Dumbest thing you heard/saw in a Gun Store or at the range.

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I love this thread.......wish i had something, but alas, i do alot of my shooting alone or with close family, so not so many bone headed things come up.
How about the guy who drives up to the range, unloads his stuff then the next you and everyone else see's is this guy down range setting up a target while the range is hot. Death wish maybe?
Dumbest thing seen at a range... That'd have to be the fellow I saw loading a .32 Clerke revolver :what:. Fortunantly, the fellow noticed the rest of us putting distance between ourselves and him and he thought enough to ask.
Okay I will share a couple of stories. Now keep in mind that this was some years ago when I and my shooting partners were just getting started.

1. We are at an informal range on state land shooting pistols, rifles and throwing clays. Someone had left some bowling pins on the range so we were setting them up and shooting them with the pistols. There is one pin still standing about 18-20 yards out and my buddy is loading up to shoot skeet next to me. I say, "hey, I wonder what the bird shot would do to that bownling pin?" So he says "I dunno", and I say "try it".....a moment later we are all peppered in shot! In the face, it hits our cars, everything! Oh, man I've never felt so stupid.

2. Were shooting pistols on a friends land and my friend and I go to the line, he is fairly experienced (though at this moment not with revolvers) so I am supervising his use of a borrowed 44 magnum with full house loads. We're standing behind the line about 3 feet and he cocks the hammer while pointing at the groud. I say hold on, lower that hammer slowly and we'll do that when your ready to fire. He holds the hammer, and at the same time (with the trigger still pulled) he quickly lowers the hammer and the gun toward the ground and shoots a hole in the dirt about 3 feet in front of us. Okay maybe there was one other time I felt that stupid....
Got another one to add after a trip to Wal-Mart.

I was there to buy some pellets/CO2 cartridges when I overheard two men (one in 30s, one in late 60s or 70s) talking in front of the air rifles. The older man was talking about pest control and looking at some of the better air rifles. The younger man tells him that they're good for scaring them off (squirrels were the topic I believe) but nothing more, and I quote, "You can shoot someone with these and it won't even hurt 'em."
"You can shoot someone with these and it won't even hurt 'em."

As someone who has pulled airgun pellets, BB's and those neat little plastic ballistic darts from his flesh on many occasions, I absolutely freakin' disagree with those two gentlemen!

And someone should pop a couple of .22 Eley Wasps in their backside to prove the point!
ooh, ooh, I had forgotten about this thread!
I got one, Gander Mountain was having a gun sale this weekend. usually, the handguns are kept under glass in the firearms department. but during this sale they had a select few handguns out on a table down the center isle.
as I was walking by this table, I saw a guy looking over the pistols next to his wife, who looked convincingly like she had better things to do. as I stood there, she continued to berate him about "those stupid things". she finally rolled her eyes and snatched one up(sig 225, great deal BTW, 350 for gun, three mags and a case) to see "what the big deal was", and proceeded to point it directly at me! I reached over and press the muzzle down to the table, and told her husband that he may not be able to get her to appreciate firearms, but he !@#$ well better get her to respect them. bewildered, he lead her away, and I got an "attaboy" from the armed guard on duty.

stupid, ignorant people burn my biscuits.
This one is good. I was checking my shotgun right before deer season, shooting at 75 yards. I fired a group of 5 and was waiting to go downrange to look at my target because I forgot my spotting scope. Next to me were two middle aged guys working together like a sniper team. One was shooting a springfield armory white feather edition...I think it is a M25? He had the rifle on a caldwell lead sled shooting rest. anyways, the other has a very nice swarovski spotting scope. They were also shooting at 75 yards, but after each and every shot, the guy with the spotting scope was calling out, 1 oclock high, 3 oclock low, etc. they would take 2 to 3 minutes between each shot to turn the knobs on the rifle scope and then shoot again. after 20 agonizing minutes I asked if i could go downrange. they said yes, only 2 more shots. 5 minutes later we were going downrange. I shot maybe a 2" group with my slug gun....I looked at their target and honestly it was the worse group I have ever seen....literally 2 feet wide. I was absolutely amazed...
A buddy of mine invited me and my lovely bride (of 3 months at the time) to go shooting with him. We shot my rifle and shotgun then started on his pistols. My wife had no problem with the 1911 or the S&W 357 with the 6 inch barrel shooting 38 special and even a few magnum rounds. Then he hands her a snub nose and says try this. The first 2 rounds are 38 the next was a 357. She looked at him and said if that happens again the rest will be used on you.:mad: He very slowly took the pistol:what: and dropped out the expended shells and removed the second 357 and reloaded with all 38 special. Almost 26 years later she still shoots but hates surprises.;)
I'll have to throw another one in here, and it's mostly a joke on me.
I went to the range the other day with my younger brother. Now, my brother and I are pretty much living examples of stereotypical siblings, I.E. we joke on each other all the time.
I was shooting with my Dad's old Remington 514 (single shot .22 bolt action) and after about 20 rounds I noticed that not only was it a tack-driver down-range, but the extracter would ALWAYS throw the brass to exactly the same point. Now, my younger brother sitting to my right....and after about 40 rounds he realized that I was moving the rifle around so that when I cycled the bolt the brass would land on hs head....the impressive thing was that he was about 7 feet away right then.
What makes it "dumb" is that I KNEW he would get his revenge later. On the way home, he was the first to realize there was a VW show in town, and the bugslugs began....and it turns out he has better eyes than me!
What makes it really funny is that we were also firing his 91-30 and M44 that day, and the poorly designed metal butt-plates tend to leave you a little sore shouldered. Guess where I was punching...
On the subject of mean jokes at the range, we were also joined that day by a friend of mine from one of the car clubs I'm a member of. The guy is 6'5" skinny as a rail, and deaf as a post.(Try explaining to an RO why a deaf guy needs hearing protectors(the ears might not hear, but the pain receptors in the eardrum still work)) Anyway, he'd never fired anything more powerful than a 9mm handgun.
I'm not actually a bad person, so I gave him a few shots with the .22lr to make sure he had a grasp of how to fire it, keep it tucked, squeeze slowly, yada, yada, before I convinced him to try the M44.:evil: Needless to say, it damn near knocked him off the bench, and whipped his head back pretty good. After giving me a dirty look, he decided he was sticking to the .22lr for the rest of the day.
The .357 Ruger Blackhawk was another fun surprise for him, but he seemed to like that one. Same with the .45.

Also, straight from News of the Weird:
A young hispanic man showed up at his brothers birthday party with his new toy, a .45 auto. He pulls it out and starts waving it around, showing it off to his friends, then shoves it into the back of his waistband. In doing so, he somehow manages to set it off, blowing a large chunk of his left butt-cheek off. His brother rushes to his aid, and comforts him while waiting for the ambulance. Realizing as the ambulance pulls up that his stricken brother is a convicted felon who will surely go back to prison if found with a gun, the birthday boy pulls the gun from his brother's pants, stuffs it into his own waistband...

...and blows off his own left butt-cheek. Eeyeah.
I shot maybe a 2" group with my slug gun....I looked at their target and honestly it was the worse group I have ever seen....literally 2 feet wide. I was absolutely amazed...

Could they have been shooting a box drill to test the repeatability of the scope? Just a thought...
I don't think so, there was no particular pattern to the target, just a bunch of fliers, some on paper and some not. Also, the range there is 100 yard max.....not like they were gonna get the opportunity for any long range shooting.
That gun is too big, little lady...

I know this is ancient, but such a great thread!

Dumbest thing I've ever heard in a gun shop:
Clerk: "Oh, hun, a .45 is too big for you."
My boyfriend: "She has a Sig P220 Carry Equinox and is dead accurate with it."
Me: *smirk*

Dumbest thing I've ever done in a gun shop...and it really was an accident. Having bad neighbors move into the next door apartment, my BF wanted me to have some protection while he was out of town. We were at a local gun shop later in the evening, so we were the only ones there. He was considering a Springfield XD .45, and I was trying to get the slide open. Looking back that gun had the worst slide of any Springfield I've encountered. Anyway. Got the slide open and was trying to release it. Couldn't get it, so I tried pulling the slide back to release it. Slammed forward and CRASH...shattered the glass top of the gun case. Everyone (BF and 2 clerks) laughed. I was mortified and refused to go into the shop for months.

I'm sure I've asked a lot of dumb questions, but hey, that's how you learn!
The dumbest thing (so far) I've seen is two young men who brought an AK and an AR to the public range where I shoot. They set up a target at 25 yards, and then shot at it with each rifle. Afterwards, they were in agreement that the AK was "much more accurate than the AR."

At 25 yards. Standing. Offhand. Rapid fire.

Me? I just my mouth shut and kept ringing the 300 yard steel with my (apparently horrendously inaccurate) AR.
Well ARs are battle sighted for 25-50 yards. Don't know about AKs, figure it would be the same.
Some complete dolt thought it would be a good idea to take his infant child (not wearing ear protection mind you) to a very busy and loud sporting clays range. That poor baby was crying in terror for a good 10 minutes before the mom finally decided to move the baby to a quieter area.
(Also remember, we've had firearms registration in this country for about a hundred years, any transfer or destruction of a firearm must be reported to the police, and it is a lot easier for the police to get a search warrant than it is in the US, so "losing them in a boating accident", as some people suggest doing in the event of a ban is unlikely to work here, and would most likely jeopardize your ability to own any of the guns that aren't prohibited).

NAH! The were stolen out of my car.
Most recently, there was a relatively young guy in the shop who was looking for something along the lines of a 417 rigby or 375 H&H to hunt deer in the southeast because he "wanted to see them crumble." He went on to say that he had shot multiple deer with a 270 the previous season and they just ran off without even a slight blood trail....What really takes the cake is his later statement when a friend started talking about his pet 7mm STW.... Direct quote..." I am not all that impressed with the STW. It may have more velocity than a 7mm but it ain't going no faster."

Another guy was in the shop wanting to upgrade from a 270 to a 7mm Mag because that hunting season he had shot a deer in the head with his 270 and the bullet "bounced off," resulting in the deer just trotting off.... another deer he apparently made a broadside shot on but the bullet didnt even make it through the muscle to the vitals because he " couldnt find any blood."
Back when I was 13 or so, my older brother was getting ready to go deer hunting. He pointed his .284 at my head and dry-fired it. I told him "dude, don't do that again!" He went deer hunting and I assumed he'd never do it again.

A week later, he does the same thing, only doesn't dry fire it because I beg him not to. But he had it pointed at my head. He said, "what's the big deal... there's nothing in the chamber" and he works the lever...and a round pops out of the chamber.

"That's the big deal," I said. Thereafter, he NEVER pointed any gun at me.
That is scary to say the least. He'd have had to live the rest of his life knowing he'd killed his brother by doing something stupid.
HippieCrusher wrote: "I took my kid brother to the range for some practice. He's not much of a firearm enthusiast and knows little about the subject to which I hold so dear. He was shooting .38's throuugh my .357, but I had indescrimenantly swapped a handful of .357's into the box before we left the house. He didn't notice the difference between the two until she went "BOOM." Palefaced he asked me "did I just break something?"

Now THAT'S really bright!
I haven't heard anything that hasn't already been mentioned here, but they never cease giving me a case of the chuckles when I hear them.

".45 is a guaranteed man-stopper. Hit 'em in the arm, they're goin' down. Hit 'em in the leg, they're goin' down. Ain't no one can survive a .45 wound."

"357 Sig is no more powerful than a 9mm."

".357 Magnum and .38 Special are interchangeable."
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