Had to pull my 1911

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I see no problem here. Since they had to tresspass and (technically) break and enter to get to the point of getting pointed at, you did nothing wrong. It's your property and your family. You didn't invite them, you don't know them, I'm assuming it was dark, they were obviously going to do something you would regret later. You did nothing wrong. Shooting the Kimber afterwards to send a message is not really something people would recommend but then again, I've found stuff like that to be very effective. Also, don't worry about what everyone is saying about looking good in front of a jury. Remember here everyone...it was getting dark if not already was, they had to trespass onto his land, and jump his fence before being confronted. If anyone would need to worry about looking good in front of the jury, it's those two. Especially since they apparently have a record of causing trouble in their neighborhood.
I live in NC and everything you did was perfectly legal. Good job getting out alive, unhurt, and with your property intact.
Oh, to the people who think what he did was illegal. In NC you can use lethal force to prevent a break in. Just FYI....
I live in the same area of WV (at least I would if I was back home and not in Korea). I think the OP did just fine and did exactly as I pretty much would have (with the exception that I can't fire in my development and I would have done the holding at gunpoint and called the cops thing). By the way, the OP hasn't posted since his initial reply.

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trespassers or ??

most of you live in structured areas.its different in the south east,where he lives.the people believe in private property,being private property.
as to pulling early it works as mostly it stops the invasion. a number of people I know pop of a few rounds in the evening.sort of gives the heads up to those intent on neferious activities.my area some one is always shooting.
as someone posted it does not take long to pull and the agressor has the advantige.so preperation is best.:uhoh::rolleyes::banghead:
I agree in that MTN didn't go overboard. Overboard would be firing shots into the ground "let's see you dance" scenario, or shooting at them, with the intent to kill. I would have waited to draw, or at least had it out, pointing at the ground (away from them). You know from that, they aren't likely to return!
Given all the circumstances you described, I think you handled it just fine. Nothing makes you think about your choices in life more than seeing the business end of a .45 from a few feet away. Yeah, I suppose you could have held them for the cops, but that has risks, too. There were two of them, and if they were really bad hombres who wouldn't want to have an encounter with the cops, they might have done something desperate, like run inside your house and take hostages. And, once they got out of there, I think the *last* thing they would have done is call the cops on you for brandishing.

I doubt they'll be back. Now, since you're on the road a lot, what means does your wife have to handle a similar situation? What's the home security situation afa hardened doors and windows, alarms, etc.

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