Glock 19 or S&W M&P 9mm..which one?

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Dec 21, 2005
I've got a little Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket. I've got the bug for a new 9mm. Trying to decide between the Glock 19 and the Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm. I like both models and have heard pro and cons on comparisons for both models. I have been thinking about getting the Glock for a few months now, but have recently started considering the S&W with the positive reviews that I have seen from some people. Which one is generally going to be more accurate, especially if you were to compare the two with a ransom rest and you use quality ammo? I have heard that some people feel that the Smith fit their hands better due to the interchangeable back straps, but both feel pretty comfortable to me. I like the fact that it is easy to get Glock parts and the fact that the Glock has a good reputation for being very dependable. The Smith hasn't been out for very long, so time will tell if it will hold up as well. I do know that Smith does have an excellent repair department if I should ever need it. One of the biggest complaints that I hear about the Glock is the lack of a traditional safety, but am I right in the fact that the Smith doesn't have one either? Let me hear your opinions so that I can go ahead and make my mind up.
Glock, also if the no safety thing bothers you do what I'am doing to my new G19 and install a NY trigger which cost 3 bucks. I recently went through the same dilema and tried a lot of guns including the Glock, M&P, and the XD and I decided to pony up the extra cash and get the Glock. BTW which ever one you go with will serve you well.

I have had Glocks and sold them to purchase the M&P 9 and 40. Like you stated the Smith does not have the track record of the Glock, but both of mine have been flawless to date. I think they both shoot better than I can. The M&P just felt better in my hand. That was the only reason for selling the Glocks.
I have both a Glock and a S&W M&P. Both are really good pistols. I think the ergonomics are a tad better on the S&W. I don't particulary like how hard the slide release is though. Glock gets the nod for the best magazines both in price and feel. I have not had a problem with either type of pistol. I give S&W the nod because they are an American company (again).
Another "Go GLOCK" vote!

The G19 is a classic, and everyones collection should have one. I have one, I had sold a Sig P239 to get it. It is kind of my "SHTF" gun.... I don't carry it much, I prefer the j-frames and 1911s for that. That said, it is not necessarily the better gun, , it is just Very Good.

I've only shot the M&P 40, but if the 9 is anything like that, I much prefer the M&P's trigger and overall feel. Give the new M&P line twenty years, and they might have the same reputation.
I would go with the Glock 19 as well. I am not a very big Smith fan though,

Glocks work. Its as simple as that. They are easy to maintain and do what they are supposed to when you need them to.

But if you really want a nice 9mm get an HK P2000.
I'm a real fan of the M&P - I think S&W got this one right.

It points more naturally for me and is far more ergonomic than the Glock, the triggers on the three that I own are all quite crisp once you get past the safety takeup, the mag capacity is superb for the grip frame size, and the replacable backstraps means that my wife and I can share the same basic pistol. The M&P balances a lot nicer than the Glock, at least to me. The best part is that the M&P is almost a hundred dollars less expensive than the Glock 19.

The Glock right now has the advantage in mag prices and holster availability.
I bought an M&P and liked it so much I sold off my Glock 19 to finance an M&P compact.

If you do a search, I wrote some comparisons between my Glock 19 and my M&P Fullsize in my Fullsize Range Report.
None of the above. I have a Ruger KP89DC. Wouldn't trade it for either. And they're a heck of a lot cheaper than both of the others. I don't like plastic on my guns.
Go with...

... the M&P!!! I hear great reports, plus everyone and his brother has a glock. The M&P is pretty much the best gun out there (except for the mag disconnect)
I pondererd the same question, and I'm getting the 19. Its a proven gun, with plenty of holster choices. I love shooting my Brothers 17 so much, I had to get a Glock!:D
I'd go with a Glock. Their entire history with firearms manufacture is in the semiauto area. Conversely, Smith and Wesson makes great revolvers, but only started to manufacture semiautos because everyone else was doing it. This definitely shows in the quality of their semiautos.
Glock 19

I've owned mine since 1990, Glock 19 and it's my "go to gun" out of all of my collection.
i personally have never been impressed with smith autos, i think they should stick to wheel guns. the back straps being able to be changed out is a plus, but there are other guns that do this as well. i would say go with the glock, and a 19 at that you can't go wrong.
M&P all the way.

1. 1911 Grip Angle
2. Lo-mount Novaks
3. Interchangeable backstraps
4. You can shoot lead with a factory barrel
5. Better trigger, that's VERY easy to improve even more
6. Thinner in the hand
7. Modular rails, easy to repair or replace
8. Low boreline
9. American Made
10. Smith Customer Service is THE BEST
11. Cheaper than Grock
12. No one will bug you at the range with Kaboom stories about your pistol.

Gosh, that list looks good now that I've typed it out. I think I'll add a third M&P to my stable when the .45 hits the shelves!
I've been debating the same question and just got the chance to try the full-sized M&P last night. I loved it. Every time I shoot a Glock, I try to convince myself to like it (great track record, lot's of accessories, etc.). But why wrestle fight with a gun you have to bring yourself to like?

Go try both and pick the one you like better.
glock or m&p

i have a 26, 17, 19, 30. i recentley picked up a m&p compact in 9mm. it is my new everyday carry gun. i say try them both and see witch one you like the best. i personally like the grip angle of the m&p, but will keep my glocks. my 17 is used for idpa and uspsa. until the m&p parts have flooded the market,and there magazines are 16 dollars a peice. it will always have a spot in my safe. JOE
I'd vote for the Glock. I like the looks of the M&P but it hasn't proven itself yet. Another reason is Smith & Wesson auto's don't resale as well. Before everyone says they will never sell their guns let me say this. I was diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago. With the huge costs of copays and such my guns had to go. The Glocks went best but I had to take a huge loss on my Smith auto's, including their 1911.
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