  • No, I've got plenty.

    Votes: 162 62.5%
  • No, I don't think Orlando will affect availability.

    Votes: 54 20.8%
  • I'm completely unaware of recent events.

    Votes: 4 1.5%

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No, I didn't buy ammo as I have enough.

However, I've been putting off buying AR since forever (never really floated my boat, but would like at least one), but it has been moved up the list mainly due to campaign rhetoric. This latest incident has got me moving on it sooner rather than later.

I don't think anything is going to be passed at the federal level any time soon. The state levels are more likely. If November doesn't go our way, I'd expect a tidal wave of new BS laws and regulations.

Saturday I stopped by WM and saw .22LR ammo for the first time in... forever.
They had four boxes of the 325 Federal on the shelf.
The guy checking out in front of me had three (the limit).
I took one, and I'm sure the next guy took the last I won't see it again for another six years. :)

I do need some small rifle primers and some large rifle primers. We'll see how and when/if those will be available next gun show.
I had a couple of boxes of .380 and 9mm in my shopping cart at SGAmmo from an existing order I was putting together. I was off work yesterday, so I decided that was as good a time as any to finish the process. Website was awful, slow as heck and lagging extremely bad.

Big red banner at the top that said that due to volume, shipping for orders placed yesterday would be done on wed, the 15th.

Just went back and checked order status, and now the banner say's shipping for new orders is on the 17th. Looks like it's starting again.......
Not surprising, but regardless of what the tiny fraction of gun owners on this site are doing, lots of people are buying like crazy. I've watched a couple of the big on-line sites for several months now and starting yesterday AM their supplies were dwindling very rapidly. As of this afternoon, lots of them have sold out of the big majority of what they had. Hundreds of 50-round boxes and tens of 1000-round cases reduced to zero for many different brands and varieties. And shipments that normally go out same day or next day if you order late in the afternoon or at night are delayed 4 days now.
I did buy within 24 hours, but it was before, not after. I was at a gun show, and well, you know I had to find a Seecamp 25 with 2 mags, so... my wallet got lighter as my shopping bag got heavier.
No new ammo for me,
I have enough already , and if that ain't enough I have enough stuff to make more than enough,,, :evil:
Panic early and avoid the rush. :)

I didn't vote because even though I bought ammo (1 box) yesterday, it had more to do with the fact I happened to be at WW and it had been awhile since I've been there.
Didn't buy any, but did load 500 223 yesterday. Had been putting off large powder and primer order, not hording, restocking, 48 lbs of powder and 50,000 primers on the way.
No, I haven't bought anything. Similar to managing my investments, I believe in the concept of "buy low, sell high" with firearms. For years I've seen the cycle in the gun community of panic and relative calm; for years I've been greedy when others were relaxed so that I could be relaxed when others were greedy. I see no reason to change now.

Similarly, the time to buy Smith & Wesson (SWHC) or Ruger (RGR) stock is preceding an event like an election, rather than after an earnings blowout at all time highs due to panic buying.

Put another way, while I'm not a Christian, I know from reading the bible that the best time to build an ark is before the flood.
Well, I ordered an upper that I've been on the fence about.
That is what I did too! I have been eyeing a few different uppers for weeks, not sure of which one to get. One of them went out of stock. Impulse? Maybe a tad, but it was bound to be ordered.

As for ammo, I mainly shoot reloads. I'm stocked up.
I didn't buy any ammo but Saturday I bought $106.00 of reloading supplies....powder , primers, brass.

I'm going back when I get paid Friday and buy some more powder!
Presidential elections causes panic buying and I'm going to have something to hold me over this time !

Sunday's tragedy is going to cause a run on AR-15's not ammo. That's not will cause a panic on everything firearms related. Better get more primers too !

I'm thinking about picking up another upper for a lonely lower I've had for a while. I really didn't want to spring for it quite yet because I just picked up a new Winchester a few days before Orlando. With the rhetoric currently being directed at AR-15s I might wind up moving up my purchase.
I'm thinking about picking up another upper for a lonely lower I've had for a while. I really didn't want to spring for it quite yet because I just picked up a new Winchester a few days before Orlando. With the rhetoric currently being directed at AR-15s I might wind up moving up my purchase.
A lonely lower is a terrible thing, indeed. It can be compared to a pod without a pea, or a horse without... legs? Really though, I would get an upper. :)
I did not bother with getting anything yet. If I do it will be primers and propellant for future reloading endeavors. I am still at 5-7 years stock ahead at my current shooting levels. Might get some SK .22 Match though as I am about out if it.
First of all, thanks to everyone for keeping this poll on track....:D

Second, I'm not intending to contribute to panic. Just wondered (and I'm a little surprised by how few) how many reacted defensively to yesterday's sad event.

As for me, it's true, I could be accused of contributing to shortage and hoarding. But I was low in 22LR before Sandy Hook and have spent the last 4 years (until about 6 months ago), just trying to find enough to shoot, never mind whether it was the type I WANTED to shoot (i.e. target or subsonic). I still haven't seen any 22LR in the local Walmart for exactly 3 years and 4 months. NOT ONE BOX. I learned to reload with powders that were the only thing I could find and ones that I hope never to have to resort to again.

So I learned my lesson and this time, at least, I can last another 2-3 years. Hopefully that will be enough.
I did not buy ammo today, and in fact haven't bought factory ammo since last year when I started reloading. And let me just say, 22LR at $5.99 a box is about twice what I'm reloading 9mm for. And I don't even buy in bulk quantities.

FWIW I don't see Orlando getting the same spin as Newtown. I'm sure "they" would love it if it did, but even the mainstream media will have a tough time ginning this up as an ordinary joe that went bonkers.
I had a new gun owner over to shoot on Sunday. He got some instruction and then we did some shooting on my range. Went thru 100+ rounds of 9 with his pistol and I shot up 60+ rounds of 45acp. I told him to shoot all he wants, I'll make more... :)
2 weeks ago I built an AR from PSA for $470 + magpul sight = $520.

It looks like Palmetto is getting hit hard right now.....pretty good timing! (smiles).
Last week, I bought a box of FMJs for my .357 Magnum, then reloaded another 100 of JHPs on Saturday.
I have about 200 empties left to fill but only enough bullets for half that. Powder is getting low too.
I have no idea why .22LR would ever be out of stock. Anywhere. For practical purposes as far as ammo goes its useless.
You are of course 100% correct, but facts are meaningless distractions that just get in the way of the anti-gun collectivist agenda.
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