CZ P01 vs Beretta PX4

Which would you recommend?

  • CZ P01

    Votes: 73 65.8%
  • Beretta PX4

    Votes: 34 30.6%
  • Other (please specify below)

    Votes: 4 3.6%

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Apr 21, 2005
Cumming, GA
Ok folks, I need your help with my next handgun selection.

I want a 9mm that's traditional DA/SA with decocker, so no Glocks, XDs or M&Ps. I want it to be light enough and small enough that I can conceal it without too much trouble, but not so small as to be hard to shoot. Oh yeah, and I would prefer one no more than $500 if I can get it.

So far I've narrowed my choices down to the CZ P01 and the Beretta PX4 based on holding and dry-firing both at my local gunshop. They both fit my hand really well and both seem to have pretty good triggers. They both also seem to have a good reputation online.

Can anyone chime in with reasons to go with one over the other? The P01 seems a bit sturdier being all metal, but the Beretta has the really cool rotating-lock barrel that seems like it would be great to shoot.

Also, if I've forgotten a pistol that you'd like to recommend, go ahead. (As long as it's not one of the aforementioned Glocks, XDs or M&Ps.)

Thanks! :cool:
I've own and shoot a P-01, and I've shot the PX4. Honestly, I wouldn't have a problem with either gun. Both are reliable and have great ergonomics. I think the PX4 has a better trigger out of the box. However, the P-01 has better accuracy, and the trigger can be tuned fairly inexpensively. I think the P-01 wins out in durability, with an alloy frame and a hammer forged barrel. If you plan on selling your gun later, that's also a consideration.

You're not going to lose, whatever your choice.
10-1 for the CZ over the Beretta so far, and only one response? Maybe they were all wanting to tell me to buy a Glock. :p

Thanks for your info, Gary. I had a feeling they were both pretty solid choices myself, it seems like the viewers here are more into the CZ. Personally, I am too but I wanted some feedback first.
Go get the Beretta. In my opinion, the Berettas have better quality finish.
As for accuracy, it's the shooter. As for durability, I've seen metal gun cracked/split while I've seen people abuse plastic gun and it still ticking asking or more.
I'm a CZ kind of guy. It's strange, but my gun cabinet is quickly becoming dominated by guns made in formerly Commie countries-- Czech Republic, Croatia, Russia. It's really weird. :)
You won't regret getting the CZ! I'm a GLOCK guy, but my wife bought me a P01 for Christmas. I love it! Everybody who has shot it loves it too. Personally I think the storm is ugly.
Beretta Px4


First, when I was looking for a 40cal, It came down to the Beretta Px4 40cal and the CZ.

What made the final choice was (due to my hands, getting a little arthritic) in the "ease" of the slide action, and manual hammer cocking of the Beretta.

Once I tried, each, in the breakdown mode, and reassemble, again, Beretta came out far easier.

Then the gun clerk showed me (after I had reasoned by both, full DA pull-thru, and manual thumb-cocking of the hammer into SA mode) how, with a small pull of the trigger in DA mode, you will see and hear a "click" which puts the Beretta into a "shorter DA mode" and makes for manual thumb-cocking the hammer, far easier, than I already thought it was.

And, with the many members over in the Beretta forum that own either Px4 in 40cal, or 9mm, it is an almost 100% response, as in my case, 3800 rounds with no jams, no failure to fire, just 100%. And for HD/SD, it is very accurate, along with it being a thin gun, along with thin grip, with 3 backstraps to choose from to make for a more perfect grip-fit, is very comfy to shoot, and is accurate, right out of the box, it also carries CCW very nicely.

I would also mention the outstanding quality of finish in the mags, along with, once they're broken in, the ease of loading them.

You also get a full factory 3yr warranty, IIRC, if you send in the registration form within 30 days of taking it home, rather than the 1 yr factory warranty.

Let us know which you went with,

I've had both, I prefer the PX4. The CZ was a tack driver but unrefined, tool marks all over the inside, long DA trigger reach and creep. If your looking for a range gun to play with and tinker with.....CZ's not a bad choice. Mine stopped being 100% reliable after a few thousand rounds and I just couldn't quite get it back.

The PX4 on the other hand has a great trigger, finish is outstanding, the rotating barrel makes recoil pleasant in .40 and with 14/17 capacity it's hard to pass up. It keeps up with my Sig, Glock and Kimber; not quite the tack driver my CZ was, but very respectable. To me the mixture of reliability combined with accuracy trumphs tack driver in anything other than a range gun.

So for me: Range/target gun: CZ

all other applications: PX4

I was looking at the same choice last month. I think the CZ is the better of the two by a hair. I just could not bring myself to pay 500 dollers for the CZ. It just looks like a cheep russian pistol to me. Does not look like a 500 doller gun to me. The px4 has the three sizes of backstraps and field strips easier than the CZ. I went with the px4. Just shot it this weekend. The 30 degree rotating barel really does reduce felt recoil.
Tough Choice

Both seem to be great choices. The Beretta has a great futuristic look!


Let us know what you end up with.
I can understand people in the poll loving the CZ because they own one and it's accurate. But It amazes me that anyone would prefer a CZ P01 over a
PX4......I don't see them as being in the same league when it comes to overall quality. I'm not a brand snob at all CZ's are very accurate, but for me all the little things add up against it......but it's a great range gun.

The M&P flat blows away what you've listed. I would reconsider.
The M&P flat blows away what you've listed. I would reconsider.
what makes the m&p so superior to the px4? I've owned neither but am considering the models--among others-- for future purchase.
The CZ PCR is a tad slimmer than the PO1, and nicer looking IMO. My fullsize CZ75 can out shoot any auto I own, but thats in my hands:D
The M&P flat blows away what you've listed. I would reconsider.
Really? The M&P is a DA/SA with decocker, as stated in the first post? I knew it wouldn't take someone long to come along with one of the three pistols I'm 100% NOT interested in. :rolleyes:

Besides, how are those M&Ps working out with the falling-out magazines and poor slide finishes? Not to mention the "safety" locks S&W is infamous for.

I would love to buy an HK, unfortunately they are about $200 out of my price range.

The PCR is nice, but there aren't any at my local shop and I did want to have the rail option in case I decide to get a light or laser eventually.

Don't worry, I will keep everyone updated, I will be making my choice within the next 2 weeks and I'll be sure to post pics of my newest acquisition when I get it. :D
You'll have a hard time beating the P-01 at any price. Very concealable, accurate and reliable. The only thing that touches it, IMO, is a SIG p228. You'd have to find a good used one to come in under $500. SIG recommends staying clear of +p+ ammo, though, which excludes some of the best 9mm rounds (Federal's bple, for example). The CZ will handle any +p+ ammo you stuff in it.
I'd go with the CZ. Never heard of an unhappy P-01 guy.
PX4 all the way. Great ergonomics, accuracy, and pointability. It's also an extremely soft shooter. Interchangeable palm swells too. I shot the .40 and it was one of the softest shooting .40's I've ever experienced. The 9mm ought to be a real *****cat.
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You can't go wrong with the P01's... My wife and I each carry them pretty much daily. I picked one up about 6 months ago ... new in the box ... for $399.

There might be some visible tool marks on the inside.... but who cares? These pistols aren't custom high dollar models... they might not be quite so pretty.. but they are relatively inexpensive, shoot amazingly well, are accurate and reliable. I'm perfectly willing to trade off some internal cosmetic imperfections given the price and performance.

You should read up on the NATO certification and the CZ design requirements (and testing methodologies) for the P01. It's quite impressive stuff.

I bought a Berreta Brigadier Elite and it is junk. Berreta as a company has really gone down hill and with all the other great companys out there willing to take my $$$ I will go with Glock, Kel-Tec, CZ, Sig, or H&K. Good luck!
Never shot the PX4...

but I carry the P-01. In terms of ergonomics, I can't imagine anything better - I shot a G19 side-by-side and the G19 recoil actually felt sharp compared to the P-01. The P-01 triggers tend to be just passable (the cleaner the insides are, the smoother the pull will be). The only problem I've ever run into on my P-01 is a weak extractor spring, which I replaced with a Wolff spring. Other than that, no problems through 2k rounds so far.
this has got to be the easiest poll ever. ain't no fortune teller but CZ-PO1 will definitely win the opinions. why? it shoots better, handles better, is reliable, accurate and durable. why does the beretta look like an upgrade water hose nozzle?
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