CZ-527 Carbine in .223

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Jun 23, 2005
Fairview Heights,Illinois
I need to know if any one has had feeding issues and if so how was CZ about correcting the problem? Also when I bought the rifle I thought the bolt felt pretty smooth but when I got the range and started having problems the bolt felt pretty sloppy. Thank you for any possible help.
What kind of feeding problems are you having? It's a bolt action so there can't be too many things wrong with the rifle.

But if something is wrong, CZ is pretty good about customer service.

Give them a call on Monday and i'm sure they will make it right.

As I push the bolt forward the round tries to lift up to quickly and starts to feel like I'm pushing rusty nails through it. It's like that first round to the last. I believe the mag is the problem but the bolt has more play than I believe it should. I already took it back to the dealer and he sent it back for me but since I have never dealt with CZ I was hoping to find out how their customer service is.
well, the thing with the 527's, since they are sort of a micro action/have a small bolt compared to a rifle with a full sized bolt/action, you don't have as much camming action/leverage. They tend to put too strong of a spring in the magazine, as you discovered since you thought the problem was the magazine. You either need to vigorously work the bolt, or the problem could probably be alleviated by snipping a coil or two off the spring. Since you've already sent it back, they'll probably take care of it.
Cz 527 in 223

I have a CZ 527 Kevlar and found that the best way to work the bolt is to use your thumb and push on the back of the bolt, not the handle. Then when the cartridge and bolt are fully inserted, then slide your thumb to the bold handle and close the bolt.

This is quite smooth and doesn't require much force to strip the rounds and chamber them.

Hope it works for you.
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