how many of you carry a gun and pepper spray?

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I dont carry sprays only because I usually have a 3 year old with me when I'm out and about. Using pepper spray would put her at risk for exposure. I do carry a knife and flashlight.
I like the idea, and used to keep a can in the car. But on my person I already carry a pistol, extra mag, keys, cell phone, wallet, knife and small flashlight. I've already resorted to only wearing pants with cargo pockets (you can find some reasonably "dressy" ones if you look). Keys and cell phone account for the two front pants pockets and the knife and flashlight clip on one cargo and the extra mag goes in the other. I just don't know where to put a can of spray.
I carry a pistol as much as I can....When walking the dog I carry spray in addtion to my pistol b/c my dog tends to attract a lot of attention from overly aggressive dogs, and I feel more comfortable spraying a dog then putting myself in physical danger by going hands on with it. I'd hate to have to shoot a pup unless it was absolutley neccessary. Spray has always done the trick in regard to K9's, and I've used it a half dozn times.

I'm really just too lazy to carry it on a daily basis though.
I just bought a can of Mean Green and have been carrying it in addition to my pistol, I'm wondering if this is being overly paranoid.

It doesn't necessarily have to be pepper spray for you to chime in; those that carry a Taser, knife, or some other defensive device in addition to a gun speak up!
gun, mace, knife, i'm set. you can never be too careful, especially with the economy as it is many more people are out for some quick cash at others expense.
I always carry a pepper spray and a knife. Also a gun, unless I'm going to work, where I can't carry.

The pepper spray gives you non-lethal options. If somebody wants to get into a fist-fight with you, and you only have your gun, you're in a bad situation - you can't draw, so you're stuck with fighting or (better) running, which might not be possible depending on the situation. Having a pepper spray can save you in situations like this and actually prevent bloodshed and you having to go to jail.

The knife I use mostly as a tool - I've opened countless letters, packages, etc. with it, but it's nice to know that I have an additional defensive option if all else fails, especially if I'm without the gun.
Just my .02 on this....

First off OC aka Pepper Spray is not always effective. For example, if you were to spray me all that will happen when you get me is you'd really tick me off. For me OC does not activate till water contact when I start to decon. Before the water I'm good to go, after it feels a bad sunburn all over and my eyes slam shut. So if you want to take me down with OC bring a water pistol too! I've also seen people that don't seem to be phased at all after being sprayed. On the other hand I've also seen people that are down for the count and screaming almost instantly after being sprayed.

Second, almost every single time you use OC on a BG you also get a taste. Sometimes it's not much but other times you may get a full blast that takes you out too. That leads to the other aspects about carrying it... Do you know how you react to OC? If you do get a dose for some reason can you fight though it? If the answer is no then you better not carry it. If for some reason you are blinded by a dose of your own OC and you are armed you may have some issues. Can you shoot blind and be sure you are not going to hit an innocent person? Can you keep control of your weapon while feeling the effects? If your answer to how you'd react was I don't know you better find out before you even bother with the stuff.

Just a little food for thought after my experiences with OC....
I carry a handgun and folding knife.

But previously I was on the same campus as Pacerdude (UGA) where this was not allowed. Walking on campus I did have pepper spray in a keychain type holder. Note to everyone who has this type - although they say that they have failsafes so that there is no accidental discharge, I beg to differ. I was once balancing a load of books, needed to pick up something off of the floor and stuck the sprayholder in my pocket to free up my hand. While bending, apparently it was just the right contortion to override the trigger and I got a nice shot of pepper spray in a delicate area. Lets just say that it doesn't only burn on your face!

Uncomfortable, yes. But this Texan has had hotter chilies in Mexican food that hurt a lot worse the second time around! (if you know what I mean!)
I just carry a pistol for now, however, there's a Jax sptg gds store about 3 miles from me, they have one of those types you can spray bears with, supposed to be the top end for Scoville heat! Don't know about the coloring part, but bet they'll be there gaspin' for air when the PD shows up!!:what:
I keep a small CS+OC spray in my's for the occaision where a handgun is excessive, and getting into fisticuffs may not be wise (most times). A good blast to the face will have them writhing in pain long enough for me to get the hell out of there.
I've done quite a bit of research and thinking about this, and these are my current thoughts (subject to change tomorrow :) ). If you look at the crime data, the second best approach to surviving a violent attack is active compliance. The best way is using an effective weapon correctly. About the worse way is to use an ineffective weapon.

So, we need to ask, what is an effective weapon? It is one that will physically stop an attacker NOW. Also, we need to ask ourselves how do we use the weapon correctly. This means we need to be trained and practiced to the point that we can wield it properly. So, here's the list of weapons that we could use, and the pros and cons.

Gun - if it's on you, loaded and you've actually trained with it (drawing, firing, retention, etc) this is the most effective weapon for self defense. If you aren't proficient, this goes into the category of non-effective weapon which is worse than compliance.

Knife - well, the spectrum varies from tiny to huge, but let's assume we are talking about 3.5" folders. These are not effective weapons for self defense without SERIOUS training which I don't know where most people would find some. You can stab someone multiple times and they may die 30 minutes later, but that's not effective. I carry a tiny little folder a lot, but it's for utility. I would not count on it for protection as it's inadequate and I'm not trained (although I've done years of martial arts).

Sprays - the problem with these is that they are not guaranteed to stop someone and are very hard to practice with. I'm not a police officer, and I don't have the authority to use force for compliance. Again, the above applies here - not effective unless well trained, and even then, not great.

Stick (cane, etc) - this is probably the most realistic weapon that I would carry for defense other than a gun. I know how to use one and it can be used for many other things. When I go on walks, I may carry a medium sized metal flashlight.

So, what do I do about non-lethal threats like a dog running up to me (which is probably the one realistic non-lethal threat I can think of)? Well, I've come to the conclusion that if the situation isn't life-threatening for me, I can probably deal with it with a flashlight or something else I have on me or with my hand/legs. This isn't like some crazy martial arts thing (since I mentioned that earlier) this is like walking away, pushing someone, etc. Whatever it takes to create distance and break contact. I've come to the conclusion that if you are presented with a threat that you can't deal with unarmed, then it's very much a life-threatening problem. Please correct me if I've missed something here.

I'm a guy, in reasonably good shape, and that's just my opinion. For someone else, this may not be right, but I would ask that we all realistically ask ourselves what the purpose of each item is, if we could realistically use it, and if so, would it be effective at resolving the situation.
I am a RAD Systems instructor certified in aerosol defense I do not carry an OC canister.

OC is better than nothing but a motivated aggressor will not be stopped.

As a civilian I have no need to try to gain compliance.

if you do carry I think that the OC/CS mixed gas is the most effective
In MI we started with a CCW. We were carrying anything we wanted.
A number of years later we were changed to a CPL.
Somebody must have sprayed a LEO or something.
Now we can only carry a handgun & a small knife-I believe-under 3".
They want to make sure that we shoot the guy-----:D:D:D
I do not carry pepper .... my escalation of force is martial arts first, knife 2nd then my pistol (Kempo, Al Mar slim, 44spl Charter). Maybe a combo of all three, depends on the force exerted against me. Sadly, I am getting too old and out of shape for the martial arts anymore, I can still defend, but offense of mine is really iffy. Gas can be very iffy if the attacker is under the influance of drugs or other substance. Some criminal would be's actually train themselves to EAT defense gases and immune themselves from the effects. If I were to carry a sub force, it would be a real taser of some sort and not gas.
if you are a police officer and can justify an escalation of force then go a head. I doubt that many people have that kind of training. So in such case you would need to justify the use or non use of the OC spray in addition to using your firearm. Also police officers are covered by an additional bill of rights that protect them in use of force and deadly force situations. Also police officers are allowed by law to use one level of force higher than the force they are being met with. civilians are only allowed to use the same amount of force. So for instance a civilian gets in a fist fight and one person sprays another both subjects could be charged criminally. Bottom line keep it simple and only use deadly force as a last resort.
In North Carolina you can use the amount of force necessary as long as it is not excessive. So, if somebody is beating on you, and you're losing, spray is allowed in self defense.

As long as you did not instigate the fight.
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