Do you refuse to travel to states with more restrictive gun laws than your own?

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Aug 11, 2004
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In the handguns subforum, reading the thread about having to buy 10-round magazines for travel to states with magazine capacity limits got me thinking (I know, that can be dangerous)...

It seems we have more than a few THR members who, as a matter of principle, maintain that they refuse to ever travel to another state that has magazine capacity limits, maybe an AWB, more restrictive gun laws than their own state, or simply does not recognize their state's concealed carry license.

Now, for those of us accustomed to routinely going forth in public armed, probably most of us wouldn't feel comfortable in the streets of Washington D.C. or Chicago without carrying. Two cities with some of the most awesome museums (yes many of us dinosaurs love museums), cultural sites, great sports towns and great restaurants... Then there's places such as New York state, with a lot of splendid natural beauty (not talking about NYC, obviously, even though I think everyone should spend some time there at least once, otherwise you're not credible talking smack about a city in which you've never spent a minute). Nevertheless, even NYC has some cool places to visit, neat places to see (and some awesome food). Hell, going to Ellis Island and seeing my grandfather's signature on a passenger manifest from his ship that sailed from Liverpool was a powerful moment for me.

I think it's great to have firm principles, but we here seem to believe that firearms are our sole method of self-defense, and many say they will not go anywhere that they cannot carry a firearm. My wife and I love to travel in Europe and Asia. I would not deprive us of these experiences solely because we cannot take our guns. Heck, we even go to Mexico every year.

My state, currently under fire (figuratively, though the wildfire smoke gets annoying) by the 2A absolutists, has the most awesome state parks and premier national parks and forests.

For those not covered under LEOSA, are you one who categorically refuses to set foot in another city or another state because you find any infringement of your Second Amendment rights unacceptable? No matter how great some of the city's or state's attraction may be?

I have family, properties, friends in several states with restrictions: California, Hawaii, Illinois, New York, Maryland, to name them. Would you not go to the wedding or funeral of a family member or dear friend because you'd have to go to, for example, Maryland? One of my daughters had her destination wedding in a foreign country. I did buy a cheap OTF knife in a tobacco shop that I threw in the trash at the airport upon departure, but didn't once fret about not having a handgun with me.

Would you not travel to a state where you could carry legally, but object to magazine capacity limits, not being able to transport an AR-15 or you think has too many "gun free zones?"

What is your acceptable level of compromise for you to travel to another city or state, i.e., would you accept being restricted to 10-round mags for a week or two as long as you could legally carry?

Would you not travel to a city or state if you could not legally carry?
I try to not got to places where I am not wanted. To me, those states don't want me there, so I will comply and keep myself and my $$ in states which align with my beliefs better.

Yes, I may be missing out on something once in a while. However, there is a LOT of America with beautiful parks, nice people, and great scenery for me to enjoy.
I don't refuse to visit. I do need a reason to visit like family resides there or there is something I really want to see or do. I tend to bring a four-inch Colt Python 357 magnum locked a case in the vehicle trunk with ammo separate where legal. I have gone many places where having any gun even locked in the trunk is a felony, like the VA hospital.
I'm in Wa, there aren't many places more restrictive than here. FWIW when I was running my hotshot company, we would refuse loads going into or coming out of California, New York, and Colorado. Not over gun rights, but over their treatment of truckers, lack of suitable fueling stations, and transport laws.

Now that the hotshot thing is behind me, after having visited most states in the U.S.,
Those states with restrictive gun laws don't interest me, mostly because the states with restrictive gun laws are, coincidentally or not, kind of crappy. They were all full of very rude, self-centered people, or crime, or both.
The absolute armpit of the entire continental U.S. from a truckers point of view was Baltimore.
There really is something to be said about the concept of "Southern Hospitality".
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I traveled most states, around the world and back….

Key is, Look around to see what can be a weapon. Sock with anything heavy can get you out of a jam fast! Shanks from butter knife, Broken bottle!

Key is, stay away from trouble, drink in the good part of town, don’t walk home and use Uber or Taxi.

Key is, the best weapon is between your eyes. The Grey/White matter is there for a reason. Don’t let your ego win, let your life win!

Also good to know some KungFu too!
I don't go very far or very often and the states that I do go to are pretty much the same as Kansas. I have had to pass through Illinois from time to time but I make it a point not to stop or buy anything there. (I know it's silly...)
I might have to visit my brother in California someday but that's family so ya gotta make allowances.
I prefer not to spend a lot of time in states that don’t have KY carry reciprocity, but that’s not an absolute. Before I retired I travelled to DC and other restrictive northeastern cities several times a year for work, and I survived. I still plan to spend a few days in DC to visit the museums sometime soon. We go on cruises occasionally, and you certainly can’t bring a gun on those. Most of the places in this world don’t enjoy even a fraction of the firearm freedoms I do, and I feel bad for them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth visiting.
I like to travel and drive through Illinois and other states with more restrictions than Wisconsin.
As far as some of the cities mentioned. I will go to Chicago. Yes I will avoid the inner South Side. As a truck driver I would make deliveries in Chicago including the old stock yards. With carrying HAZMAT most shippers and consignees did not allow firearms, so I didn't carry. Most of the city of Chicago is less dangerous than Myrtle Beach.

I love visiting DC and Arlington National Cemetery. Again I stay where the tourists visit. Primarily on the mall.

Sure I would prefer being able to carry, but I will continue to travel to places that I enjoy.
It isn't necessarily because of the gun laws, but most of the places I prefer to travel to have gun laws that I'm fine with. Some may be a little more restrictive than I'd prefer but I'm adaptable. My wife and I have always wanted to visit New England and have driven from GA to Maine and back the last 2 summers. There is simply no practical way to get through New York state for a non-resident to carry a handgun.

I know that technically if you just pass through you are supposed to be OK, but there is a lot of cool stuff in western NY state and we've always stayed 1-2 nights there. I just didn't feel a long gun would have been any help, although legal.

Once past New York I'd be fine in VT, NH, and ME and I'd have no problems with any state between NY and GA. I didn't like being on the road for 2 weeks unarmed, but we survived. I probably won't go back and it's not just about the gun laws. I've just seen what I wanted to see and plan to explore other places. That just happen to be more gun friendly.
I live in Idaho. If I did that, I'd only be able to travel to a few other states.
Yeah, me too. :thumbup:
My wife was born and raised in southern California though, and she still has a few relatives (like her brother and sister-in-law) there. And while we used to drive down to San Diego to visit them occationally, we don't anymore because California's gun restrictions have become insane, and we don't want to risk arrest OR go unarmed.
So, as we've told my wife's brother and sister-in-law, "the road runs both ways," and they're welcome in our home in Idaho anytime. It's just that the state of California doesn't welcome folks like my wife and me anymore. :thumbdown:
I don't refuse to go but I have no desire to go to California, Illinois, or NY. We have an RV and wife wants to visit the National Parks in California, if we go I will travel with a couple of Rossi and Taurus revolvers that I bought on the cheap 30 years ago. My paranoia makes me think that I would be pulled over simply because I have Texas plates and that would give them all the reason needed to see if I had firearms with me. If my firearms were to be confiscated it would not be a great loss to me because they are cheap and what I could afford when I was young.
Where I reside, Texas, I remain fully compliant with the law. When travelling I live by the adage that it's better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. With that said, if I have a 10 and a 15 round mag, 10 will do me.
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I’ll visit family members or attend family functions but will not choose those states as a pleasure or vacation destination. I will travel to safe locations outside the US to experience other cultures 😂
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