Dumbest thing you heard/saw in a Gun Store or at the range.

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My nephew tried the same thing with a .270, Happy. Of course the .308 didn't chamber.
Numerous times I have had firearms pointed at me, live on the range. At this day of my age and wisdom, I value my life enough to scold someone and then teach them proper.
These stories are really funny.

Ok here is a story. I went to the range once and a group of four 21 or 22 yr old white kids are there- all dressed like 50 cent. They were loud, cocky- typical "gangsta wannabe" kids.

First dude has a semi-auto Tec 9 which jams up after every three shots, I am trying not to snicker. Sorry, nothing against certain guns, but sometimes they reflect the owner.

Then, the same guy loudly announces "Say hello to my little friend!!!" and pulls out a glock 22 with a laser on it. So I watch the red dot on the actual target- and I notice the rounds are hitting no where near the red dot. Hmm. But the kid keeps shooting- and with each shot he is yelling "GET SOME! YOU LIKE THAT?" And the entire time (I was ready to leave by then) he never tried to sight in the laser. I think he got it just because it looked cool. :rolleyes:
It's not even that hard to sight in a laser. I have a lasermax which you can put in wrong, but you just turn on the laser, point it at a distant wall, and if the red dot is where your aim is through the iron sights, it's pretty much lined up. It's not hard to do! But I guess they didn't care, like you said...
I think he got it just because it looked cool.

That's always just sad. I see that way too often too. And it's invariably accompanied by a string of movie references. Therein lies the cause. It's not just common with firearms owners either, otherwise they wouldn't be using "titanium paddle shifters" as the main marketing hook to sell whatever new car that they've been pushing lately.
Dumbest thing I saw:

Friend and I were going to the store (PDHSC for you Raleigh locals) just as it was getting dark. As we near the entrance, a thugged-out SUV pulls up to the door (tinted windows, chrome everywhere, the usual). We continue inside, and then four just as thug looking individuals (who reek of marijuana by the way) come out of the vehicle, leaving the doors open, and enter the store. The store was selling someone's collection on consigment (about 100 firearms of various types), and had a few of the AKs on display near the entrance. The thugs move straight toward them, pick them up, mishandle them, etc. yelling about how cool the AKs are. The owner, fortunately, heads straight over to them and gives them a piece of his mind, saying that they're liable to get shot pulling up to a gun store and running in with a car just outside like that.

Nothing really happened, so it was funny later :p
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Red Dots and lasers

I have had more than one person explaining the function of my Red Dot to his friend the concept. "wherever the dot is that is where the bullet goes".

Turns out many times it was not realized that a lot of sighting goes in to making their statement true!! They thought just slap it one and you're good to go.
I have had more than one person explaining the function of my Red Dot to his friend the concept. "wherever the dot is that is where the bullet goes".

Don't forget, you have to use them new fangled Dot Seeking Rounds. Be sure not to use them around people with freckles.:what:


Self Criticism

OK, here's the dumbest thing I'VE DONE :what:

So I bought a Mossberg 500 Tactical Cruiser, and some ammo. I couldn't shoot it for few weeks, so I decided to try to drop a hammer on an unloaded shell. I cut the top of the shell off, took the lead out, dumped the pouder in the toilet. Only thing left was the primer. I figured, "hell, primer can't be THAT laud, right?"

Now keep in mind I live in a one bedroom in a building made out of cement. BANG!!! My ears ring. Sounded sort of kinna like a firecracker but weird :what:

Thank God wife wasn't home. I quickly packed up the shotgun and went back to the kitchen where I was cooking some gulash. I swear my adrenalin went skyhigh, and I was HOPING neighbours wouldn't call the cops and report a gun shot :what: :what: :what:

Later wife came home, and I told her. She still ocasionally reminds me what a dope i am :uhoh:

LESSON LEARNED: primers are loud. Don't shoot them in a narrow holway. Echo hurts.
LESSON LEARNED: primers are loud. Don't shoot them in a narrow holway. Echo hurts.

Let me suggest another lesson:

After doing something foolish, don't tell your wife! (lest she tease you unmercifully from that day forth)
Let me suggest another lesson:

After doing something foolish, don't tell your wife! (lest she tease you unmercifully from that day forth)

Been married for 3 months... still trying to figure out the ins and outs of it :D
Not smartest thing I ever did.

Wal-Mart. 2 bricks of .22

CYT at cash register.

"for rifle or pistol" (I'm a gray haired coot)

(SmartA** self)

"Sub Machine Gun"

I didn't know eyes got that wide. I thought she was going to call the cops.
Looking at an Armalite AR15 in a store and the kid behind the counter is telling me all about the "M4" that I am holding. After a few minutes he looks around, lowers his voice to a whisper and says something like "You can convert them to full auto pretty easy if you know what you are doing" and then winks at me.
I was in the Utah CCW class. The instructor asks each person what firearm they will use. One man says "I don't know" and starts to pull out a pistol. He swept several students and said "Don't worry, it's unloaded." The instructor takes it away from him, drops the LOADED magazine and removes the cartridge from the chamber.

"Don't worry, it's unloaded" are four very scary words.
Dumbest thing I've seen

I went to a local indoor firing range and had just finished firing my pistol. As I was leaving the firing the range I saw a man and his g/f come in to do some pistol shooting. The g/f had never fired a gun before let alone a semiautomatic pistol. The firing range also had a gunshop outside the firing range and I was browsing the display cases. As I'm looking around I notice the man and his g/f coming out of the firing range and the palm of her left hand is cut up and bleeding and they were looking for the bathroom. When she fired the pistol she used a high grip and had crossed her thumbs as she gripped the pistol. Gun goes bang. Slide goes straight back into the web of her hand.
Just one thing I can say about that, Capstick1, OUCH! I have had the back of my right hand chewed on by a Hi-Power hammer, so I got a pair of shooting gloves made by Uncle Mike's.

I was at the local indoor range one Sunday, and a guy and his g/f were in the next lane shooting a S&W M27, going just as fast as they could through a cylinder of ammo, and not hitting much. I noticed she was doing a falmingo stance, one foot flat on the floor, the other leg bent at the knee, and like she was trying to balance on one foot. At any rate, I watched for a bit, then the guy wants to know what I'm shooting (CZ75B and a FM/FN Hi-Power). I asked if they would like to try some of my hardware. With a few words of instruction, they were hitting nice tight groups with my pistols, and their collective form had improved.

The guy asked me if I'd like totry their rental, OF COURSE!! I sidled up to the counter in their lane, picked the thing up, cocked it, took a breath, put the index finger on the trigger and squeezed oh, so gently. At the end of the cylinder, all six rounds were touching. I had to explain that it's not about speed, but getting into a 'zone' where it's only you, the sights and the target. Practice your basics, and concentrate on the 'zone'.

They left, and with the look on their faces, I know they will be back.
Well I had my first one today. I live in San Diego California and today I was in a gun store that caters heavily to Law Enforcement and Security people, but they are open to and sell some stuff to the public as well. Obviously they carry things they can only sell to LEOs.

I was up near the gun counter looking at what they had in the case, eyeing a nice old school .45 revolver they had for 300 bucks when this african american guy and his cow girl friend come in. Dude is tatted, has the dreds going and is wearing a wife beater with his jeans down to his ankles. Walks up to the counter and starts looking, he say "Oh sweet a glock! thats a badass piece right there." then starts talking to the woman behind the counter and asks about a Mac 10!! which of course is completely illegal in this state. He goes on and on about how he wants an automatic pistol, how he can get one in this state, etc. then he goes and eyes up the body armor they sell which of course is for LEOs only and not for public sale. finally the guy realizes he ain't gonna get what he wants and leaves. the woman behind the counter gives me the look and i just smile and shake my head at her and go about my business. It might not have been as funny if there weren't three UNIFORMED officewrs in the store looking at various things when this all happened
Yesterday, a guy told me that HK had discontinued the USPs...and he knew this because his buddy had gotten one of the last ones a year ago for only $1400. I politely explained that HK hadn't discontinued them, and as far as I knew, had no plans to, and this guy insisted that I was wrong. I emailed HK, got a response affirming that the USP was in no danger of being discontinued, and this guy said "I don't believe you...you had a friend send you that just to prove me wrong."

Where do these people come from?
I have just a few minor additions

I brought a friend to the range before and he viewed a few AR's on the wall and said "cool! machine guns!"

Thats not really that bad. Its not stupid, he just wasnt down with the lingo.

The worst one was this kid who proceeded to tell the manager of the range that ammunition should be banned. "Dont ban the guns, just ban the ammo, that way the badguys cant get it." :scrutiny: :scrutiny: seriously
I have not heard much but this was one that ended my visits to this particular gun store. I had decided at that time to get into NFA. I had been shopping around alot over the web without much success. I wanted to make a local buy so that I could inspect the firearm before I layed the money out ( I'm just strange that way...) So I am visiting the local shops. At one I was perussing the aisle that contained all the OVERPRICED CnRs... You know the scene, REAL beat up mosins for 250 to 3 bills... A few Enfields in the upper 300 range Some crappy HOYA m1 beat to hell with saw marks on the barrel where they had clumsily removed the bayo mount for 700 bucks...That kind of thing. So I am at the end of the aisle, two or three feet from me at the end of a counter one of the fellows working there asks me if he can help me. I ask him ( in a nice quiet voice ) if they carry any CnR MGs. He yells, and I do mean yells, " We dont cary CnRs and we dont sell Machine guns. I look at him, then at the rack of idiot bait I am standing in front of while he gives some Bubba standing there a roll of his eyes. I walked out never to return. It is the closest GS to where I live but I will drive 20 miles to avoid the joint.
dumbest thing I ever heard -

"Full metal jacket always means that it has a steel core. Only hollow-points have lead."
Dumbest/scariest thing I ever saw at the range was this guy shooting a Mosin-Nagant from a bench rest with the rear sight FLIPPED OVER so that he couldn't even see his front sight! :eek:

I noticed this when I saw a large plume of sparks come from the target carrier in his lane.

I politely corrected the position of his sights and gave him a quick lesson on why having your front and back sights line up is a good thing.

He claimed the Ethiopian army taught him to crank up the back sight to "make it more powerful".
Heard this one from the owner of a local shop. A young man comes to the door and the nice old man buzzes him in. The man acts nervous as soon as he enters the store and keeps looking around the corners of the room and the upper ceilings near the roof like he's looking for cameras. He asks to see a pistol and the old man knows something isn't right but he goes along and gets the pistol out. As he sets it on the counter the young man lifts his shirt to reveal a Mexican carried revolver. He lifts the shirt with his left hand and reaches for the revolver with his right as he babble something about money. By this time there is a little red dot in the middle of the young man's chest coming from the old man's Lasergrips on his Sig P226. the young man lays his gun down on the counter and moves for the door. The nice old man kindly doesn't shoot him now that he is unarmed. He gets to the door and tries to leave, but he has to be buzzed out. So he turns to the nice old store owner and says "Hey, can you let me out?"

I nearly wet myself when I heard this one. What a retard!

There was also a story of a man trying to rob a local shop with a machete but I don't know whether that really happenned or not.
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