sig 229 or hk usp 40, which is better buy

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I can't speak for the HK camp but have been a HAPPY Sig P229 owner since they were very first made available. I've had mine for about 10 years now I'd guess, and have MANY thousands of rounds through mine, and a friends identical pistol. Both have gone BANG each and every time without a single malfunction. To this day I am still much more accurate repeatedly with the Sig than my new shiny Wilson Combat.
So sez Gun Tests...

Gun Tests magazine sez they tested the P-229 and the H&K and the Sig failed to lock slide the the rear after last round "...about 50% of the time". Mine has been just FINE, and it sounds like all yours were too. 'Could be Gun Tests received a 'defective' or were looking for trouble. I dunno. I'd never heard of this type of problem from anyone concerning the Sig. What WERE they putting THRU it I wonder...??
'Could be Gun Tests received a 'defective' or were looking for trouble. I dunno.

Yep, I believe so. I own both. Both have been flawless. I mean perfect in every way. Never a problem. Never.
As for which one I like best, I'd go with the H&K. Built like a brick out house. Feels better in my hand than the Sig. Just a preference though.
I love 1911 but I'm over that stage. I'm tired of fooling around with them, just to get them to fire at the range sometimes. I never had a 1911 that wasn't a problem. There is NO reason in this day and age a semi auto can't go bang everytime the trigger is pulled. Sig and H&K will do that.
Limp wristing a H&K has no effect on it. Still goes bang.:D
I meant other than the sig pro. I don't like that line.

No reason not to. The SIG Pro is a great gun, perhaps the most gun for the money out there.

They're just ugly. What I would want is a 226 with a polymer frame as long as the fit and quality were maintaned. Just picky I guess.:D
If the HK's had a better trigger, I would have bought one. If the Sigs were not so top heavy, I would have bought one of them too! Instead, I ended up buying a 4" Springfield XD. Not that it's a better gun, it just fits me like a glove, breaks down into 4 pieces in 20 seconds, conceal easily and came with Trijicon Night sights from the factory. Oh yea, it turns out to be an accurate thing too.

Between the two, I personally would go for the HK and try to do something with that trigger.
Several have commented on the relative sizes of the H&K vs. the SIG. The general perception out there is that the H&K is larger and therefore harder to carry concealed. . .

Caliber/Capacity/Length/Width/Height/Sight Radius/Barrel Length
H&K USP .40/.40 S&W/10/7.64/1.33/5.35/6.22/4.25
SIG 229 .40 S&W/10/7.1/1.5/5.4/5.7/3.9

To sum it up, the H&K is 0.53 inches longer, 0.17 inches narrower (which is interesting since most complain about it being fat), 0.05 inches shorter (height), and has a longer barrel and sight radius.


I think the Pro looks awsome. I've wanted one since seeing it in the Bourne Identity. Very cool gun.
Hey some think the 226 is ugly. What do people say when describing another brand that looks like a Sig..."It's Sig ugly"...or something like that. Sig pro is just uglier.:neener:
I like the HK. Cocked n locked, decocked, decocked n locked. Your choice.

I like Sigs also though. They just seem to ride a little high in my hand.
I place they the H&K USP C 40 right on top of my Sig 239. Guess what?
Almost exactly the same size. The H&Kc seems larger but is not.
The H&K USPc holds 13, 40cal also. The Sig holds about 7 or so. Just FYI.
The French bought 200,000 sig pro pistols for the Gendarmerie.

If you like the sig pro, wait a bit. Newer, improved, upgraded models, whatever ya wanna call 'em, will be out later this year. ;)

The TSA contracted for USP compacts for the armed pilots program.

The old INS/BP had the P229 as an approved optional choice for years, but contracted for USP compacts when they bought compacts for issue to plainclothes agents.

Might mean sumthin', might mean nuthin'... ;)
After buying a USPc the only thing I am not happy with is that I can't break it down like a glock/1911, I don't know about a Sig.

I'm actually thinking of trading my USP for some species of 1911.
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