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Feb 8, 2010
A guy I know bought a new Sig Sauer the other day and was showing it off to me, he was bragging because the magazines have "law enforcement use only" stamped on them. He was BRAGGING that it was illegal for him to have those magazines. I told him he was stupid and there was nothing illegal about it. I told him my Glock mags hold more than that anyway and there are no special markings on them. Why does Sig put this on their magazines? Surely it isn't just so fudds such as this can walk around bragging about their LEO only magazines? I told him he should check into openings with the local mall security.
I would suspect they are for states that don't allow more than 10 rounds for civilians but that's juts a guess.
If it was illegal, he wouldn't have those magazines. He's a dork. Don't stand too close to him at the range.
Some of my favorite mags are the ones my father used in police work for his 5906, marked LEO only.
Does he know anyone who can walk into a terminal and yell "Hi, Jack!"?
-points at signature-:rolleyes:

By the way, mortablunt, what is the rest of your list?
He is just wants some cool points that arent there or some one fed him bullcrap to get him to buy the mags.

You can find mags like that all over. Lots of them were government/LE contract sell offs that didnt get used or sold to the government/LE. And as stated others are probably Post ban mags that are now allowed. I have plenty of these Ive found around for great prices for various guns.
I think you may be on to something. Next time I see him and he brings it up (and he will) I'm going to tell him that he got a California gun which really sucks because the trigger reset is so much slower and you can't fire it as fast. Which he will buy hook, line and sinker because he was bragging about how fast the trigger reset was on that gun.

DISCLAIMER: I promise that I am not just a jackass that is jealous or won't help new shooters. But, this guy is beyond help. He is one of those know it alls that knows more and has better stuff than anyone else (So he thinks.) I'm always excited to help someone with their shooting in anyway I can.
If you see him again, tell him about my former, "illegal" Mini 14.

It was a '90 series, and the scratched sticker, most of which was on the stock said "State of Kentucky". It had iron sights, but must have been a "sniper rifle", carried by prison guards.
It also had an original Ruger factory 20-rd. magazine.

The rifle was sold in '08 by what was a very nice rifle shop in Brighton TN, now a bit 'transformed' and much smaller.
Tell him that's too bad they gave him old mags made before 2004 (and after 1994) with his new gun. Because only mags made during the assault weapons ban had those markings (unless sig is still marking mags that way)
Those magazines should have been destroyed, because everybody knows that they had weaker springs, so the LEO's had an easier time loading their mags, but since they didn't fire their gun, sometimes for decades, the springs would fail to feed, therefore the Government had to discontinue them, and recalled the existing mags marked "LEO ONLY". He is in mortal danger, not only from the Government, but from F to F malfunctions. Just to show that my heart is in the right place, he can send those mags to me and I'll properly dispose of them. Send them in a plain brown box with no return address, and include $10.00 each to pay for the furnace and natural gas. Just trying to help.
So other than the marking on them what exactly did he think was illegal or special about those mags??
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Your buddy could also just not know any better....remember when talking to people that there are new people joining the sport every day....they just might not know.

Be an ambassador to our sport.
Your buddy could also just not know any better....remember when talking to people that there are new people joining the sport every day....they just might not know.

Be an ambassador to our sport.

See post #9. There are some people who won't be helped.
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