Father has passed. Going through the collection. Many memories.

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Aug 17, 2015
My father passed away four days ago. He was seventy-two. Very fast and unexpected. I'm an only child so his collection is now mine. My mother insisted that I take everything home with me. It's been a hectic few days going through all of his firearms and He was a retired Idaho State Trooper. In 1989 Idaho State Police celebrated it's 50th anniversary. Smith & Wesson made 200 Model 686's w/4" barrel. Light engraving with gold inlay, smooth target stocks and his badge number engraved in it. It's in an oak presentation case.

Dad never fired that revolver and he was very proud of it. It's very pretty, but there are two other handguns that he actually carried during his twenty-four years as an officer that I will cherish more. The S&W Model 65 and the S&W Model 4586. Those were his real world guns. They were carried by him through Eastern Idaho winters and summers from the Montana border down to the Utah border. I'm keeping them. The commemorative will stay in it's box because that's how my father wanted it. The two worker bees will be making periodical trips to the range because that's what they were meant to do.

Miss you dad.
I am so sorry for your loss. 72 was still young, we don't live long enough.

I feel guns can link us to the generations of the past, and the future. I know they are just metal objects, but your Dad obviously was connected to them. I'm sure he's looking down on you going you better not sell any of them!

Take care friend, I hope in the weeks and months ahead you heal.
Sorry to hear of your loss, JC! Ditto what WestKentucky said.

I had a Model 65. Nice, well built gun.
Every nick, scratch, and bit of wear and tear tells a story........ Sorry bud.

My guess is he'd be quite happy to see you with them.

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He wanted them to go to me. He would also be pleased with the pieces that my kids, his grandkids, have selected.
So sorry for your loss. My dad passed in 2002 and I inherited his guns. My brother didn't want any of our dad's guns. They are in my safe at home. He did have 3 older guns which are inoperable and they are in a wood and glass gun cabinet. One of these guns is a double barrel black powder shotgun and somewhere between 1840 and 1870. The other 2 are regular cartridge single barrels made between 1920 and 1950. They are in very poor shape mechanically but look decent for display guns. I try to find a way to use all of his guns and I know your father would appreciate your decisions. His carry guns should be carried and his special display gun should be kept that way. As others have said we are here for you when you need, take care and stay safe.
JC111 - very sorry for your loss.

Believe your dad would love to know what your plans are....enjoy every round!!!
I looked up that Idaho commemorative 686. That's a pretty nice piece. Keep it in the family forever, it means something that way. And displaying it as your dad did is even that much more special. I suspect that it will give you plenty opportunities to tell folks stories about your dad. Seems a very nice way to honor him.
Sorry for your loss , may GOD bless you with all the good memories you made with him. Thank you for sharing , I miss mine.
Sorry for your loss .

I am familiar with the presentation S&W . My X sister in laws husband was a retired LE officer and one just like it hung on his wall.
Very sorry for your loss.

72 is so young! :(

Fantastic that you have his carry guns, every time you take them to the range it will be like he's there with you. :)

Like others here I'm so very sorry to hear of the loss of your father. Cherish the memories of the times you spent together and for the ones yet to come with your own family. Take care and God bless.
My condolences as well. I hope every time you use those guns your feelings of loss will be tempered by a sense of pride in who your father was and in his service in this life; as well as a reminder of the hope you have to one day see him again.
Sorry for your loss. I got my dads guns 6 yrs ago when he died. Theres not really anything fancy or valuable but they were his and I won't get rid of any of them and some day my son will have them. There is a model 12 that my mom bought him when she worked at Olin in the late 40's thats a little extra special and in real nice condition. Hang in there it gets easier.
Condolences to you. It's great that you can still take those guns to the range and in a way spend time with your dad.
You'll never get over the loss, you just live with it. That's all you can do.
This is so true. Next September it will be 50 years since my dad died, and it still hurts. I'm not crippled by the pain, i just, as crawdad1 said, live with it. And I savor the good memories. Heal well, and get help if you need it.

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Thank you for that post, well done and very respectful. I am a retired Police Officer and I too have my duty guns. I hope when I pass on, my kids will know that these sidearms are not just pieces of metal and plastic but tools that became part of my life. I would think that every time you go to the range he is looking down on you and smiling.
Having been there my most sincere condolences. Take some solace in knowing your dad will live on in your heart forever. His guns will serve as a presence of him to you so treasure them always.

I know where you are right now. My brother died in "13 and a year later my dad died.

I too had to consider how to handle their guns, Not very many, but, still have to make decisions.My sons and grandson were awarded my brother's guns. He had three, so, one each. The most of dad's guns came to me. Most are of the most common variety, but will always be special to me.

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I wish you'd had many more years with him.

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