Cute but wayyyy overpriced

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I did hear Mythbusters tried casting silver and discovered it is very difficult to cast, so silver bullets are actually machined. If I had a ton of money and no sugar momma to spend it on, I'd buy one for the grins and giggles.
Well silver closed Friday at $27.66 per oz and there are 437 grains per oz. There would be about three of those bullets per oz. I believe they will make a profit....if they ever sell any.
When I was a young person I loved those old monster movies, including the various wolfman pictures. So, I get the appeal. But not at that price point. Interesting novelty, I suppose, but not enough to bother.
So that comes to $2,549.15 + tax and shipping to fill a Glock 17 magazine.
That'd be a redundancy of expenditures.

As I understand it, werewolves, werepigs and the like would whither at the mere brandishing of a Glock...... even an empty one, right?:neener:

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99.9% silver is going for $33-$37 per troy (33.1 gram) ounce. Check out Apmex or Provident. Absolutely no silver is going for the "spot price" as that price is a government manipulated paper price. The going price is only going to increase with the inflation caused by massive deficit government spending. The $50 silver bullet may be worth $100 to you in a few years unless you have to kill a wierwolf or Dracula.
Cast your own but don't expect any accuracy. Silver is harder than lead and won't take readliy to the rifling. Not much spin, not much accuracy.
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