how many of you carry a gun and pepper spray?

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I carry my gun a reload and two knives daily. One knife is a cheapo that I use for everyday tasks, the other is a serrated Ka-Bar TDI that is strictly for selfdefense. I have pepperspray that I carry for times when a gun isn't ideal, but I'm not fully convinced of its stopping ability. If I'm able to carry my gun the pepperspray stays behind, as others have said I don't want to have to try to transition from pepperspray to a gun should it not be enough. I also don't like the blowback effect, I have used pepperspray when there was no wind and still inhaled some and got choked pretty good.
I'm thinkingg a Kimber pepper blaster in a "cell phone" holster might be a good first line of defense. With the pepper blaster on my hip and gun in my pocket I should be ready for any situation from simple assault on up. Plus, I can carry the pepper blaster in locations that ban guns.

I thought about carrying a pocket knife. However, I think that a knife is considerred lethal force. So, I might as well reach for the gun in that situation.
OC is useful for a different problem than the firearm. There are situations in which OC is permissible, and going to grip would be criminal.
This is something I have been giving a fair amount of thought on.
One reason is that I walk and run at the local high school track and carrying the spray might be a whole lot less problematic than carrying my concealed pistol.
At times there are just people there doing the same thing I am doing and then other times there is organized events such as football practice,baseball practice,track,etc. and at that point you are breaking the law.
I just need to brush up on the law and see if the spray is actually illegal in places a concealed firearm would be illegal.
I guess the spray could be considered a weapon by some over zealous district attorney.
I don't carry pepper spray but I am quite interested in doing so. There are some cases where using a gun is simply not necessary but having some sort of force would be very helpful.

I mow lawns for a living. A couple of months ago, I was mowing a lawn when an English Bulldog comes up and is harassing me. He was not very aggressive but he did try to get in a little nip before I turned my mower. He then turned his attention to my discharge chute and he grabbed it in his teeth and he was pulling on it. His front legs were inches away from my blades - one slip and 2 legs would be gone. This dog was very persistent and this kept up for a few minutes. I surely didn't want to shoot him but a bit of pepper spray would have been just the ticket if I would have had it.

As it turned out, I drove over to the truck to find a stick or something and then the dog spied my helper with the trimmer. He got the message in a non-lethal manner.
My provider is going to stop carrying Bodyguard LE10 so I am switching to Fox 5.3 Not every situation calls for deadly force, and I cant carry everywhere I go.
I carry both, just not both at the same time. When I go jogging or go to Kallifornia for business I carry pepper spray and a knife. Everywhere else I carry a pistol.
It makes sense to carry both. Pepper spray will allow you to end dangerous situations in which the use of a gun may be overkill, without having to get into a fist fight. I usually don't because I just don't have the pocket space.
I think Sure Fire may make the best spray. I recommend a good bright sure fire light and a hand gun first. I have a wive and 2 daughters. The wife has her light and handgun permit . The girls have the light and the peperspray. Plus they each have a 22 handgun.

I can't think with the proper training where you were not justified in shooting instead of pepper spray. I still think if you can't go with a handgun pepper spray is second on the list. Learn to use a cane and look at Canemasters for a cane and google walking sticks for those that prefer that.
Learn to use a cane and look at Canemasters for a cane and google walking sticks for those that prefer that.

One must use discretion with that if one's hair is not gray. If I were to walk around with one (being 23) it would be known as a "pimp cane" and that is to be avoided if one's dignity is to remain intact. ;D
Well age has nothing to do with occasional injuries and weakness's. But I know what you mean. I was taught this by an older man. You would not believe the service you get with a cane versus walking on two feet Especially at bus stops and airports..:D I have no problem plugging someone but some here seem to be looking for less lethal force. I gave my recommendation. It was a pistol, flashlight, cane/stick, and peper spray. And recommended whitch type of spray I prefer. A knife is a givin. Open your mind grasshopper to the cane:neener:

A fellow I work with has a cane in his office that a great many people have used, as he lends it out to anyone who gets injured, regardless of their age. So yes, there are *some* younger people who use/have used canes.

But it isn't very common.
Spray can be turned against you in more ways than one, compared to a gun or a knife. If you are in a violent encounter and you are armed with a gun or knife, the only threat is the bad guy(s); take this same scenario and add chemical spray, you another threat--The wind and heavy breathing. If your spray gets used against you, you're pretty much SOL. Seriously, unless you are a master at working through the pain and burning of chemical sprays, you WILL be incapacitated or at least blinder than crap. Sprays are nice because they work, trust me I know from first hand experience. However, just because something works like it's supposed to doesn't make it any safer or dangerous than a gun, knife or cane. The wind is a very erratic and oddity that loves to change all the time; and things like that happen during the worst possible times, more often than not.
When I carry i usually just have my carry weapon 1-2 extra magazines and a SOG twich XL but i do have a asp baton and OC spray i have used from time to time with or without the carry gun
Earlier on in this thread i said no. Well the next day I bought some and I find it comforting and now understand how useful it can be to stop an attack and allow escape.
So change me to a yes I do carry a gun and spray.
being the devil's advocate.............. pepper spray is very effective, just be careful as to its application----you are responsible for deploying it. The elderly, the young, the handicap should probably not be sprayed and keep in mind you are responsible for them after you spray them for the most part-----depending on the situation, you should make an effort to allow them to wash it off and make sure they don't get hit by a car--they'll lie about trying to rob you and say you sprayed them and pushed them into traffic----think of these consequences when using the spray, but don't ever let it deter you from protecting yourself first.
I always have a knife for work or whatever.
Whan I ride i carry a three cell mag light in a holder on the left side.
We do not have legal means to carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin as of now.
Open carry is permitted if you do not mind this form of carry.
I do not want to be worrying about disorderly charges of charges while in a vehicle so I have only carrien openly on walks near home.
The misdomener charge and $180 fine for concealed carry will be gone when the CCW passes next session. Then it will be a felony.
The cheese heads will soon have full citizens rights acording to my source in the 71 state legislature.
Pepper spray is used as a non-lethal deterrant. If it is not sucessful, you must then draw and aim your concealed weapon.

Thinking like this can get you killed. True, OC is a non-lethal deterrent but used when lethal force is not warranted. Generally speaking if a guy takes a swing at you, pushes you, etc that's what OC is for. If a guy is going to open your head witha 2x4, comes at you with a knife, or draws a gun on you you draw your gun.

Unless you live in a state with some strange use of force laws you always meet deadly force with deadly force. There is no obligation on your part to use lesser means of force when someone is going to kill you.

You more likely will find a need for pepper spray than your firearm.
I always have pepper spray with me, but am not allowed to carry a gun or knife anywhere on UGA's campus. I also can't carry at work, and since I can keep a gun in my car without a CCW permit, and most of my time is spent on campus or at work, I do not yet have a CCW permit (plus I don't have the extra cash to spare for the permit).
depending on the situation, you should make an effort to allow them to wash it off and make sure they don't get hit by a car

This is contrary to its intended use for most, which is to facilitate escape. Sticking around to help them recover may be a great way to get attacked again.
The reason I don't, is that if deadly force isn't justified, I don't use force at all.

So if a guy is pushing you around (or otherwise physically assaulting you in a non-lethal way) for no good reason you would rather not do anything to fight back until it escalates to the point of a deadly threat? Please clear up my misconceptions of your statement. It just seems to me that having either deadly force or no force at your disposal is way to limited.
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