Our favorite DEA agent to be on NBC

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i was at a class at Blackwater USA and two DEA guys who are on their Director's protection detail were in the class with me. i asked if that video was real and they just looked down and shook their heads. evidently that guy has put the DEA to shame!

i still can't believe he asked for the rifle after he shot himself with the pistol....... :what:
The kids were smart, yelling at him to stop! He's suing, supposedly because he's now the laughing stock of the internet. I'm not sure why that's the government's fault. You can't get damages from someone for making a public video in a public school classroom public.
CNN news (not much of a selection here at work) just stated that he is suing over release of the video because it has made him "a joke of the internet".
His claim...

and the action for which he believes he should be compensated, is that the makers of the video immediately turned the tape over to the DEA. The DEA supposedly took out all the video and audio of that portion and became the sole possessors of the information and then the DEA leaked that information out.

He claims it was "sensitive" information in a "sensitive" investigation and that it should never have been leaked.

In his stating that it appeared to me that this could be translated to: "I screwed up big time and the leak of the tape has denied me the ability to cover it up."

I have a hard time seeing him being able to sit a sympathetic jury. As soon as the jurors see the tape, hear his arrogance, and have it pointed out for them the danger ever person in the room was in, I'm thinking they will determine the world is better off with Mr. "Best DEA Agent Ever" is better off serving his time before retirement piloting a desk.

Had he kept his mouth shut and gotten a different haircut, hardly anyone would have recognized him from the poor quality video on the web.

Now everybody knows his name and realizes that besides having an unfortunate accident, he's a whiner too.
Now everybody knows his name and realizes that besides having an unfortunate accident, he's a whiner too.

That's his take on it, actually.
Most everybody else sees it as a "negligent incident".

As for the t-shirt, how about a nice quote on the front from an anti-gun-nut about how only the government enforcers should be allowed to carry firearms.
On the back, a cartoonized image of Rasta blowing a bloody divot out of his leg.
Of course, his DEA t-shirt should be quite prominent.
Both quote and image could be on back... with a subtle THR logo on a breast pocket...?
What's he complaining about, he should be down on his hands and knees praising his agency for not firing his incompetent ass.
It bothers me that the DEA edited this privately owned videotape, the only excuse for which is obviously to cover the incident up.

Whoever leaked the tape did a public service by sending the message to govt. agents that if you screw up because of negligence we will not cover for you.

Also it points out the foolishness in the idea that only LEO's are "professional" enough to handle firearms.

So a big thanks to whoever released it.

Just another issue, if you are an undercover DEA agent why would you make these type of appearances and allow people to videotape (didn't he give up his right to anonymity when he allowed a private citizen to videotape the class)?
I recently had the pleasure of being in a training environment with some former co-workers of that agent....

None of them had particularly good things to say about it, and to state the obvious - he broke several policies and procedures during that incident.

I have it on good authority that he was far removed from official capacity while in front of that class.
No silly, if he were ATF he would have shot a kid, not himself.

No, no, no! If he was ATF he would have surrounded the classroom with tanks, filled it with tear gas, then set it on fire.

Luckily he was just DEA and, silly him, shot himself in an appendage. If there is any hope for our justice system at all, admist the constant snickering as he pleads his case it will quickly be decided that he should go home and hide. Better luck next time bud--stupidity is painful. Next time, professionally drop the mag before you professionally rack the slide and professionally visually inspect the chamber before pulling the trigger, preferrebly without pointing the muzzle at your professional self...
From the lawsuit (Miogi noticed it) -

"For example, Mr Paige, spent a substantial portion of his career at the DEA working in an undercover capacity and was once regarded as one of the best undercover agents, if not the best, in the DEA,"
If he was their best, this might explain the great success we've seen in the WOD.

Well, I just watched it on the Today Show web site. I don't like ad hominem attacks, but what else can be said. His actions in that classrom were moronic. And, what he said in that classroom was moronic. What he then said on the Today Show was moronic. And, finally, his lawsuit seems, well, moronic. I guess what I'm trying to avoid saying but I just can't is...

He's a moron. :evil:
You HAVE to see the Video on "TheSmokingGun"

I started to read the DEA agent's lawsuit complaint on TheSmokingGun website but I was too busy laughing and laughing and laughing @ the video that was playing while I was trying to read. Unlike some shorter "clips" this one showed the whole incident, and I thank whichever of the students did that. Asbolutely Hilarious!
If he were BATF-NM (can't leave off the Ninja Mask part :evil: ), he'd have been returning fire, since clearly the other agents would testify that the kids fired first.

Hopefully, this clown will drop this lawsuit and do something to return a bit of honor to the increasingly tarnished rep of fed agents. The days of the G-man are gone. Now, we have clowns who shoot themselves in front of children.
Meh. They made their bed.
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