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Defend Gun Rights

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by mdavid, Oct 4, 2004.

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  1. mdavid

    mdavid Member

    Oct 4, 2004
    Admins Please make sticky!
    Our gun rights are in peril and everyone MUST vote. If you're already registered to vote then donate or upgrade your
    memberships to all of the following organizations. Heck most of these organizations can be joined for under $30 per year.
    I know many of you are financially able to easily join/donate....so go get your credit card!
    Get off your collective butts and assist these groups if you have the funds. If every one of us on these forums joined/upgraded
    our memberships in these organizations we would be more effectively represented and defended in our government.

    Please register to vote immediatly! Escpecially if you ~THINK~ you are currently registered.

    http://www.fec.gov/votregis/pdf/nvra.pdf <-Federal registration link/form

    The link above is a .pdf file you will need to print out and send in. Here's the reader if you don't have it already.

    If you are already registered to vote then please join or renew membership in these organizations:

    They may not be the best but they're the largest and deserve our support! Please join/assist both!

    No Compromise Gun Lobby, Great internet tools to find/write politicians http://www.gunowners.org/activism.htm

    https://payments.auctionpay.com/ver3/?id=w012282 <-to join/donate click here
    Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

    http://www.jpfo.org/donation.htm <- Donate/Join Click Here
    Jews for preservation of firearms ownership. Logical response to being killed en masse throughout history.

    This is a great list of all the local state based gun rights organizations. Support your local groups!

    Second Ammendment Foundation

    Women against Gun Control

    Another good list that's got a few more organizations and links.

    Please feel free to reply with other worthwhile gun organizations.
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