Do you refuse to travel to states with more restrictive gun laws than your own?

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There are many places I'd love to experience throughout the world. The American Cemetery at Normandy would be atop my list. The monuments and memorials on Washington Mall, Smithsonian, Sistine Chapel, Notre Dame (not the one in South Bend). Problems go beyond where I can legally carry, however.

I hate driving long distances...3-4 hours is about the limits of my patience with other drivers. Besides that, a 3 hour trip is easily 6 hours with mama and the kid having to stop and pee every other exit, then get food every 4th exit. Add to that, my wife won't board a plane that's decommissioned in a museum, much less one that may actually lift off.

So I rarely leave the great state of Ohio, except for occasional forays into northern KY when my kid has a Dr's appointment down there. I must say though that I'm not fond of the thought I'd become a criminal the instant I pass a "Welcome to ______" sign.
I don't make a habit out of traveling to gun unfriendly states. But when I have to, I leave the firearms at home. Case in point, I may or may not be flying to New jersey in a couple weeks. But with the up in the air decision making of the trip, a firearm is the least of my worries.
I’m in the middle of Texas. I don’t need any place elseView attachment 1170367
I have driven the complete 881 miles of I-10. Motorcycle. There's an All-Day project for you. Actually a nice drive, except for Houston. Hated Houston.
To all posters: I guess you don't/won't travel outside the USA.
If so you are really limiting yourself to other cultures.

LET THE FLAMES BEGIN!!!:rofl::rofl:
Former military with overseas assignments. Had a wonderful time in all of them but it's always good to get back in-country.
Add a few more trips overseas for the job.
I've had enough foreign travel thank you very much.

I have a brother in Connecticut. I've told him if he wants to see me he has to come out, although I will go in for extreme circumstances. Everyone else is easy to get to, recognize the CCW or have Constitutional Carry.

Kansas resident permit so I can go just about anywhere except the really primitive states. That gives me LOTS to go see 🤓 (That's my Happy Nerd face)

My favorite reference pre-travel:
I’ll visit, but I won’t join the local community. Sooner or later, their socialism will be apparent and I don’t belong there.
No. Every year we look at a map of the country and pick out one to two places to go. We went to Hawaii last summer, flew to Naples, FL earlier this summer and went to the Adirondacks a few years ago. I couldn't carry in Hawaii, flying with a gun to Naples raised too many questions due to layovers in unfriendly states and New York State is, well, New York State. All trips were fantastic and I'm glad I didn't miss them due to not being able to carry.
As the man said, do what you're gonna do, with due regard to the cop around the corner !

Or as an old working partner of mine was fond of saying: "there can't be a hangin' till there's a catchin'"........Kentucky type, that fella.

California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York will not honor concealed carry permits from any other U.S. state. Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York are no-issue states for concealed carry permits.

Refuse to step foot in any of the above toilets !. Decades back been to most of them and truly see NO reason whatsoever to do so again . Besides NONE of those States has BBQ ,so WHY would I even consider visiting them . 90% of ALL our problems originated in those states o_O
And probably 90% of gun manufacturers used to call Ct, Mass, NY home before the left got control. My personal "toilet" state Is CT where Colt, Remington, Mossberg, Marlin, Ruger and more were based but now being pushed out. Non-reciprocal CC stinks as does 10 round mag capacity limit. It's still nice up here in NW hills but it's changing fast with the migration of city dwellers and illegals. Most of the big cities no matter what state are crime ridden hell holes.
I find that most places with restrictive firearm rules don't really have much that interests me anyways so I don't go to those places often, but to answer the OPs question if I had a good reason to want to visit a state where I wasn't allowed to bring a gun I'd still go. Good sense and situational awareness keeps people alive every day in far more restrictive and dangerous parts of the world. I wouldn't like it but I'd still go.
Well, since I haven't left California since 2011, I'll have to plead IDK.

I suppose the more relevant question for me would be whether I'd spend money to travel someplace more crime-ridden than Fresno unarmed, and the answer to that is no.

If I had a good enough reason to travel again I'd probably have to fly, and bringing my own gun with me is more trouble than I need. Back in 2011 I went to Indiana, which is a gunowner's Nirvana compared to here, with a stop to change planes in Utah, also reasonably gun-friendly.
If I had a good enough reason to travel again I'd probably have to fly, and bringing my own gun with me is more trouble than I need.
We've discussed this a number of timfes on this forum, but, FYI, if do decide to fly somewhere in the US, know that flying with a gun is a very simple, generally trouble free experience. I've flown with guns many times, to half a dozen or so states and never had an issue that caused more than a few minutes delay. Several times it actually allowed me to move through security faster than if I hadn't been checking a weapon.
Not only do I refuse to travel in these states, I refuse to do business with anyone in a state that has allowed it to be hijacked by lunatics that have been desperateing destroying the Constitution for the last 60+ years.
I figure that I moved at least 55 times so far and changed schools at least 33 times.
Some of the moves were from or to places that had no address, like some creek bank or the site of some ghost town.
Others ranged from inner city Los Angeles or Chicago to a mansion on the bluffs over Northern Portland.

Only five of the moves were my idea,

Whether or not I could legally carry a weapon is irrelevant.

I'm just tired of moving.
I do have a bias against states that do not recognize the right to carry. If I'm going to be spending money on hotel taxes and sales taxes, I want them to go to a state that recognizes that right. It's not as if I'm afraid to go there unarmed.

When I traveled for work, I specifically chose assignments in the Southeast for that reason. If I was offered a choice I took the carry state over the other. I think the longest I worked in an non-carry state was 6 weeks in California.

That, and a few months in Puerto Rico last year.
Absolutely not.. My employer requires me to travel around the world. That means I cannot even have a pocket knife in some locations.
Some states archaic laws mean nothing in comparison to the rest of our world.
There are quite a few states I will not travel to, but gun laws are only part of the reason. The west coast, northeast (defined as anything above North Carolina), and Illinois are on my list of no-go zones, at least not voluntarily, such as on vacation.
Well, that policy means we wouldn’t go from my Brother-in-law’s town in southern VT, to make the nearest Lufthansa flight from Boston to Germany 🇩🇪 this fall, then Zurück/ Back….

If the trip were canceled would the state of Massachusetts even Notice our —glaring absence—…:)…..?

As part of the trip will be in the gun-friendly (by Euro standards: CCW permits etc)) 🇨🇿 Czech Republic, so fiercely independent , is this worth some hypothetical “Gun Carbon” credits?
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