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Added the Minx to the small collection today. Never seen a magazine with an intrgral feed ramp before.


I started with the CZ45 in 25acp about 30 years ago.
I upgraded to the NAA Guardian in 32 acp when it first came out.
When the LCP came out I finally found a gun that would not only fit in my pocket but also wasn't continually pulling my pants down.
The DB9 is my usual daily carry. It is as small and light as I have found in a 9mm.
The P32 came in there somewhere. When I worked in the office and printing or flashing wasn't an option I carried it every day.
Thanks for the info on the Bauer. I figured someone would jump in. I'll fiddle with it eventually, after I get some house projects done.

This is my most useless mouse gun. It's well-made and functions correctly, but my hands are so large that I can't handle it properly at all or have any kind of accuracy. It's still cool, though. :)

Only mouse gun in the house is a NAA 22mag. And it won't be for much longer. In that caliber and platform I might buy a Sidewinder down the road as a replacement but a lot is up in the air at this point. Right now I don't see the point of a mouse gun when my PPS is in 9mm and not that much bigger. 6+1 of 9mm is going to beat 5 of 22mag in my mind any day of the week. Just my current "thin the herd" mentality I am in right now.
I'm a card carrying member of the Ruger LCP club. I carry with a Remora holster.
Great little piece, easy to carry, conceal and just a reliable shooter.
Zastava M70 in .32 Auto… though I have to find a better carry method… AIWB is killing me.

Though it’s not technically a mouse gun… it will fit in a pocket… sometimes.


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