Lets see your blackpowder pistols

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A pair of 1860's I got from a gun show about a year ago along with the crusty but serviceable rig that came with them. One is a .36 and the other a .44. The .46 along with a brass frame .36 I've also got are sold and I've settled on .44's.


And my consecutive serial Uberti New Army set in .44 of course. Sitting between them is "Jr", an NAA "The Earl". From the family resemblance you can easily see why I HAD to get the NAA. Oddly enough this particular one with its 4.2 inch barrel made just for Canada shoots well and it's a total giggle to use it for 5'ish inch groups at 25 yards or plink at closer in stuff.

Well, I figured I'd post my latest build here. My granddaddy passed away a few years back, and I inherited some of his hand tools. Among those were some files, drill bits and a few other tools that I used to create this pistol.

The gun is a .22 caliber single shot muzzle loader. I made everything but the mainspring, barrel, escutcheons, and nipple. This took a lot of hours and work, but it was worth it and is priceless.

My granddaddy was a United States Marine, and gunny. I'll be going into the Marines pretty soon here, part of the reason is to honor him.

That little gun has some surprising punch to it. I'm shooting 7 grains of Pyrodex over a North American Arms 30 grain lead bullet.
These are my "every day" BP guns, matched 1860 fluted cylinder and my Remmy, all are Ubertis from the late '60s. Some day I will get pictures of my single shot pistols and rifles.
Your craftmanship is truly amazing! On some of the barrels they appear to be flame blued...is that correct?
By the way...you remind me of the chuck wagon cook, "Wishbone" from the TV show Rawhide!
"Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'...tho the streams are swollen...keep those doggies rollin"...
Does anyone have detailed information on the original, FIRST GENERATION. colt 1861 navy.

I have one that just gives one the feeling that it is not as represented. I have compared this one to several other 1861's but this one is an early 7xx serial number. I also have compared it using a comparative microscope with several second and third generation units and all are quite different. Dispelling the myth that parts were interchangable

I wish I could give you some detailed information about your 1861 Navy. Your best bet would be to contact the Colt Collectors Association and ask there. I concentrate on 2nd Gens, and there is no comparable information.
To my knowledge, there is no book geared towards the 1861 Navy like there is for the 1851 Navy or other Colt's revolvers. Unfortunately, because of low production numbers & the period they were made, the 1861 Navy has been relegated to a footnote in Colt's manufacturing history. I wish there was more information available. The 1861 is one of my favorite revolvers.
You guys like things paired up?


  • Custom .50 Pedersoli Silver Star Kentucky I.JPG
    Custom .50 Pedersoli Silver Star Kentucky I.JPG
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  • Custom TVA Early Virginia .50.JPG
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A couple of mine:





Remington-Beals .36
Colt Signature Series 1861 .36
Spiller & Burr Repro .36
Original Whitney .36
Bacon .31
Pietta 1860 .44
Savage North .36
original Remington New Model .44
Allen & Wheelock .32
Warner .28
Colt 1851 .36 (made in 1862)
H.Aston .54
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