"Mind the recoil"... or "Adventures in eye-relief"

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Feb 8, 2003
Brought a relatively anti friend to the range today.

My usual shooting buddy and I had been itching to get out and shoot for a while... almost 5 months. :barf:

A friend of mine, not a shooter and kinda fearful of the whole gun thing actually wanted to come. Always eager to have another friend come shooting, he tagged along.

Gave him the 4 rules speech at the gate, then we carried all the toys out to the largebore range.

Not having any of my bigger stuff sighted in, I put him on my little .22 to start, while I got busy dialing in scopes and red dots and what have you.

After playing with the .22 for a while, he graduated to the .357 levergun, my newest fun shooter. It was about that time I broke out the Beast (nothing special, just a .30-06 I love to feed HV ammo to :evil: ) to sight in her new scope. I come back from the 25 yard targets, put it in the X at 100, and think. "hm... Dave might like to try this."

Sat him down behind the rifle, and walked him through the loading procedure, told him where the safety is and gave him my usual warning that I give everyone with that gun: "I got to messing with the trigger on this rifle. It is light enough now so that all you have to do is look at it funny, and BAM!"

Not exactly true, as it breaks at somewhere around a pound, but good to warn someone who has been using 5-6 pound triggers all morning.

He sets up on the bench cannon and I move down a spot to take out the SL8. I'm about to fire it after the thunderclap from the aught-six when I hear...

"Uh, Phil? you didn't warn me about recoil." I look over at him and the first thing i notice is this little red crack in his forehead... it was a little harry-potter-esque lightning bolt shaped cut. :what: Cleared my rifle (in a damned hurry, mind you), and took a good look at it. Just about then, the blood starts to flow down his face. :uhoh:

The RO was an old army medic, Dave and I are both EMT's so we had a band-aid on his head in no time. :D

After 10 minutes (of me totally LMAO and picking bits of skin off of my nice scope), he was shooting again (leaving the 06 alone, of course) and we moved to smallbore and burned up even more money.

All in all, today was a successful day, at least for 2 of the 3 of us. ;)

How many member of this most illustrious group do we have here?
... and does anyone sell engraved plaques?:neener:


Will try to follow with pics :p
Not a member myself, but had an Uncle who seemed to renew his membership at least once a year. You'd think the idjut would eventually figure it out... 'Course, he also seemed to think that you needed a 7mag for 150 yard shots...

(trust me - you don't want to see the pics)
Im the 'usual shooting buddy' and I just want to add as an aside (although it may be the most important part).

The newbie left happy. The fun he had at the small-bore range shooting at 50 yards more than made up for being whacked in the forehead with a scope shooting at something he cant see with his naked eye. I lost track of how many magazines he went through with my 22. Hitting the steel plates and making them move gave him some positive reinforcement and that cant be a bad thing.

I think the trick with newbies is to start small with 22s and pistol calibers. Reactive targets are definitely a plus if they're around. Let them work their way up in the recoil department. And for gods sakes, keep feeding them more ammo!

PS: It was a real gusher! :evil:
yup - 12 guage slug gun with a short eye relief rifle scope. My buddy wanted it sighted in and I just kept screwing myself down into that stock till I had a really good sight picture. I've had three eyebrows ever since.
my bro did that with a 7mm bolt action...the scope left a nice half moon bleeder on his forehead.
Shooting a 30-06 remington 7400 as a first scoped rifle I did that. Hey in all the movies they put their eyes right on the scope so that must be how it is done right? WRONG. I escaped with just a bruise inside my eyebrow and learned a lesson I still havent forgotten..
First time shooting an '06 when I was about 12. I think it was around the sixth shot that I had the scope hit me.
Not me but a myopic know-it-all guy at the range wanted to shoot my rifle. He took off his glasses and snuggled up to the scope. I mentioned that he was too close to the scope and he told me to shut up ,he knew what he was doing. Only took seven stiches, glad it was only a .222

My dad got whacked in the eye with a rifle scope on his 12 guage deer gun year after year. The last time he detached or almost detached his retina (I can't remember which). He was told by the doctor to rest (no sudden movements) and wear an eye patch for nearly a month until it healed. After that I put a looong eye relief scope and a thick rubber recoil reducer on his shotgun. He still sometimes flinches when he fires that gun.
[schumer]see? these evil scopes of death have no purpose but to injure, maim, and kill. We need to get them off the streets, for the children[/schumer]

And, another useless post by James!:cool:

Guilty, I have a crescent moon scar from a scope mounted that was mounted on a .460 Weatherby Magnum.
No need for the reminder; I get that every time I look in the mirror.

Nope, not me. I'm too fast. As soon as I pull the trigger my head is already flinching away from the gun.:p j/k Actually, I've been fortunate enough to have never been whacked, [knocking on wood] even when shooting my .50. But I'm still somewhat young, so.....
Um, with an SKS?

Yeah, I managed to do it with an SKS once. I was about 15 I guess, and decided to use the iron sights. Completely forgot about that scope an inch from my forehead, but it reminded me that it was there!
Ow... my first experience with this was with a M1a with HV ammo.... the first question from my uncle (it was his rifle):

"The scope is okay, right? That's a Shepard you know!"


"Yeah, I'M FINE!" :D
I took one on my Lone Eagle (.308 handgun) -- caught the scope just above the eye brow, I had it out at arms length, one-handed, just happened to be tired enough by then that it didn't matter. Only a small scratch and good sized bruise, though.
Ya been there

The first round I shot out of my new NEF .270 win. Light rifle, Big recoil. Scope only kissed me. Lesson learned thou.
Ha Ha...
Just an update, Dave got 11 stitches.
The cut was about 4mm deep.

11 stitches from a .30-06 scope? He musta got hit pretty good.

Is he still happy?
A friend named Joe and I went to a gun show looking for 375 H&H's. We met at the car and he was carrying a Ruger 458. He looked over my 458 Remington Safari grade, while I did his.

He scoped his, but also installed a canjar trigger I happened to have. Of course he let a friend try a few shots, after first warning him about a hair trigger. Friend brushed the trigger as he was bringing it up to the shoulder. Fortunately Joe was able to grab the rifle before the wounded friend dropped it.

Sound effects:
( friend ) bleeding profusely " My eyeeee! "
( Joe ) " My scope! "
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