Glock Case Ejection

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Jul 6, 2010
I finally "drank the kool-aid" and picked up my first Glock yesterday (lightly used 19 Gen3). Went to the range and fired off 250 problem free rounds (including Blazer aluminium and TulAmmo steel case). I shot the pistol very well and am extremely pleased with it. One question though, maybe 3 or 4 times I had cases eject back into my face (yep I was wearing safety glasses). It didn't hurt but was a little startling when it happened. None of my other centerfire autoloaders have ever done this. A friend used to have a Glock 23 that would occasionally do the same thing. Is this something common to Glock? The extractor on mine is nice and tight and there doesn't appear to be any problem with the ejector. Curious if anyone else has had this experience.
I wouldn't doubt seeing a few erratic ejections with Tula.

The ejection problem is more common in recent production Gen3 and Gen4 9/40/357 pistols. One possible cause is that the extractor may be out-of-spec, Glock's newest extractors are supposedly MIM, their specs can vary quite a bit and they're made of a softer metal than the old investment cast extractors. If this is the cause, simply replacing the extractor fixes it.

There's another possible cause which hasn't really been confirmed, only speculated about. That is that the cut-out in the slide which holds the extractor may not be positioned correctly, so the extractor can't hold the rim of the spent casing to the breech face as tightly as it should. Only the new ejector being used in Gen4's will fix the ejection if this is the case. My Gen3 G27 had the problem and only the new ejector would fix it.

Here are pictures of the new ejectors. They're available in the newest Gen4 trigger housings. Only two retailers have so far been confirmed to sell the Gen4 9mm trigger housing w/30274 ejector and both are backordered, and Only one retailer has been confirmed to sell the Gen4 .40 trigger housing w/28926 ejector, All of the other retailers presumably have the old versions with the old 336/1882 ejectors.

You can use the new ejectors in Gen3's. You have to order one of the Gen4 trigger housings that has the new ejector, then take the Gen3 trigger housing out of your Gen3 frame, pull the ejectors out of each trigger housing, and put the new ejector into the Gen3 trigger housing so you can use it in your Gen3 gun.

Another possible cause for erratic ejection is that there's gunk built up around the extractor and inside the cut-out in the slide that the extractor fits into. If that's the case, a simple detail strip cleaning of the slide and its internal parts should fix the problem.
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My G30 will pop a shell back at me occasionally and it is ALWAYS on the last round in the magazine.
My Glock 27 will send a spent casing back towards my head every once in a blue moon but it always goes over my head. With my reloads I have the load set so all my brass lands about 2'-3' to the right of my right foot. This makes it easy to collect a few hundred casings at the end of a training session.
My gen3 G19 has thrown exactly one case at my face in something like 4-5k rounds. It occasionally throws one straight up and on a few occasions to the left.

My G27 and G21 both throw the brass very consistently. No issue, at all.
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