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Lets add some plastic to the thread, shall we? :eek: :)

I got a new 220ST with external extractor. You can read my post here where I was incredibly stupid and accidentally shot two .40 S&W cartridges in it:

It failed to fire a few times after that cause the blowback and gasses gunked up the firing pin channel. But after a thorough cleaning it seems to be fine. I will put a couple hundred more rounds through her this weekend. No extraction issues or anything though. Here are some pics:


And with my 226ST .40 S&W:

Did I mention the 220ST is the greatest gun ever? I shoot it even better than my 226's! Most accurate gun I've ever fired.
I picked up two .40S&W cases that looked exactly like that at my range a couple of months ago.

I kept them just as a reminder to pay attention to which ammo goes into which magazine when I'm shooting different calibers.

Hopefully your gun is OK.
Here's an update, went to the range again with the 220ST and shot about 170 flawless rounds. Shot my best target ever at 10 yards:


1.5" group, but it was two handed slow fire.
VM2 @ TopGun

Hey Guys,
Just scored a VM2 for my P239 thru Top Gun Supply. They may still have a few left if anyone is looking for one. Seems like they had some for a 220 as well.
Just thought I would send a heads up. 3 days sure beats 6 months:D
220 Compact

I have been looking at the P220 Compact (unfortunately only online) as no shops around here have one. Can anyone who has one of these tell me how they carry. I currently carry a P239 sas IWB and was wondering if there are a lot of differences between the 2. Thanks,
New (to me) P230SL

I got this P230SL from a friend that I've worked with and known for over 20 years. He bought it new in 1993. He shot less than 100 rounds through it. The gun, the box, and all of the papers are in mint condition.






Took me some


To get over it as, how long did it take me to sell my pefect, beautiful, P232 SL..? 3 - 4 months worth of "for sale" until a complete stranger stepped up and bought it, for what I wanted. The shame.. :rolleyes:

And you buy this..? :scrutiny:

Congrats, they really are collectible beauties.. ;)

Could you post some of your Sig P225, or is it P228 pics.. *thinking on getting one.

*Full size grip, single stack, correct?


Ps.. you gonna drop in a lighter main spring..?
I have two Sigs at the moment a 229 in .40 and a 226 Navy in 9mm. Great guns both in fit and finish and they are very accurate out of the box. That 226 is my favorite 9mm and I have owned a few Beretta 92 FS, Glock 17, and H&K USP.
First Sig

Alright so I got my first Sig (P229R .40) two months ago. It even came with a free sig shirt! I have put 130 rounds through it without a problem. Its the first reverse two tone stock one that I have seen. The box shows it being made Dec 2007. I wrote on page 63 about it but now I have pictures of it.



What do you guys think about it? I was thinking it might look good with everything else bead blasted and a new set of grips but I for now it will remain as is.

Also, 1BLINDREF, I really like the look of your P229ST you posted on page 63. Are there any differences between ours besides the finish and the rail? Thanks.
Ref, that 230 is the shiz.
Thanks :)

Your P229 is sweet! I saw them advertised when they came out and was very tempted to get one.
Personally, I like it just the way it is, but its yours so make it they you want it. I love the reverse TT look.
If the frame is steel, its just like my P229ST only yours has a rail and a black slide.
Very nice - good luck with her :)

WOW :what: :what: just WOW
What did Gray guns do to it?
How does it shoot for you?

Welcome - post some pictures - especially of your Navy :)

LS- PM sent ;)
Could you post some of your Sig P225, or is it P228 pics.. *thinking on getting one.

*Full size grip, single stack, correct?

Full size grip, single stack mag = P225



Full size grip, double stack mag = P228



Since I know how much you like your P229s, I'd suggest you check out a P228. The P228s are a thing of beauty. They balance perfectly and are really nice shooters.
Are they Ca. approved???
I am assuming this thread is for all things Sig. I don't wish to hijack a thread. If there is a problem with this post, I'll take it outside of this thread.

I have a question for you Sig folks.
Do any of you seem to have a problem going from DA to SA? Do you have to change your grip?

Why do you think Sig doesn't offer a DA/SA, which can be carried in condition 1?

By the way, this isn't meant as a slight on Sig. I have been thinking about getting a Sig for two years. I just end up getting something else at that buying time.
I have a question for you Sig folks.
1. Do any of you seem to have a problem going from DA to SA? Do you have to change your grip?

2. Why do you think Sig doesn't offer a DA/SA, which can be carried in condition 1?

3. By the way, this isn't meant as a slight on Sig. I have been thinking about getting a Sig for two years. I just end up getting something else at that buying time.

1. None, and no, even when decocking, 2-hand grip remains constant..

Also, if time permits, one can easily thumb-cock the hammer into SA mode while drawing out, and have a solid 2-hand grip by the time you're at the point to aim position (keeping your finger off the trigger) until you're rdy to shoot.. But working on the full DA pull is worth the effort for the first, accurate shot followed by SA shots. It's just a matter of a couple of things.

Breaking in the trigger pull thru round counts, and you can add to this during down time with some snap caps and do some dry-firing which will help both, in breaking in the trigger pull (making it smoother/easier) along with grip and steady pull without jerking the gun down, or to one side or another. OR..

What I have done with several of my guns has been to replace the factory main spring and put in lighter, wolff springs, like on my 229/40, I went from the factory 24lb main spring (hammer pull weight via trigger) to a 17lb main spring. Made a huge difference in pull weight, ease of pull, and made it much smoother, faster, yet safe, with testing of the first 400 rounds, with no light strikes, and with aprox 1400 rounds fired with the lighter main spring without any failures, still, just 100%.. FMJ and JHP ammo. Of that 1400 total fired rounds, a min of at least 140 of the shots are full DA pulls. And, generally, I practice with a full mag of pure DA pulls, decock, DA, decock, DA, till empty, as it really helps both, practicing decocking while maintaining a proper 2-hand grip, along with, the need of being comfy and accurate with full DA pulls IF the need ever arose and that was your only choice, full DA first, followed by how ever many SA to secure the situation.

2. Well, they do offer many of their models in SAO.. cocked and locked, and is a nice feature, IMO.

3. That's ok, as the time will come when you finally do buy a Sig, and that will be a great day for ya.. New or used, ya can't go wrong, as most of the used for sale Sigs have had great care, it just goes with the affection they get from their owners.. My 229 was used when I bought it and it had less than 200 rounds, and the trigger (DA pull) was terrible, very gritty, until I put some rounds and dry-firing (with good cleanings and lubrication) and finally went with the lighter main spring to get her "just right."

Next question. Is there any excessive wear (and I'm assuming there is) with aluminum frames. I know this sounds like a basic question, but the vast majority of my autos are steel framed.

So roughly, how many rounds do you think a 220 or 226 will go with standard ammo without showing excessive frame to slide fit?

In reading some of the Sig post, I have read where there are some police trade-ins. Do you know anything about them, and how much are they?

Thanks again
assuming you change the springs when you're supposed to and keep the rails greased, you shouldn't have any concerns about frame wear until something over 60k rounds
Dobe, I've started to use Slide Glide Lite on my Sig rails in hopes that it will reduce long term wear. I figure it can't hurt and it hasn't effected reliability or anything.
I hear slide glide works great. I was just concerned about an alloy frame and high useage. I tend to shoot gun I like a lot. I'm also trying to decide on a handgun for my BOB.
I've heard of some Sig frames cracking after 20,000-40,000 rounds. I believe Sig will replace it for free. Of course, you don't want it cracking at the worst time so maybe you shouldn't depend on that gun for defense when it gets up there in rounds. My last two Sigs have been ST's so I don't have to worry about this. I think they are a good deal and less than $100 more than an alloy Sig. I still like my 226R, but like my 226ST better cause of the heft, durability and the nitron finish on black Sigs isn't great like a Glock.
the stainless frames are actually a bit prone to wear is not grease properly.

the surface of the Sig alloy frames are very hard...thats why it isn't suggested that you apply a finish which requires it to be removed. if you don't grease your rails and it wears through the finish, your frame is least for a while yet

the frames that had a problem with cracking were limited to the 226 with the "sand cuts"
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