G43x final thoughts and compared to G23

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by mongoslow, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. mongoslow

    mongoslow Member

    Dec 7, 2013
    I have had the 43X a few weeks now and I really like it for the the purpose I bought it for which is a small easy to conceal pistol with decent capacity and decent power. I did not buy it to replace my G23 or P229 both of those pistols are dead serious go to war back up pistols to my rifle if the world decides to go to crap. both of those are also in my EDC rotation and are carried openly or with a cover shirt (unbuttoned short or long sleeve button down) but my job takes me to some very restrictive environments on occasion (Brooklyn last week) where I just refuse to be unarmed and when dressed up or down for social activities among strangers that 43X and a tuckable holster are easier to make disappear . Now I know several people said in my other thread "get the S-15 mags" my opinion is that is not it's purpose and if I need more than 10 the spare mag is in my pocket or in a inner waistband mag carrier and truthfully if I need that spare mag then I'm very out gunned and probably screwed any way.
    upload_2021-3-22_22-5-30.gif now for the gun porn part of this thread 43x compared to the G23
    side x side in their respective appendix holsters


    side x side in all the relevant positions




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  2. mongoslow

    mongoslow Member

    Dec 7, 2013
    in my hand



    there was already several bullet holes in this target but i moved in to 5 yards and just and just muscled the 43x into place and did 2 mag dumps on it and only 2 of the 20 got out of the 6" center so it is a very shootable little pistol even jut trying to empty it.

    all in all I am very happy with the G43X and will recommend it to anyone to try it out.
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  3. Riomouse911

    Riomouse911 Member

    Jun 5, 2013
    I’ve had mine (43X MOS) about three months now, I’ve put about 500 through it with zero malfunctions.

    It’s now my daily duty gun, being chained to a desk chair 40 hours a week made the G-34 become a bit hard on my sciatic.

    It has a tad more of a snappy kick than the 34, especially when shooting if rapidly, but certainly nothing that any shooter can’t handle after enough practice with one.

    I did dremel the right side of the trigger guard into a slightly more rounded edge, the original trigger guard edge rubbed the middle finger of my right hand enough to want to blister. I also hate the grooved trigger, I wish it came with a factory smooth trigger option.


    I’ll be putting a micro sized dot sight on this at some point, the gun is calling for one. I just need to find out if there is a Safariland kydex paddle that accepts the sights

    I agree with you, Glock hit a home run morphing the 43 slide to the 48 frame, the 43X is a good feeling, great shooting gun. :thumbup:

    3BB8935E-3763-4F03-9881-10D5A4671AE9.png 5A0EA61A-1EBB-4A5C-AA77-274DF7CF3026.jpeg

    Stay safe.
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  4. mongoslow

    mongoslow Member

    Dec 7, 2013
    Vickers flat face trigger on mine

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  5. FFGColorado

    FFGColorado Member

    Mar 2, 2020
    I bought a Glock 48 to replace a Glock 26..I DID get one Shield Arms 15R magazine..after testing it with carry ammo, it has become my EDC.
    As for a 'metal' slide release, since the SA magazine is metal..I didn't get a metal slide release. I put in the SA magazine once, then carry..When I go to the range, I put in and take out the 4-10r OE magazines maybe 5-6 times...so, not wanting to goon up my 'plastic' magazines with a metal slide release..I didn't change that.

    YMMV and all that..I really love my G48.
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  6. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Southwestern Ohio
    One never wants to fire any shots but then again, having 10 extra rounds (15 per Mag vs 10 per) to fight your way out of a bad situation may be the difference in getting out alive.

    It’s a piece of mind thing for some. If your comfortable with your current ammo count then carry on. I opted for the Shield magazines in my current carry 43X. I like having a G19 capacity in the slimmer 43X.
  7. gralewaj

    gralewaj Member

    Jun 28, 2007
    Trenton, MI
    I love my G43, the X grip looks very comfortable, but slightly less concealable than the standard G43 grip. Not enough to trade mine, nice pistol though. My spare mags have +2 baseplates, I never feel under equipped.
  8. KodeFore

    KodeFore Member

    Dec 7, 2005
    I carry G22 for work and have carried. When I'm not at work i pocket carry the G43xmos with a holsun 507k ( had to spend another 50$ on a plate to make that work ) in a modified pocket holster. I'm very happy with this setup. I would love to get the 15 round mags but those seem to be made of unobtainum moment so i often carry 2 10 rd in the opposite pocket.
  9. scaatylobo

    scaatylobo Member

    Oct 7, 2010
    Western NYS
    I did put the metal mag release in as I could see the plastic to metal was not a good idea.

    Note that due to the much thinner frame,that removal and replacement took about 30 minutes and not the 5 min it should have.

    Mine is the 43X,and I also have the 43,19,23,27,30S,30SF,,20, [ the .40 calibers were all turned into 9MM ].

    At present I am carrying a modified a Sig P365,and yes it is easier to conceal and with 12 in and 12 spare,I feel GTG.
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