Black Friday 2023

Police trade-in Gen4 Glock 22 with 3 magazines $272 (10% off with N23 code and free shipping with FREEN23 code) -

BCA 40-9mm conversion barrel (416R Stainless Steel, Gen1-4) $59 -

BCA 40-9mm conversion barrel (Nitride, Gen 1-4) $59 -

S&B 9mm 115 gr FMJ $11/50 -

Federal 9mm 115 gr FMJ $220/1000 -

Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24x50mm $279 + free shipping -

Primary Arms has Anderson 16" AR15 with M4 profile 1:8 barrel for $347 with SAVE13 discount code -

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24 GEN2 with AR-BDC3 Reticle and Vortex Sport Cantilever 30mm AR Mount w/ 2" Offset for $299 with STRIKE code -

7.62x54R 148 Grain FMJ - Sellier & Bellot Military Surplus 1989 Production - $485/800 Rounds in Hermetically Sealed Case *Corrosive* -

Harbor Freight Bunker Hill .30 Cal ammo can $2.94 for Inside Club members and 10% reward points -
i wanted a speed beez speedloader for my 617. i even went on their email list to get a supposed 10% discount which never materialized. so after wanting one since last spring, i bought one from their black friday deal. 25% off the speedloaders and 20% of magazine speedloaders.
I’m getting tools. Hobby grade lathe is in the works. If it doesn’t happen for Christmas it will happen with tax money. The tool may not be gun related, but a whole lot of the projects will be. I have given up on buying a nice ppc revolver since my expectations keep getting out of hand, so that’s gonna be high on the list of things to get done. I will probably also lighten my 6.8spc target barrel because no AR15 should weigh 12 pounds as a hunting rifle.
I'm late to the game here, however, First Lite had some good deals, so I bought some hunting apparel. I have an in-store coupon for Cabela's that goes live on 11/30, and I'll be grabbing some gore tex rain gear for hunting.

In the firearms world...I don't think I'll be buying anything. I've bought guns on sale before, that ended up being my EDC, but I think, at this point, with the new, reinterpreted laws around defining "in the business" I don't think it's wise to buy guns just because they're a good deal. (It was never wise from a fiscal point of view.)
Fixed it for you. I replaced the extraneous words at that end with a period.
Well…yeah. You’re probably right. As a benchrest rifle maybe, which is essentially what my upper was built to be. I bought it and stripped it to build a different upper setup, but lo and behind it ended up back together just like it started. I love everything about the gun except for the fact that it needs a carriage once it’s out of the truck.
I was doing so well, until I wasn't, I was so bad, bought a scope. My buddy has been bugging me to sell him one of mine, probably happening now.
fleet farm has ria 45s cheap, but also sccy.s too. however 22bucks gets the optic ready version at gun genie....head is squirming now lol.
Primary Arms Black Friday sale:
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Primary Arms Black Friday sale:
That Sig Romeo MSR deal is incredible. I bought mine last year for $99 and was thrilled with it at that price. Now it’s even cheaper. Don’t know that I need another one but I might get another one.
The Federal Black Pack is back, but only for .22 LR. Midway seems to have the best deal, $62 for 1100 rds and free shipping, to get a $20 rebate you have to buy two of them, so $104 for 2200 rds of .22
I was doing so well, until I wasn't, I was so bad, bought a scope. My buddy has been bugging me to sell him one of mine, probably happening now.

I feel ya. I was also okay until Midway offered a Vortex CrossFire II 2X7 at $103...and I caved.
Does anyone know where I can get some of those 800-round pistol magazines the John Wick uses?
Of course at Taran Tactical where Keanu got his training for John Wick ;) -

I have no idea where they got 320 round AK stick magazines for movie "True Lies" (Jump to 1:12 minute with "reload" at 2:15 minute) ... Must be real super secret Russian magazines that never got imported to the US ... :oops:
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Bear Creek Arsenal Black Friday sale:
I feel ya. I was also okay until Midway offered a Vortex CrossFire II 2X7 at $103...and I caved.
That one had me sweating bullets. I could use it, but I’m trying to prioritize. The crossfire would replace a functional optic so it’s lower priority. Trying to keep a good slush-fund available for lathe tooling and barrel blanks because it’s looking more and more like that’s gonna happen. $600 for the machine and necessary changes to the shop to run it safely… dedicated breaker, reinforced tabletop, etc. then start replacing the disposable tooling that comes with it… I will trash it learning what im doing on this machine for sure. There aren’t many BF deals on equipment like this. Realistically Amazon prime membership or Walmart plus membership gets free shipping and that’s as good of a deal as I have seen on HSS blanks, indexable carbide insert tooling, better adjustable tool posts, steady rests, or anything else of the sort. My neighbor is a long time maintenance man who I worked with a decade ago and grew up with his kids, and then married his niece, he is already saving smoked tooling at work that can be reground and reused, but in an industrial setting they just toss it and use fresh.

I know I will need…
1/4” hss tool blanks
Drill rod blanks
Carbide insert tooling sets and inserts
Aluminum and steel bar stock to learn on
A steady rest for barrel work
Barrel blanks to use
For my little hobby lathe I look for 5/16 HSS blanks and have a few 3/8, sometimes they come as 6,8, or 10mm. I found HSS produces better finish than inserts unless you have enough power to make deep cuts with some speed. If you have to get a motor separately look into the treadmill conversions