Retired Cop Charged With Illegal Possession of a Handgun After Killing Carjacker !!!

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Dec 25, 2002
Amazing story:,0,7288561.story?coll=ny-nynews-headlines

Retired NYPD officer kills carjacker

By The Associated Press

July 19, 2004, 7:53 AM EDT

A retired New York police officer shot and killed one of five assailants who forced his Cadillac to a halt during a carjacking attempt Sunday.

The retired officer was charged with illegal possession of a handgun after shooting the assailant with a .40-caliber pistol he drew from a holster, city police spokesman Lt. Derek Glenn said.

Police withheld the retired officer's name, citing an ongoing investigation. Glenn said the officer was self-employed as a bodyguard, specializing in protection for company executives, and was licensed to carry a gun in New York but not New Jersey.

The shooting happened on a bridge on Haynes Avenue, a local road that feeds into Routes 1 and 9.

The retired officer was on his way to pick up a client at Newark Liberty International Airport about 12:45 p.m., driving west on the bridge when the assailants, riding in a sport-utility vehicle, cut off his car, Glenn said.

Two gunmen then exited the SUV and ordered the man out of his Cadillac, while a third jumped into the vehicle's driver seat and began to pull away.

The retired officer then drew his gun and fired five times after one of the gunmen took aim at him. The gunman was struck in the chest and later pronounced dead at the scene.

Police were still trying to identify the dead man Sunday night, Glenn said. A small-caliber handgun was recovered at the scene.

The other gunman jumped back into the SUV, and all the suspects fled in that vehicle after abandoning the Cadillac at the end of the bridge.

They remained at large Sunday night and were considered armed and dangerous, authorities said.

Glenn said the officer retired from the New York Police Department in 1982 after 10 years on the force.

Numerous motorists were on the road at the time of the shooting, and investigators urged any witnesses to call city police or the Essex County prosecutor's office.
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Well I was wrong.
When I saw the thread I figured it was the communist state on our western coast.:fire:

And we keep fooling ourselves that there is a 2nd Ammendment.
When I saw the thread I figured it was the communist state on our western coast.

Apology accepted. Have you seen the list of firearms not available to subjects of the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts:

The East Coast is way redder than the West Coast. If I get caught carrying here, and the firearm is registered to me, it's only a misdemeanor.
I guess when he retired, he was reduced to commoner status like the rest of us. Anyway, glad the guy's ok. At least he's alive to pay his legal bills.
I'd like to see a defense based on Article IV of the Constitution. And he shouldn't have gotten out of the car. If he'd run the gunmen down, he might still be free.
Screw NJ. I lived there for awhile in the late 60's. It was a hellhole even then.
I presume the carjackers were freed and congratulated after paying $10,000 each to the Governor, who is not corrupt, he says.

I live in NJ. Soon to live in FL. I used to pass that intersection everyday on the way home from work.

You have to understand that NJ can never allow anyone to defend themselves with a gun and not be charged. If they did that then their whole gun control/registration/NO CCW thing would start to fall apart. If you defend your life with a gun YOU WILL BE CHARGED in PRNJ.

And that plus the unbelievable high property taxes in this state is the reason I am escaping to the free state of Florida.

My friend from the military grew up in jersey... I'd always dog him that every man should know how and prefer a stick shift to an automatic transmission in thier cars... (he doesn't know how to drive a stick)

He says he never learned how because its illegal in Jersey to own/drive a car w/ a stick shift because its regulated by law that you have one hand on the wheel and one hand w/ your gun in it for driveby's and carjackings...


I think that some government officials would rather see a news headline like this:

"... An Unarmed Retired NYPD Officer Murdered By Armed Carjackers -- Film At Eleven ..."

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Just my 2 cents...
I thought they passed the national carry for off duty and retired LEOs this month?
I hitchhiked from Pemberton, New Jersey to South Philadelphia back in 1967 and now realize I was probably safer in one of America's hardest ghettoes than I was in PRNJ.

Brothers, leave!

"An unjust law is no law"--Thomas Aquinas, following Augustine.

We have a big problem with this. Firearms laws per se are "mala prohibita" or "just because". "Mala in se" crimes are things bad in themselves. They are very different things. Just because politicians and demagagogues can't keep them straigh doesn't mean they're the same. They aren't.

I have no problem at all in following the dictates of common sense as regards where, when, and how I carry. Lawfully if possible, but I reserve the right to make up my own mind.

Because I have strong opinions on this and Roe v. Wade, I expect to become an "enemy of the people" somewhere along the line.

So be it.
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On a retired cop's salary, he'll never be able to pay off the judge.

He should stay away from Nappen, who makes a big noise but loses cases. I have a couple of names given to me by retired Port Authority LEOs, but they ain't cheap. ($25K minimum retainer.)

This year, I was looking at my NRA self-defense insurance policy and wondering whether it was worth the $250 annually. Now I know the answer to that one.

- pdmoderator
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