Marlin XT-22

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Sep 10, 2007
What a fun .22 rifle!!:)

I bought one of these (wood stock version) and took my new gun to the range today to get the scope zeroed in. I was shooting from the bench but up on my elbows, so still a bit unsteady, and with CCI ammo I could make one ragged quarter sized hole with 7 shots at 30 yards. Super fun.:D

I did try some cheap bulk ammo in it (win 333) and the group opened up dramatically. Some were about 3 inches!:eek: Kinda crazy how much difference good .22lr ammo makes. I'm interested in getting some of the top shelf ammo now and see what that does at 100 yards.

If anyone is looking for a accurate .22 for not too much $$, check out the XT-22. Its sweet!
Thanks for posting about this Diggers. I wont be buying for a while but earlier today I was looking around to see what kind of starter rifle was available. The XT-22YR looked really interesting. I know it is somewhat different from yours but it seemed to have the options I would want to start my kids shooting. I was wondering if anyone had experience with this rifle yet and then I saw your thread.
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