Interesting Pistol Sights @ SHOT

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Jul 31, 2006
I stopped at the 'Tactical Aiming Solutions' booth (an Israeli company) on Thursday and they had a very interesting set of pistol sights. Its a monolithic aluminum block thats machined so that when you look at them from behind it mimics a set of traditional 3 post sights.

Here's the kicker though, running down the center is a tube with either a fiber optic or tritium dot at the end. Basically, you can't see the dot unless you have proper sight pictures. Its sort of a low tech, super simple red dot for a pistol. Here's the really weird part, you don't use the front sight. Its really hard to explain in words, but they had a Glock setup up with a bore laser and these sights and even without previous experience with them I was able to use the sights in a version of Bindon Aiming Concept and they are scary fast and accurate.


They gave me a fiber optic version, I'm going to run it on my G34 for a bit and I'll report back to you guys. Defense Review looked at a rough prototype back in 07 and called them interesting (but didn't fire them, so wasted breath imo). I want to see how these perform day/night/low light and see they with 'real' recoil if they're as fast as they are with the simulator.
Interesting, I suppose, but watching their video, I don't see what the advantage is over standard sights.
Biggest advantage? You can now focus on your target using bindon aiming concept (like an aimpoint or acog) with both eyes open and not have to focus on the front sight. Potentially tons faster.
gotta' say I like fiber optics, in general
real quick target aquisition for "point shooting"
awfully light spectrum dependent, though, not for everybody, everywhere
good for old guys with fuzzy eyeballs and bright sunlight, though ;)
These sights are a NO GO at this time.

The concept of the sight itself is sound, but suffers from the the following critical issues:

1) The exposed portion of the fiber optic is small and the fiber optic 'thread' itself is fairly thin resulting in poor light transmission to the interior lens/bead that actually lights up to create the 'dot'. Because of the transmission issue, the dot is poorly illuminated indoors and in low/no light situations. Strike 1.

2) Because of the internal lens/bead size, the dot is small and when poorly illuminated (see above) hard to reacquire under speed. Enlarging the dot and improving the amount of light transmission would help, but increases the coarseness of the sights due to enlarging the MOA diameter of the dot, impacting accuracy. Strike 2

3) Quality control and fragility. None of the threaded items were loc-tite'd or staked in any manner, alignment of the three body parts was poor (fiber optic, tritium housing and main sight housing would not line up when assembled), and worst of all, about 100rds into the range session, the fiber optic thread popped out of the front of the sight and flew down range, never to be seen again, destroying its functionality in the process. Strike 3.

Your shipment of fail just arrived, please sign here.

I will say that the sights could be treated as traditional 3 posts without the use of the 'dot' but lost any accuracy past about 15yrds due to the size of the 'center post'.

I think that a product improved version of these could have a lot of potential but until they make serious improvements, these are not ready for prime time at this point and time. Sorry for the bad news guys.

These are not guttersnipes, nor is the method of operation similar in any way other than the lack of a front sight, etc, etc, etc.
Think of the sights as an OEG, that's about how they work. I'm hoping they can produce a workable model as I'm quiet interested in them. Thanks for the write up.

KellyTTE said:

These are not guttersnipes, nor is the method of operation similar in any way other than the lack of a front sight, etc, etc, etc.
If you've got a set, where are the pictures? I see something that looks like a modified guttersnipe. Please show us something that doesn't.
If you check out the manufactures web page, the sights are basically solid. There is no traditional notch, ghost ring, etc in the sight.

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