sig 229 or hk usp 40, which is better buy

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Mar 11, 2004
I am selling a glock 23, nothing wrong with it I just like to try different guns can't decide if I want the sig 229 or the hk usp. I have always wanted a sig but recently got hk fever. Not enough in gun funds to have both.
my Hk usp 9mm has about 78,000 rounds or morethrough it now and handles like a champ, nothing wrong with it at all, I came up with that figure after talking to the person in charge of it for the previous 9 years, it was a duty weapon fired 4 days a week 6 months a year for 9 years. I figure at 100 rds a shot(thats what we did) I figure sometimes it might have been 50 rds some more then 100, so I figure 78,000 to be a close number the actual number comes out to be 86,400 if I did 100x4dayx24weeksx9years. and I love it and I will get rid of it when I die, I mean I can't really take it with me can I?
If CDNN has any of those HK police trade-ins left, get one. Mine cost $370 and was in excellent condition.
I have had both. I kept the Sig 229.

Sigs have better triggers, and ergonomics IMHO.

H&K's have better finishes.

As far as price they seem to be about the same.
I vote Sig 229. I know several people who traded in or sold their HK .40's after trying the Sig. May as well save a step.
Had the same choice to make last year.
I have the SIG, and have not regretted it at all.

I'd go with the HK. I have a Sig 226 but never can get used to the decocker and slide release being backwards on Sig. :( (There's a 1911/USP shooter talking!:D )
I have had my P229 for over three years now and I love it... I too have had the HK Bug in the past and some bedrest and range time with the Sig have always gotten me over it... :D

HK's are great guns, and I have drooled over many an HK at the shop in the past. I do not think that you will be disappointed in either pistol, however my .02 is to go with the Sig (but as always personal preference and what feels best to you should be the ultimate guide in your decision).

Good luck...

saxton, I just got rid of my Glock 23 too. I had a tough time deciding between a Sig 226 Stainless, an HK USP, or a Glock 37. I went with the HK because it was the right caliber (.45) in a pistol I was comfortable with. I don't know how this gun will turn out; it should be here Monday. I have extremely high expectations.
advantages to the USP are:

integrated rail mount

polygonal rifling

can be carried cocked and locked

can be changed to DAO, with decocker, without deckocker, C&L only, LEM, spurred hammer, bobbed hammer, etc.

abidextrous mag release

can have ambi safety/decocker

captive recoil spring makes assembly easier

when i was buying an SD gun, it came down to the same two guns. 229 or USP compact. (both .40) i got the USP compact and have no regrets at all. i liked the Sig, and still rent it on occasion to see if i'm still happy with my decision and i haven't waivered a bit. just like the fact that the USP can be changed to suit ones taste and is more ambi friendly. you can't go wrong with either but i'll cast my vote for the USP.

Hey Bobarino, with your compact .40, do you have trouble hitting the magazine release with your strong thumb too or is that just something with thr full size .45 versions? Not that it's a big deal since I just use my trigger finger (it's just as fast if not faster than using my thumb on say my 1911) and it's second nature once you get used to it but I wonder if the smaller frame of the 9/40 size USPs have their mag release buttons work better using the same method?
From a practical standpoint. I'd say I will choose the SIG P229 for concealed carry. HK USP 40 is for open carry - too wide.
They are both capable of one-hole groups at 15 yards though.
P229 has the added advantage of an available factory 357 SIG barrel.
I personally chose the USP 40 because I prefer a German assembled handgun on such high priced guns (bought new).
Owned HK full size .40 and 226 in .40. Loved them both but if I had to do it over again, I'd go with the sig hands down. Way better trigger on it and it has better grip angle. The only reason I sold the 226 was because I stopped liking the .40. If I got another, it would be a 9 with hi-caps.
I'd go for the HK, unless you want a smaller gun. Of course in a smaller gun you should consider the USP Compact and P2000.

A more comparable choice would be USP or 226, in which case I'd certainly take the USP - more reliable in my experience, tougher, but mostly because I prefer condition one carry.

No bad choice here. Go by action type and feel.
Both are good

Of the 2 you mentioned - Sig P229 in .40 and USP (I presume full size) .40, I would go with the Sig. I have a P229 and a USP 45, and the Sig has the better trigger. The Sig is also smaller and easier to conceal, if CCW is your objective. There is nothing wrong with the USP - it is a fine gun - but the P229 is just a classic of its type, with the best ergonomics and smoothest trigger in both DA and SA that I have seen.
I've owned and extensively shot both, and I prefer the 229 for accuracy, although the HK is a slightly more concealable gun. They were both 100% reliable.
Frohicky said it all...

Where do you think I got my name......?....... ;)
P-229 (.40S&W).......
(No polymer in MY gun safe!!)
Of course if you love Sig and love could get almost 2 Sig Pro 2340's for the cost of a 229 or HK. I own 2 229s and 2 2340s. Believe it or not, I carry the 2340 in plain clothes a lot more often. Why?

1.) the hammer is slightly recessed so it doensn't dig into your side when you sit down. The 229 is not BAD...but sometimes can get uncomfortable in a convertable holster.

2.) The 2340 is lighter.

Advantages of the Pro is the grip is scaleable. Don't like the big grip, pop the small ones on. That simple. Don't like the .40 anymore? Drop a 357 Sig barrel in OR turn it into a high cap 9mm with a Fire Dragon barrel. Use the same mags slide everything.:D

Just thought maybe you would like to consider a compromise.:D
(No polymer in MY gun safe!!)

I prefer polymer because of the care needed, which is none, but I do prefer the Sig. If Sig made a polymer piece I'd be on it like white on rice on a paper plate in a snow storm.;)
I prefer polymer because of the care needed, which is none, but I do prefer the Sig. If Sig made a polymer piece I'd be on it like white on rice on a paper plate in a snow storm.

Well, wait no more! Sig pro has been out for years now! :)

I vote for the Sig too, due mainly to its DA trigger pull. It's just much nicer than the HK's, though the HK I think, would be more resistant to wear because of its finish. Good luck!
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