Need help w/gun prices - seem high?

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Apr 4, 2005
Hi all. Been quite some time since I've been on this site. I'm getting back
into the shooting sports and replenishing my gun inventory. A few years ago I sold off quite a few guns due to some medical bills I had to pay. I wanted to replace at least (3) of the guns I had before:

Ruger P95 w/ss slide
Beretta 92FS - used to have a ss model
S&W 686 - 4".

I was at a couple of shops this week and was surprised at some of the costs.

I live in Illinois and here are some of the costs:

Ruger P95 - $395.00 plus tax
Beretta 92FS - black - $600 + tax SS - $795.00 plus tax
S&W 686 - $800.00 plus tax.

I'm like wow! Have prices really gone up that much. I haven't bought a new gun in quite some time, but it just seemed high to me.

I'd also like a .45acp 1911, but will probably pass out once I see the prices.
I know if you want to play you got to play. I just want a fiar deal.

Advise and thanks.

Those are about average where I am at too. You of course can find them in either direction of that average, and online seems to have some good deals now and again.

Arkansas Paul makes a good point with buying used.
That price for the used 92FS seems a bit too high to me, by about $100-$150 or so. The P95 though seems like a pretty good deal if that is new.

Prices do vary a tremendous amount though, depending on where in the country you are. What's outrageous somewhere is often the norm somewhere else.

I'd also agree that private used deals can save you a ton of money and often you'll get a great gun out of it. You need to be very careful to fully inspect the item offered (I've never bought a used gun sight-unseen - I want to hold it in my hands before a deal is reached). Some of my nicest guns have come from private sales or trades (S&W 65-3 and 3" Ruger Service Six in mint condition, for example).

Does anyone know of an Illinois trader site for the OP (like here in the commonwealth)?
the 92fs is a little high, the 686 is about right but there is better pricing out there but the Ruger p95 is way too high.

The ruger p95 new is a $325-350 gun. They can often be had for sale in CA and TX in the 250-299 price range.

Supply and demand, coupled with some folks' paranoia, have dictated prices. Are those unreasonable? Not really from what I see around here in FL
+1 on looking for quality used firearms. You'll often find some quality deals among the chaff if you are patient and know what to look for. In many cases, they were merely broken in by good folks so that you could better enjoy them. :)
How are folks saying $800 is "about right" for a 686 when Buds sells them for $650 shipped?

All those prices are high in Cincinnati.
I don't know about the first two, but you should be able to find a decent used 686 for ~$450.
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