Pick 3 rifle calibers.

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.22LR, 7.62X39 & 8MM Mauser.

Yes, yes, I know some of you are asking "why 8MM?" Because I have a ton of it and got it when it was cheap; I've got enough for decades. Went a little overboard buying it up when I got my K98k.... Anyway, it's a great round.
One always always always needs a good .22 LR bolt rifle first and foremost.

To cover the full spectrum in centerfire:


But one good .30-06 would really take care of everything now, wouldn't it?

.223, .22 BR, .22-250, or 6mm BR Norma Accuracy would be key here, and all listed would be good, but 6mm BR has impressed the hell out of me. .22 PPC or 6mm PPC would be contenders if they weren't such a PITA to reload.


.308 Win or .270 Win .308 is a fantastic cartridge, but Jack O'Connor knew a good thing when he saw it.


.375 H&H or .45-70 Two classics, both winners.
I wouldn't use your definition of middle and large calibers, so mine would be a little different. I also assume you're not including rimfire in this. A good .22LR is essential.

Small caliber: .223/5.56, AR-15

Medium caliber: .30-06, useful for anything.

Large caliber: .45-70 because I loved my Guide Gun and I want another one in stainless.
I am assuming you are asking for centerfire only. If not, then I would have to slip in a good .22LR somewhere.

.223/5.56 for the domestic issues

.243 for up to and including deer

.308/30-06 for all other shooting and hunting in my area of the world.
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