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dagger dog

Jan 30, 2008
Did a baaad thing, bought a can of Goex FFg.

You see I have been trying to bring back an old Iver Johnson revolver, 38 S&W blackpowder 5 shot pocket revolver. So I NEEDED brass, BP, soft lead bullets,etc,etc.

So that lead me to ,(pun intended) loading BP 45 Colt for my Blackhawk and Rossi 92.

Which brings us to the title, I want-need a 45-70 single shot Buffalo rifle and have chosen the Classic.

Anyone here shoot the holy black in either the Handi or Classic ? Are they accurate and how is the reliability ? What's your favorite load,bullet,powder brass ? Has anyone mounted a tang sight,Lyman,Marbles and how did that work out?

I would imagine the 30" + sight radius of the Classic would have the edge for long distance, but the Handi would be the one for deer in close cover.

I cast my own bullets,but have just started my BP cartridge interest, which was just until recently all muzzle loaders.

Any hands on information would be greatly appreciated !
Not in a Buffalo Classic, but in my Marlin 1895 GS yes. The only adverse thing is that after a number of rounds (and it varies) I need to pull the bolt and swab the barrel or accuracy goes downhill.

So, if it works in a levergun (who'd of thought, oh yea the first leverguns were blackpowder guns), it should work very well in the Classic. And heck, it's probably easier to swab the barrel every now and then.
Lucky you, either a Classic or a Handi-Rifle are definitely on my to buy list this year. I would have to say that either one would digest BP cartridge loads. There are a bunch of various loads out there in cyberworld, of course, I would have to try the original namesake load of a 405 grain lead bullet driven by a 70 grain equivalent load of ffG or Pyrodex RS. Since the H&R rifles are a single shot straight through, cleaning them from the breech end should present no problems at all.
i have a contender carbine 45-70 with leftover black powder (ffg) and am thinking of rolling a few rounds to test and compare. should be a hoot.:D
I've got the Buffalo Classic. Here's a 100 yard group I shot with mine back in the spring:


Load was a Lee 500 grain pointed cast, my mold throws a bullet around 476 over 55 grains of Goex 3f. I cheated though, I currently have a scope mounted on my rifle.

I don't know if mine is typical, but it has a very shallow throat. I can't load bullets out past the crimp ring or they will hit the rifling when I close the action. I plan on having a smith ream the chamber out a bit more. I'm pretty much stuck to 55 grains max load with the long bullets. I can get about 60 grains in with the standard 405 grain flat nose.
I've got a Buffalo Classic, only shot it with smokeless. I sent mine back when the accessory barrels were available and had a 38/55 target barrel fitted also. These are NEAT guns. The action opens and closes like a bank vault....:)
Pulp, my understanding from reading around is that accuracy is optimized when the bullet "just" touches the lands of the rifling when it's chambered. If this applies to your barrel and combo as well then if you extend the chamber to deal with the longer bullets you may have to stick to the longer and heavier bullets from that point on in order to get the best accuracy.
I'm back.

Shot my new BC Fri. 2 weeks ago.

Cast the Lee 405 gr FPFB in stick on WW lead (very soft) drops 412-411 grs, pan lubed with beeswax,crisco,canola oil, used a wax paper wad over the compressed powder charge, a 1/8" lube cookieand a 0.030" cardboard wad under the bullet,crimped into the crimp groove,over 65 gr(volumetric load weighed 65 grs too) Goex FFG.

Could only shoot 30 yds in the back yard, using the Williams peep,off hand, but it looks really promising could ring my 4" spinner metal target.

Partial sized the brass from the 1st loading and was able to get 70 grs BP, dropped the wads and grease cookie and did not roll crimp but just enough to remove the flare.

Will shoot some of these at the local DNR property 100 yd range after work this week and be back with a range report.
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