King Cobra...who will buy one?

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Dec 31, 2002
So it looks like we might get the King Cobra back...who will get one? I myself actually want to get a Python but hopefully that is soon to come.
I'd be overjoyed to see Colt produce ANY DA revolver. Yes I'd buy a King cobra even though I already have one. I'd rather see them make the magnum carry but it's a start.
IF TRUE, This time!
Depends on the build quality. If it's built like a ruger, pass. if it's comparable to a python, I'm in. (I know, different actions, but they principle applies) If it's built like a king cobra, I'll keep my smith. I guess what I am saying is that if it a mass market gun I already have a couple. If it's a high end awesome gun I have great interest. 5", stainless, exotic wood grips, minimal rollmarks and warnings etc.

Either way they need to make the firing pin replaceable, so don't make it exactly like the old ones.
If the new 1911's, SAA's and New Frontiers are any indication, I'd say they'd be very well built guns indeed.
I will believe it when I can put my hands on a new production Colt revolver. Until then, it's merely a fairy tale.
Too little, too late. With a handful of awesome & beautiful pre-lock Smiths in the safe, I've already filled any possible void that the KC would be suitable for.
IF... big two letters

Depends on...

Price point: Up to $1k could do. Above that, not really gonna happen for me.

Size: 3", 4", 5" could do. 6" not gonna happen for me.

Material: (only stainless? not for moi. Blue? oh yeah)

No Lock (or well hidden/placed not an eyesore device)

Chambered for: (?surprise us?)

I would expect excellent Colt production and follow up as usual, so I have no doubts if Colt Mfg would build one it would be precise and accurate and a great value, not to mention a good shooting 21st century snake.

If... I just don't see it happening tho'. Start up costs of tooling... ouch!
I refuse to believe until I see evidence Colt has changed their lockwork. There's no way they can produce an economical DA revolver with the old, labor-intensive design and sell any number of them. Not for the price the markets will bear relative to 'real' (old) Colt revolvers, not with the fraction of talent/tooling they have remaining at this point to build them. Not buying it (the story or the gun ;))

I think anyone would be stupid to even pitch a 'throwback' gun at the public while the R51 fiasco is unfolding. Do you Colt boys really wanna take that chance? Do you feel lucky? :neener:

EDIT: I could see them producing Korth-level quantities of guns, with Korth-like prices, but with mere Colt-like quality (which wass good, but not worth 3000$ per gun)

Not this guy

But I hope what you say is true because many others will and that means stock liquidation. THAT means guns I would much rather own like most 629s (short barrels etc) and most large caliber Rugers etc. will hit the market and overstock of inventories means lower prices etc etc etc:evil:

At least with these two I know the quality.

I just hope you are right.
Central FL? CT?...

Will this budget wheel gun be manufactured in CT? Or the new site in sunny central FL? :D

The campfire stories I heard on other forums is that the Colt engineers & skilled labor all retired that made the Pythons, D-series, King Cobras, Anacondas. :confused:
I've read online news that Colt didn't want to replace/re-tool the older machines needed for high quality revolvers.

I'm in assuming a reasonable value proposition. Need to be assured parts and service won't disappear during the expected service life as well.
Don't forget, the King Cobra wasn't based on the more complicated, V-spring lockwork of models like the Python, Detective Special, Diamondback, etc, etc. The King Cobra was an AA frame gun based on the MkV/MkIII guns that were introduced in the late 60's specifically intended to be less expensive to produce than the V-spring lockwork was. A new age King Cobra shouldn't be any more expensive to produce than a L frame Smith and Wesson assuming all else is equal.

If Colt had smart management and the coin to do so they would be well advised to reintroduce the Magnum Carry/DSII, King Cobra, and Anaconda revolvers to cover the small, medium, and large frame revolver markets....although I would suggest giving the small frame revolvers snake names for marketing purposes this time around. Then, if they were so inclined, the could reintroduce the Python as a custom shop only piece and have all the bases covered at a time when the market is very conducive to making big money on guns.
Maybe Colt should consider upping the caliber...the .44 magnum is nice, but really, the S&W .500 4" beats any .44 magnum with spades left over. The REAL question is why would anyone drop a grand on a .44 when they could be toting a .500 for the same money...and the .500 is THE "IT" when it comes to handgun power.
I think Colt had some very good ideas 25 years ago in the revolver market. The problem is Colt seems to think EVERYONE is made of pure-D, green, CASH and can afford to shell out a small fortune to own whatever they're making...such is not the case, and such is the REASON S&W now reigns supreme as THE "name" manufacturer and is selling all they can build at a reasonable price-point.
I LIKE the way Colt revolvers work...but if they can't bring them to market for a decent price then perhaps someone else should step in if for no other reason than to keep the design alive.
These rumors have been going around for years. I'll believe it when I have a new Colt DA revolver in my hand.
That said, I wouldn't mind having a new Colt King Cobra, although a 3" Magnum Carry would suit my needs better. Colt's quality is currently first rate, after many years of being disappointing.
Gimme gimme. Stainless 6inch. I have other Snakes and always have room for more.
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