Is now the time to buy revolvers?

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If you have the disposable dollars, yeah, buy. I'm more interested in accessories right now.
Prices are only going to go up. The gun owning population is growing. The consumer base is growing. I've had over a dozen non-gun owners at my gym about buying from me privately (I've turned each down). I know a dozen more previous not gun owners buying guns. Our population of gunnies is growing folks. The downside will be higher and higher gun prices.

Even if revolvers fall out of favor. The few whom still buy them will face higher and higher prices as factories refocus their manufacturing capabilities to fill the other areas of demand (use it or lose it). There will be fewer and fewer revolvers available for us Wheel Gunners.

Settle in, guns are going to be more expensive for at least another year. I'm using it as a good time to focus even more on reloading (casting my own bullets), and my own small parts production using a buddy's mill (will buy my own 2013). I've got at least six revolvers (3 Model 19s of various make, 1 Model 15-4, 1 Ruger Blackhawk .44 mag 7.5", and 1 Redhawk .44 mag 7.5") collecting dust that I do not shoot. If there is an AWB they'll be worth even more possibly, if not oh well. We all knew, or should have known, this was coming down the pipe one way or the other.
It's also a good time to sell. I sold a 629, 65, and a 442. I got $1350. total. I was happy and so were the buyers.
>>Good, ole' used Smiths and Colt revolvers have not seen a reduction in price;<<

Nor have Rugers for that matter. GPs & Security Six series are going up like mad! :cool:
If you have some $$$ in your pocket, it's always a good time to be on the lookout for a deal. You never know what you'll come across.
Yes, its always a good time to buy - good revolvers...especially Colt and S& my opinion. Prices are sure not going to go down...
I sold a Kel-Tech Sub2000 for double what it cost me a few years ago, and went to the local gun store, and picked up a Ruger LCR and a Taurus 905 today. I normally have no interest in Taurus guns, but the 905 is a sweet little snubby that shoots 9mm, and it headspaces the cartridges on the case mouth, so you can even shoot it without moonclips, you just have to punch em out with a rod, or pick em out with a fingernail. I walked out the door paying just about $50 more than I got for the Sub2000.
New revolvers are higher right now than they were 4-6 months ago. Couple of months ago I picked up a new S&W 617, and I purchased a new S&W 686 yesterday. Both were higher than what I would have paid earlier in 2012. I'm looking for a S&W 60-14 for the wife and prices on that model seem higher than they should be. I think prices on all firearms, in general, are going up.
No, now is the time to buy hi-cap pistols, AW's and magazines. Since it is unlikely that the law will call for actual confiscation those will go up in price a lot more than revolvers which are the least likely handguns to be affected by new laws.

Prices have gone up, but there are still bargains to be had. You just have to be willing to shop around and it helps to get in good with a dealer or two. I've gotten a couple great deals from a local shop over the past couple of years, but I've gotten to know the owner/operator. He gives me the occassional deal and I send people his way.

If you're going to be in the world of shooting for the long haul you have to make connections and engage in a little back scratching. If all you want is a few newer guns then pay the sticker price at Cabelas or Wal-Mart and not worry about it.

I'm to fond of the older Colt and S&W revolvers to do that.
>>Selling prices have not dropped that much.<<

"I don't find them dropping at all. If anything, they're on the rise."

I said that because some have gone up, some have gone down.
Really depends on the gun. Good deals on blued stuff.

350 for a security six blued, in stainless 450-600

.38's that have newer models handling 357 are undervalued as well...
like my .38 SW 640 SS, should be 450 easy.. instead they are selling around 380.

new guns(in my area) are always hundreds more in store than online.
You might find a deal in a private sale with someone who waited until now to get that semiauto rifle. Now that person is trying to scrape together the money in a hurry, and they're unloading a safe queen or two. Gun shop prices don't seem to have dropped. Why would they? After the last AR and Glock are sold, that .357 in the case will look pretty good to someone who's looking for "a handgun" and sees all the empty racks and displays.

Seriously, if you like revolvers (I do!), this is a great time, as was last year and the year before. I didn't buy my few guns as speculation, but as shooters. Buy what you like!

Dirty Bob
The way prices are going up, I can almost sell my Uberti/Taylor's Schofield replica, and buy the real deal now... but I'd be too afraid of finding a pair of Security Sixes, a good 1911, etc etc etc before I found another genuine top break for the money.

I really do love the thing, but it's gone up in value by leaps and bounds from when I picked it up, and mercenary thoughts keep slipping into my head.
Right now, as mentioned above, I'd stay focused on high-cap semi autos and related components.

When Clinton's AWB went into effect in '94, I paid for a new Ruger Vaquero 44 mag by selling three Glock 13 round mags and one foreign make 22 round mag for a Glock.
I bought a Taurus Sat. for $350 here in PENSACOLA.....was the last one they had.......38 five shot model 85 ul....they were real low on stock
>>My local Gun shops have very little besides revolvers & 1911<<

Th gun shops I go to have very few revolvers period. Funny how they've suddenly gotten popular. ;)
I've been watching, but only seen one "deal" recently on revolvers. Seems anything that goes bang is at the very least, bringing retail prices around here.
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