how many duplicates do you own?

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My wife and I both have a Kel Tec P32, but that's about it. Oh yeah, I have two 10/22's, but they are configured so differently that they are far from being duplicates.
None as a deliberate plan. Some because I got a good deal, or bought one that is more of a shooter. Not interested in duplicates as some back up plan for whatever emergency vivid imaginations dream up. If one breaks I'll use something different.
my wife and I have Glock 19s and she has a G26 - so their is some redundancy there. I have a sig 229 and I want to get a 229 e2 so that I have a second pistol that can use it's mags. I used to not think about redundancy until recently - now it's a little more of a priority.
I suppose money spent on duplicates could be better spent on more hardware. Why have 2 of one thing if you can have 1 of something cool and another of something cooler?

I was just curious. I know some people really REALLY like one particular weapon and might like to have multiples.
Well, I'm up to 3 ARs - but each fills a different place in the arsenal. One is a multi-caliber, multi magazine type. Another is set up for Service Rifle Competition. And the third is a commemorative from my unit's tour in Iraq. And I don't count the two stripped lowers or the dedicated .22 uppers - 2 standard type for training and 2 belt fed uppers 'just for the hell of it'.
A C&R makes it easy to accumulate duplicates. The only duplicates I have now are a couple of M91/30 Mosins, and I will have K31 duplicates after I get home today as UPS shows it out on the truck for delivery.
How many of the same gun do you own?
A lot. If I like something I tend to buy spares.

I think the most of any one gun is Makarovs. 16 I believe. I haven't counted in a while.:)
I own a G26, G19, and a G34. Do those count as duplicates despite the differences in barrel length and grip length?
A duplicate is just that... multiples of the SAME gun.
To further indulge my curiousity, why do you have multiples of the same gun?
To further indulge my curiousity, why do you have multiples of the same gun?
Because.....................................I want them.:)

The next question would be, Why don't you spent the money on something else?

Because.....................................I already have......................and I bought several of those to.:)
For the record, I don't have any duplicates but even if I did, it wouldn't have anything to do with being "duped by some silly saying". Many people have duplicates for whatever reason
It was a simple question for reasons having nothing to do with anything pertaining to apocalyptic theories.
My duplicates are collectibles that are no longer produced. The only near exception is a Ruger MK I Target and a MK II Target. The only reason I have two is because I stumbled on the MK I at a good price and loved the fact that it was 40+ years old and still near mint.....I wouldn't go out and buy multiples of brand new guns.
none right now. Closeat I'd come to getting a duplicate is getting a glock 23 or 27 to supplement my glock 22
I have duplicates, but only rimfire for some reason.
2 Ruger mkIIIs, one for me, one for the Mrs ... they have the same up/down-grades but things are set a bit different for individual taste.
3 Ruger 10/22 rifles, all with Tech-Sights and sling setups. One is a M1 Carbine trainer (mine), one is mostly stock (MrsBFD's), and the newest is the International model with the slightly better TS, I plan on using it for longer range stuff and it was MrdBFD's Xmas gift to me.

The Why? part is simple, they share magazines, tools, obviously ammo, and parts, I have a bag of 10/22 stuff and a pistol case of mkIII stuff, including mag loaders for each, at this point if I were to desire another semi-auto .22lr it would seem foolish to get away from the existing pile of accessories.

For other stuff, I haven't found anything that screams to be duplicated, but I do try to have two guns in any given caliber ... right now I'm trying to figure out another .45acp gun, I may end up with a duplicate Officer's Size 1911, or a CCO if I can find one for a reasonable price, just to have something a bit different.
I used to really be into having matching pairs and had quite a few. then I decided to pay off my mortgage so in the past 18 months I sold a number of the "extra" guns raise cash.

Still have a few "sets." Here are some examples.



Well, lets see~! There are 2 Smith & Wesson model 39-2's, 3 S&W model 19's
[if you include the 2.5" model 66]; and only one of all other's~! ;) :D

Oops~! I forgot one: 2 Smith & Wesson model 60's in .38 Special; one is a 2"
- nothing, the other is a 3" - 4 with heavy barrel, semi target trigger and hammer,
and with adjustable sights.
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