Sig P250 - what do you think of them ??

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I'd like one, a sub-compact .45

I used to own a compact 9mm. It shot well, but I didn't really care for a DAO trigger on a double stack 9mm. It also would not lock the slide back, using 3 different magazines
I can only attest to the reliability and manufacturing workmanship of the P220. It is the best semi-auto pistol I have ever owned, bar none.
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I've owned a P250 compact 9mm for a year now. It seems at last SIG has begun to fix some of the problems its had. I almost sold mine last week, but they finally released the caliber x-change kits, so I have a 357 sig kit on the way.

The first version magazines and grip frame were problematic, and the magazines would often fail to keep the slide locked back when empty. I have hopes for the new mags and grip frame, so I'll post once I've run it through its paces.

It's a good carry gun. Perfect mix of weight and grip. The trigger is DAO with long reset, most people either love it or hate it. It's a lot more pull to fire than a Glock so some feel safer with it.
The reset on it is too long and there's been some reports of light hammer strikes.

Great idea though.
oddly enough, i have almost exactly what you said that you want--it's 40 sw--, and i'd like to sell it. not because of any problems with it, but the missus wants a new pistol for ccw and i'm happy with the taurus i've got. the p250 feels really good in the hand, balances nicely, and i love the night sights. the trigger pull is best described as a really nice da revolver. light, smooth, and long. my only real problem with it is that i like thumb safeties, and sig doesn't.
Nice Pistol!

Hey there Kymasabe!

I actually own a Sig P250 Compact .45ACP and I have to say that I don't have any complaints about. It's a nice light gun compared to my full size Kimber 1911 ... don't get me wrong I LOVE MY KIMBER ... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ... I'm just making a comparison. Simple to take down and easy to clean.

The only thing that really threw me off was how much longer the pull on the DOA Sig was compared to my SA 19111. I'm not sure what info you're looking for on the P250 but I am here if you need anything answered!

Take Care & Be Safe!

I have shot my best friends a lot and, to me, it feels a lot like a high-capacity, well tuned, DAO K-frame shooting .38 Specials. Recoil, with the 9mm at least, is minimal and the trigger is very smooth albeit long and more revolver-like than semi-auto like. Another positive is like all Sigs I have ever shot, we have never experienced a malfunction of any kind with his. This was even after an extended day at the range in which that little gun shot more than 1K down the barrel, no cleaning, no lubing.

As far as cleaning goes, it has to be the simplest polymer gun to break down into a detail strip. Yes, even compared to Glocks, M&P's, etc. The modularity lends itself to simple structure so it makes for a very simple gun to maintain. But keep in mind that the sights are somewhat properitary, which can be a PITA to some.

Good gun and I would recommend it as a first gun to anyone, especially now that the prices finally came down on them. For experienced shooters, though, not so much because it does not really offer anything that can't be found in other platforms - which will feel/perform even better. As mentioned, it will never have the trigger of a SAO 1911. Then again, its a different ignition system.

I carry my P250 daily. I REALLY like it.

Trigger is smooth, night sights are great, gun is accurate and its easy to break down and clean.

I have been very happy.
I owned that pistol in .45ACP. I sold it off, that trigger is heinously long! Combine that with the little extra oomph you get from a .45 and I wasn't shooting straight at all.

I swapped it for an FNP-45 and now I shoot like Doc Holliday.... with a polymer gun... or something.

So in short, I don't recommend it. For $100-200 less you can buy a sweet FN, Glock, or Sig.
I bought a full size 9mm with stainless slide and night sights a couple days ago for $450.

If you buy one, shop around. The prices have come way down. I also bought a new Fobus Roto Paddle holster last night (for casual range use) on EBAY for $9.99, shipping included! I gues the guy has quite a few and is blowing them out.

I put about 300 rounds through the P250 so far. A box of Blazer aluminum, Blazer brass, S&B 115, S&B 124, Independence 115, and Magtech 115. There was one malf at about round number 280 with S&B - not sure if it was 115 or 124 grain. Failed to go completely into battery. Appeared the rim of the cartridge got bound on the extractor before it slid completely up and under, into place. At the time I was hold the gun close to my chest with my elbows very bent and a soft grip on the gun.

Other than that no problems. I was loading the mag to full capacity and it held 16 rounds.

Oh, also the gun was shooting about 1" to the right at 7 yards. So I will need to drift the front sight about .020". I tried at the range but all I suceded in doing was deforming the end of my brass punch.

I orderd a couple spare mags last night from Top Gun for $32 each. The gun only comes with 1 mag.

I used to do a lot of revolver shooting in club speed events and I like the trigger. It is very smooth and reasonably light. I did a lot of research before buying and there are many comments about the long reset.... which I don't really understand. It is a double action only and like a revolver, yes you must let the trigger go fully forward to shoot again. I don't know why anything else would be expected from this type of trigger system (?).

I consider myself a fairly experienced handgun shooter and I have probably owned 40 or 50 handguns over the years. I like the P250. It is not my favorite but I like it a lot. The efficiency of design is striking. The ergonomics are good. The manual of arms is simple as it could likely be.

I think the P250, by nature of its simplicity combined with its long deliberate trigger pull would probably be an excellent choice for someone who isn't a shooting enthusiast or a professional gun slinger for the same reasons that a double action revolver is an excellent choice for this group. I think the generally lighter trigger pull on the Sig could be a real benefit for the elderly or females.

Personally I don't buy into the modular idea... I could care less about that. If I wanted a different variant, I would trade for or buy a different variant. But a by-product of the modularity is the guts of the frame come right out as a unit making thorough cleaning easy.

Anyhow I plan to keep mine, at least for a while. I think it would make a great "truck gun". Next time I take the wife shooting this is likely the gun I will have her try.
I looked into these for a while but decided that the add ons were too expensive to make the whole modularity thing attractive to me. I'd rather spend a little more and have two (or more) guns instead of one gun that can "morph" into two or more guns.

I ran my own cost/benefit analysis. I'd rather get two M&Ps during one of Smith and Wesson's magazine promotions. For about the same price of Sig's 2SUM, I'd get two M&Ps and a total of 8 magazines (four for free). With the 2SUM, I'd get one full-sized gun with a full-sized magazine and the parts necessary to convert the gun into a subcompact with only one subcompact magazine. Sorry Sig. No deal. I don't think that the P250 can hold a candle to the M&P, the XD, or the Glock. I was really interested in the P250 when it came out. Not interested at all now.

The value of the P250, to me, would be that I could easily replace the slide or frame without having to send the gun in for repairs. That to me is the real value of modularity, in my book.
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