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IN SB54 and ISP any techies wanna bite?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by txgho1911, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. txgho1911

    txgho1911 Member

    Mar 21, 2004
    Indiana State Police insulting the state senators.
    Question to IT folks and RKBA activists. How much should this cost. What else could be done to avoid legislative hack resistance? I cannot believe this venture could ever surpass $75k with a dedicated resource. That is one developer baby sitter.
    License to Cary Handgun online renewal in Indiana.
    I understand to put a renewal process online with a huge collection of other licensing functions may cost some money. But not $300k. Requirements may include:
    Info pages
    secure forms
    secure payment
    Startup costs
    annual maint.
    State of Indiana has/is consolidating IT functions and centralizing. Executive Order
    About IOT http://www.in.gov/iot/about/
    ISP is making the case that it will cost $300k to do this deal. Resistance to change!
    I made a guess that they are shooting for the moon just in case they get it. With the IOT and a very successful vendor http://www.in.gov/ai/aboutai/ and a list of professional and legal licensing and permits http://www.in.gov/ai/licensing/ .
    SB 54 would cause the ISP to allow an online renewal for the Indiana License to Cary Handgun.
    While doing a bit of research I sent a note to one of the lobbyist with the 2nd Amendment Patriots. Also heard the Indiana DNR website on access Indiana costs as much as a bridge.

    My research note minus names.
    I spoke to XXXXXXXX at Access Indiana. Learned a few things. There are many Indiana licenses to be applied for and renewed online. http://in.gov/ai/licensing/
    State fees are paid online with a $1 fee for processing and $1 for the instant access available online. I think that is a double charge to the user. Attached is a txt file of many of the licenses links on this website. These agencies do not pay for hosting and development of the website www.in.gov. Special page development or special interconnections to state systems may require start up fees of some kind. I understand the state maintains the connection and hardware may be split. XXXXXXXX made it clear Xhe was not willing to provide anything in writing. She gave me the name, number, and email for the offices general manager. XXXXXXXX ########### XXXXXXX@XXXXXXXX.in.gov
    I understand XXXXX is out until Tuesday. I can pursue this further.
    As I read the note about the initial # of $200k growing to $300k in less than 3 days I have to believe this is hidden resistance to our effort. The admitted knee jerk response of last year lowered my respect for general administration at the state level much lower than before. I am guessing the 200k was not enough to generate enough pause for the ISP. They could be shooting for the moon so to speak just in case they have a chance to get it. Maybe this is going to finance some new leather chairs in the posts. I could see this buy 3 fulltime dedicated resources with new servers, internet access, and additional clerks to process the data. Pure speculation on my part.
    One specific point XXXXXX made was about a dedicated resource. One person to manage the site and develop the pages and links. I could understand that for an added 100k but not 300k. ISP already has an internet presence. I cannot believe expanding the function of what is currently online could cost so much. Again I think of some deep pockets making so much of Indiana's sales tax revenue disappear and never see the books.
    State inspector general may through the AG's office be able to provide a legitimate comparison of a web site process with secure forms and payment system. I caught your wife and she told me the number for the DNR website. Must be a whole lott of nice mountain homes in the Rockies recently. Again I am reminded of corruption for an IG to look into.
    I hope they are worried about more than higher tobacco taxes.
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