SIMPLE QUESTION: If someone was going to give you a free Glock...

Choose your Glock from this list

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I'll play I picked the 29 As I've owned 2 20 's probably would still have a 10mm if I reloaded And I'd take the smaller size this time around
I would take any of those listed, never look a gift Glock in the muzzle... no really, don't look it in the muzzle.
I've always wanted to get a 10mm pistol, and I don't really like the compact glocks... In fact, I think the 20 would be the only Glock that I would ever consider buying. I just think that the XDs are more comfortable to shoot. Now if only I could convince somebody to rework my XD 45 into a 10mm I would do it in a heartbeat!

While we're handing out free guns, any chance of getting one of those sweet little 10mm Sig P220s? :D
21 SF. It fits my hand (finally!) and it's a .45

I have one and used it to win my Division at a major match last year.

I also have a 20 and it's reserved for woods-walking, since I have to reload all the ammo it shoots.

If it were my choice of ANY Glock, I'd get a 4th Gen 35
Don't particularly like Glocks. Find the 'factory' grip a bit too slippery. Wouldn't want a 10mm. Ammo is expensive and not easy to get, up here. Glock mags run $50Cdn each too.
I'll take a Glock 30. I already have a 21, and I don't want to start loading another caliber.
I'd take a Glock 21. I'd then take all the money I saved and spend it on a match barrel, since I have heaps of .45 ACP brass and bigger heaps of cast lead .45 caliber bullets.

Not too interested in the 10mm. I already have Ruger revolvers for shooting anything that I'd like to shoot at that power level.
I'd go with the compact 10mm.

What the gun industry labels "compact" usually means "sized for you" in my case. "Fullsize" means "HAHAHA! PUNY GIRLY HANDS!"

I'd pick the 10mm, simply because I already have one (as well as plans for reloading it) while I have nothing in the way of .45. And little interest in it.
I would go with the 45 as I have arthritis in my wrist and a 10's
recoil hearts,but I can handle the 45' recoil just fine.

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I would pick the 21 since I've always wanted one, but the 20 would be close second.

SharpdressedMan, it seems like you've already made up your mind, and in your shoes, I'd be with you. Dual Wielding glock 20's would be hard to turn down!
I just thought it would be an interesting topic, to see what others would do. Some of you guys are cold hearted. :what: If a buddy gave you a Glock as a gift, would you really sell it and use the money for something else? Or, if you disliked Glocks enough, would you respectfully decline the gift?
I would take the 10mm large frame as I think the 10mm is an amazing round for whatever you come up against.
30SF for me. I'd use it as a truck gun. Whenever I get around to buying another handgun, it'll probably be a 30SF
My fav Glock is a Glock 17 RTF2

But, in those choices would be the G20 - always tempted to try a 10mm...
Which ever one is easiest to sell/trade. No real interest in Glocks, but if I were to get a Glock, it would be a full size 9mm.
Glock 21 is a BIG pistol, but I'd prefer it to all the others on the list.

I don't reload for or own a 10mm. Stubby Glocks are worse than full size Glocks in my mitt.
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