Favorite current-production metal framed 9mm?

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I am a huge Sig P series fan but I understand you are not a fan.

I have several Beretta 92 series pistols and they are amazing!!
My wife has an EAA Witness that is a great shooter too.

The officer size 1911 is great to carry and a good shooter.
Not a fan of aluminum. Would rather have plastic any day. If steel, the only 9mm that would interest me would be a BHP, or clone of one. I like 1911's quite a bit, but one in any cartridge other than 45 just doesn't seem right to me. Had CZ's too. I think they are over rated.
What’s your favorite current production all metal 9mm? I’m not a Sig P series fan, but there is the Beretta (Taurus), Kahr, a 1911, maybe a CZ....what else am I missing?

The current production requirement narrows it down some, but let's see.

Kahr T9 - indeed it's a Kahr, but I just like it for no reason. I like its unusual trigger.
SIG P210A - it's a very fine gun, if a little too plain and cannot mount optics.
Beretta 92X - one super racy gun straight from the factory. {This one is on the list provisionally, as I have not shot it yet. But I'm okay with Billenium's safety.}
Walther Q5 SF - that one is quite surprising in how good it is what it is. It is my current favourite, although I may be biased because I have a pile of PPQ M2 magazines.

If someone else wants to risk prison for violating U.S. importation regulation, I'd love you to get me a Yaryigin "Grach". Make up a story like "captured in Aleppo, Syria" and I'll pay you. I shot it on a foreign trip once and while it's not anywhere as good as Beretta, it's has its stupid charm of a brick, like the Makarov before it.
For me it's the Sig P225A-1.

Sig 1.jpeg

I've got a Sig P938 Extreme that I'm warming up to after owning it for over a year. It's becoming my favorite pocket pistol.

I have a friend with a Ruger SR1911 Officer-Style that I'm looking forward to shooting when we can meet up at the range. It will never take the place of the 225A-1 but I'm looking forward to shooting it.

I've never warmed up to CZ. I rack overhand and the CZ doesn't have much real estate to grip overhand and I've rammed my thumb into the decocker racking a CZ slide that way. OUCH!
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My Sig M11-A1 and my CZ 75B still qualify as current production. My STI Trojan 9mm 1911 doesn’t qualify since it’s out of production but it’s probably my best 9mm.
Man that is a nice set up Cokeman. Not to mention the fact I love Kahrs. Love the holster. Mitch Rosen I presume. (I have two of them). How do you like the MK to the K model. Same question for STYX
I love them. I prefer metel frame handguns, and handguns I can accually carry. Kahr steel framed pistols are the lightest, smallest, and easist to conceal and EDC steel framed pistols on the market. Add the fact that it has a great DAO trigger to boot - it's a no brainer IMHO.

I don't normally find myself in agreement wih this guy, but even he believes the K9 is one of the best all metal pistols on the market.
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I’d agree with the CZ, but I changed the grips to be just a tetch fatter. It helped consistent aim.
Man that is a nice set up Cokeman. Not to mention the fact I love Kahrs. Love the holster. Mitch Rosen I presume. (I have two of them). How do you like the MK to the K model. Same question for STYX
I have no experience with the K9. I love the MK9 and P380 though. The holster is the Mitch Rosen off the Kahr site.
My current self defense gun a an H&K P30SK but if I had to choose a metal frame 9x19, I'd choose an aluminum framed M1911 Commander.
Another couple options over the ones I mentioned in my previous post are the Arex Rex Zero and Rex Alpha and the Zastava CZ99 or CZ999. However both are SIG-Sauer inspired and the OP is not a fan, so I don't know if that helps...
Favorite current production, metal frame 9mm. would be a tie between a CZ P01 and a SIG P229.

Favorite past production would be a Browning Hi-Power.
Any of the elite-series (not base/entry level) Tanfoglios are really nice. Lots and lots of national and international competitions are won by people using these.

They're actually so nice they induced CZ to come out with their (equally-awesome) Shadow 2 and Tac Sport Orange - those mostly give the CZ platform the things that the Tanfo' guns first added to them!
DW Specialiist 9mm close to New CZ Bull Shadow! Just got the Bull need to shoot more. Very hard to decide on just one. As new stuff comes out and are tried , new opinions form. CZ's are great.
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