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OH: Help With Ban on me keeping loaded mags in a car for firearm also in said car

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by ZombiesAhead, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. ZombiesAhead

    ZombiesAhead Member

    May 10, 2007
    So I really wanted to keep my Kel-Tec Sub2000 locked up (folded, using integral lock) in a locked backpack in my station wagon trunk. I carry a G19/G17 so this would _sometimes not be an issue_ but sometimes I just want to leave a gun in the car and forget about it and not wear my (compatible mag) pistol on my hip and deal with every cop who pulls me over.

    I was planning to keep a few loaded magazines for the S2K in a locked box I have secured to the driver's side seat rail. I would not be able to deploy/load the gun without unlocking three devices (backpack for carbine; carbine itself; and magazine lock-box) as well as exiting the vehicle.

    Now, reading OH codes, I'm getting to think ANY gun in a car CANNOT have a loaded magazine for that gun in the same car, anywhere (unless for your carry gun, and we can only carry pistols, and on our immediate person)

    Is this seriously true? I'm on a real budget and the Kel-Tec would fit great in my backpack (plus if I was rarely carrying my G19, no problems with spare mags). However, if I'm not carrying I seem to be on the verge of big trouble since I now have a "loaded" long gun (since the mags are loaded despite their inaccessibility).

    If this OH law is really true and I can't just somehow make the carbine and mags really hard to deploy to circumvent this (although 3 locks/exiting the vehicle is pretty obvious I'm getting something) then I simply can't carry any magazine-fed long-gun (non CCH) in my car.

    If it comes to this, I'd like to grab something with a fixed magazine - I would lock the rifle/carbine in the trunk and keep shells/cartridges up front for quick-deployment.

    I'd like to work with something in the ammo that I stock plentiful supples of: 9mm; 7.62x39; .38sp; 5.56 (.223); 7.62x51 (.308); 12ga shells of all types; .22lr (yeah, right)

    Anything CHEAP (mil-surplus preferably) that fits in small duffel/backpack when folded in one of these calibers and that comes with a fixed mag is under consideration.
    -SKS would be great, for instance, but it doesn't fold and thus could not be hidden well in my trunk
    -Pump-action 12ga, 18.5" barrel is under consideration although that is getting kind of big for my trunk, much less a backpack (and I hate pistol grips). Maybe a folding stock if there is a decent one.

    I keep coming back to MY folding Kel-Tec Sub2k (magazine fed) and MY folding AK WASR (also magazine fed) - these would be perfect except for the "loaded-mag" "supposed" prohibition. Is there no way around this if the gun and mag are in the same vehicle?

    Anything that can be quickly deployed/loaded out of a backpack and shoots one of my calibers (or even something else cheap) out of a fixed magazine? I'm open to any suggestions as long as:
    1. They fit in a backpack or collapse to a small size that can go unnoticed in a very small gym bag or better yet a day back
    2. They _don't_ use ONLY detachable magazines, or someone can prove me wrong about this silly Ohio law
    3. They are not crazy-expensve (on a serious budget, but I always have money for a good deal on a rifle/shotgun/carbine)
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