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Kimber .40 S&W Ultra Carry Review

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Jerry Morris, Apr 20, 2003.

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  1. Jerry Morris

    Jerry Morris Member

    Feb 22, 2003
    For those, like myself, who have problems seperating themselves from the 1911 type pistols, I have found something that is more than meets the eye.

    Kimber makes the alloy framed Ultra Carry in 40 S&W. Some have problems with a 24 ounce pistol in .45 ACP. Recoil can be more than is able to be handled well. The 40 S&W Ultra Carry is a mild mannered pistol. Accuracy is decent, although the shorter sight radius can be a challenge to master, compared to the Government Model. Accuracy was good enough for me to stay inside the kill zone at 25 yards.

    Break in issues were about as I expected in an alloy framed 1911 type. Many failures to go into battery in the first 100 rounds. This mandated a push from the thumb to move the slide into battery. This diminished as the first 100 rounds progressed. It would seem that the alloy frame and stainless sslide have now mated well. The last 250 rounds have been flawless. If the problem resurfaces, I will make note of it here. I do not expect this to occur. The design is well known.

    Cronographing proved out that the package will provide 1000 fps + with most 165 JHP ammo available, especially the Remington Golden Saber.

    I have received the Kirkpatrick Texas Strong Side holster I ordered for the Ultra Carry. It is working out well. The Ultra Carry rides all day with not much notice to the wearer. This holster is much like the Askins Avenger of older days. The TSS allows for comfort and ease in reholstering. It will make a decent concealment holster under a shirt tail.

    My reasons behind this choice are many. I wanted to try out the .40 S&W. In this package, I get a cealable pistol that still carries eight rounds of a caliber that is more powerful than the 9X19 mm and as reloadable as the .45 ACP. And yet, a mild manner that enables one for rapid follow up shots. If you can handle a full sized 9mm, you can shoot this puppy!

    Still, the .45 ACP remains my Standard!

    Jerry Morris
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