I cannot decide what to get next...

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Dec 29, 2007
I know I want a fullsize semi-auto. I can't decide if I should go 9mm or .40 S&W.

Here's what is on my list. I am planning on buying used.

Glock 17, Glock 19 (I know it's "compact"), Glock 22, S&W M&P fullsize, Sig P226/229.

Here is what I already have:

XD9 Service (May sell. Still unsure if I'd like a Sig more, get another fullsize M&P or if I'd be happiest w/the XD.)
RIA 1911 .45
Glock 23
CZ 75B (SPF)
I recommend to .40. I just bought a Glock 22 and a 27. Traded in my Sigma for the 27. I think I got a much better built and fitted weapon with the Glocks.
I can only speak to the glock 17 as I have only shot the others but own a 17. You would not be disappointed. I am currently eyeing a sig p238:
Magic_Man said:
Here's what is on my list. I am planning on buying used.

Glock 17, Glock 19 (I know it's "compact"), Glock 22, S&W M&P fullsize, Sig P226/229.
How can you go wrong? Anyone one of these would make and excellent choice :) (I know I'm so helpful... hehe)

There is always the Sig SP2022 you'll get the quality and accuracy of Sig Sauer, the reliability and durability of Glock at less than the price of an M&P. Not to mention they come with night sights and a killer trigger out of the box..

Here's my .40S&W:
+1 for a FS M&P. Of all my polymer guns the M&P feels - and shoots - the best. I had a M&Pc and never even shot it because of the way it felt in my hand.
At least hold a M&P before "pulling the trigger" on something else.
Made in America.......lifetime warranty.
I actually sold my fullsize M&P to get the compact version for carry.

I have read that the P2022 trigger sucks.
How does the pull weight of the Sig P229/226 compare to the pull weight of the CZ 75B?
Glock 19. My first handgun was a G17 and I still don't own a 19, but I believe the G19 is one of the finest handguns ever made.
of the glocks I would go with the 19, small enough to conceal and large enough to be a duty carry weapon. If its not ever going to be concealed I love my full size M&P.
Of the guns you list I'd go with the SIG 229 in .40S&W. I had one and it was a great gun (sold it due to financial reasons, and I needed space in my new apartment), I will be buying another as soon as I can. It was reliable, accurate, and just felt great in my hands. It was a very nice, very well made gun. The trigger was terrific for a DA/SA trigger.

If you want a 9mm, I'm sure the 229 would be fine, but I'd look out for a SIG 228 as the older ones were supposedly balanced much better than the 229 and they sound like they may have been about the perfect 9mm service pistol. I'm not sure how the new 228 stacks up to the original that was discontinued a few years back.

I like the 229/228 over the 226 because they are a little smaller while still being a good service pistol (kind of a medium framed gun). I don't know why, but despite my meaty mitts (I have very thick hands and fingers) I tend to prefer smaller guns to larger guns, at least with autos. If you are the other way around, then the 226 may work for you (I greatly miss my .40S&W SIG 229, I don't really miss my 9mm SIG 226 I sold, even though it too was a very well made pistol). The 226 is well made, accurate, reliable, and for many it may be a bit more controllable due to the larger size (because of the respective calibers I had my 229 and 226 in I can't really judge here).

All that said, the gun on your list I find next most interesting is the M&P. Since they've come out I've had my eye on them. They seem like very nice pistols and have a great online reputation. I will be adding one. I see you used to have one and currently have one in the compact version so you are familiar with them, so they may be the best bet for you. Was there anything about it you didn't like? Or perhaps the better question is, what did you like about it? Thinking about those two questions might help you decide if you should just get another M&P for now.
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Sig P226 or 229 in 40cal


Either a Sig P226 or 229 40cal, whichever one fits your grip hand/s the best.

Having 3 P229's two 40's one 9mm, they are time wise/round count, proven reliable, accurate and "very soft and balanced" in the recoil dept.

How does the trigger pull on the P226/229 compare to the pull on the CZ 75B?
This is just my opinion because I am not you, only you can make the decision because you are the one that knows what you like and what role this next purchase will fulfill.

Glock: I have owned (and still own several) a lot of Glocks. They are excellent guns for carry/home/range. They are simple and they get the job done. I have been in the snow, sand, mud, and water with glocks and I have never had an issue. I agree with others, I am amazed at the G19...there's just something about it. I will recommend any glock, minus The 10mm and the 45GAP because I have yet to shoot those models.

Sig: I am currently addicted to old West German Sigs. I have a P226 and a P6. I think they are better than the new Sigs, plus they can be had decently cheap.
I have read about a lot of problems regarding the newer sigs. A good sig is hard to beat. They are accurate and reliable.
I just picked up a German P232 that is an neat little piece.

Smith&Wesson M&P: Good pistols, just not a fan.

CZ's: Held a few, but never shot them. Read too much bad stuff about the DA trigger. Other than that, I like the SP-01 as far as looks and feel.

I just went through what your going through and I ended up with a H&K P7 pistol. I am very pleased with its accuracy, performance, and history.

Good Luck
Nice mix of pistols, you need a SIG P226 in .40 S&W and .357 SIG, just swap barrels, like two pistols. Or perhaps the SIG P229 compact in the same configuration. If you want another compact 9mm, the G19 Glock is a great choice, but I would recommend what I carry, the CZ 75D PCR. If you want a good range / competition 9mm the G34 Glock is a great place to start, or the Para Ordnance P18-9, 9mm 1911, sweet trigger, accurate to a fault.
Own and shoot several Glocks. Love the wife's G17 which is dimensionally similar to the G22. While I shoot exceptionally well w the G17, don't do as well w the G22. New gen of G22 has much better grips. I use a G27 as a BUG, but don't like the feel of the gun and usually carry my Kahr PM9 instead. I really enjoy the G19, and would completely switch to the 9mm series of G guns if policy allowed. Good luck and let us know what you get.
Buy yourself that Glock and might as well go out and buy yourself a Toyota Camry to go with it. <<yawn>>

Now if you want something a bit sportier with some personality, how about a HK P30L, Beretta 92FS INOX, and/or a Les Baer TRS.
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