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Dec 27, 2002
From Roy Huntington, Editorial Director,
"Here at FMG we've managed to come up with an offer to help the NRA build memberships quickly, in light of the upcoming elections.

In a nutshell, if someone wants to subscribe to American Handgunner or GUNS Magazine, they get a FREE NRA membership. The only caveat is it has to be a new membership, not a renewal. So, now is the time to get family members, gun clubs, Boy Scout Troops, your neighbor, etc. into the NRA ...."

American Handgunner Magazine and the National Rifle Association have teamed up to help insure your gun rights in the challenging year ahead.

You'll receive a FREE One Year NRA Membership and a one year subscription (six issues) of American Handgunner through this offer.

Already a NRA member? Not a problem. Use the free membership to sign up a relative or friend. Your contribution will add strength in numbers to the NRA's continuing battle against anti-gun forces.

* New NRA Membership ONLY. If you're already an NRA member, but would like to give this membership to a family member or friend, select "Yes" from the drop down menu below and we'll send a gift certificate to the e-mail address you provide when checking out.

Handgunner/NRA Combo Offer HGA1NRARegular price: $35.00Sale price: $17.76

Request NRA gift membership certificate*: NoYes, send NRA certificate

Today's handguns are more exciting than ever, so is American Handgunner Magazine.

Since 1976,American Handgunner has been at the forefront of "tell it like it is" journalism in the handgun arena. Just like a classic, it improves with age.

From custom handguns, new factory models, competition, pistolsmithing, handloading and more, each issue continues to deliver the goods while staying on top of the rapidly changing world of handgunning.

What's the best home-defense gun for you? Is a laser sight worth the investment? American Handgunner helps you decide.

Writers, like Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch fame, and the sharp wit of editor Roy Huntington keep American Handgunner the benchmark of handgun news and enjoyment.


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