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Springfield XD versus Glock versus 1911

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by zammyman, Dec 24, 2008.


Assuming a 4" barrel which of these would you rather carry if they were the only opti

  1. 4" 1911 (Kimber, Springfield, etc) 45ACP

    39 vote(s)
  2. Glock 30/36 45ACP

    19 vote(s)
  3. Springfield XD Compact 45ACP

    27 vote(s)
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  1. zammyman

    zammyman member

    Nov 2, 2008
    Not trying to refire the Glock/1911 war, just wanted to give my perception of advantages and disadvantages having carried both. Anything anyone has to add or disagree with I'd love to hear. Again I am not trying to get the war going just curious what advantages/disadvantages other people personally see.

    1911 Advantages:
    Very smooth trigger for accurate shots
    Thin compared to some double stack magazines
    Looks somehow more threatening than a Glock (I know that's personal opinion).

    1911 Disadvantages:
    In condition 1 need to flip off the safety before taking a panic shot
    Lower capacity (not a disadvantage to some)

    Glock/XD Advantages:
    No safety to flip before taking the shot
    Lighter than alloy/steel frame
    Able to handle +P ammo without modification or excess wear
    Average lifetime longer than 1911

    Glock/XD Disadvantages:
    Harder to get accurate with on a quick shot due to trigger pull
    Slightly more muzzle jump due to lighter weight
    Thicker frame a disadvantage for concealment
  2. JDGray

    JDGray Member

    Sep 16, 2005
    SW MI.
    1911s carry better than any other platform for me. I like IWB holsters, and a thin 1911 with thin grips, dont hide any better.:)
  3. Boats

    Boats member

    Dec 29, 2002
    1911 Advantages:

    Trigger, trigger, trigger, shames all others.
    Can be made more accurate than the poly guns and still be reliable.
    Thin compared to ALL double stack magazines. I have yet to see in person or on the internet a magazine as size efficient as a 1911's for such an effective cartridge. The HK P7 and some other single stack 9mms are the only other ones that get close.
    Looks great, and is a natural pointer for most folks.
    The 1911 is FLAT and rounded, not blocky and rectangular, so easier to conceal for a lot of folks despite weighing more.
    The design is not so spring dependent. No complicated interplay between the fire control parts, no trigger spring to fail.
    Has an aftermarket as vast as the ocean, combined with an easily detail strippable design, (So does the Glock, the XD isn't even close).
    With changeable backstraps before that was ever cool, replaceable grip safety and side panels, as well as different reach triggers and sizes of mag catches, thumb safeties and slide releases, the 1911 is endlessly customizeable to one's hand compared to every other pistol on the market.

    1911 Perceived Disadvantages:

    In condition 1 need to flip off the safety before taking a panic shot (This is solely a training issue that has never dissuaded serious shooters from adopting the platform.)
    Lower capacity (not a disadvantage to some) I'd say if you can't get it done with 8+1 and 16 more rounds carried concealed, you aren't going to get it done with a fat 12+1 and 12-24 more rounds carried concealed either.
    Heavier (A good holster and belt mitigate this a lot. I actually prefer the heft as I present the pistol. It swings quite naturally.

    1911 Actual Disadvantages:

    Due to the great variability in 1911 manufacture, an example that is not custom or semi custom in origin should not be automatically trusted out of the box to the same degree that a Glock, XD, or Beretta can be. A 500 round shakedown period is a must for lesser breed 1911s and still recommendable for all others and a variety of ammo tried to make sure that there are no feeding or extraction or ejection issues.

    That vast aftermarket gives rise to the urge to tinker, sometimes to the detriment of performance. The vast aftermarket also gives rise to some really cheap but questionable magazines that can fail pretty regularly.

    Cocked & Locked carry mandates dedicated dry and live fire practice to ensure the muscle memory to sweep the safety off during the draw from the holster. You can't half-ass the carry of a 1911 like one can get away with using a "draw and crush the trigger in panic" mode of carry.

    Glock/XD Advantages:

    No safety to flip before taking the shot, though you'd better be using a proper grip on either to avoid limpwristing.
    Lighter than alloy/steel frame, but I think the impervious to corrosion is a bigger point for polymer than the rather overblown weight savings.
    Able to handle +P ammo without modification or excess wear (A 1911A1 can certainly do this as well.)
    Average lifetime longer than 1911 (Who told you this whopper?)
    Usually have more generous chambers and inline feeding than the 1911 and use sprung extractors that actually work.
    The Glock is even more simple to completely disassemble than is the 1911, but the XD is not. Both field strip easier than a 1911.
    No "scary" C&L mode of carry, so dedicated practice is not paramount.

    Glock/XD Disadvantages:

    Harder to get accurate with on a quick shot due to trigger pull (Though not that much harder)
    Slightly more muzzle jump due to lighter weight
    Thicker frame a disadvantage for concealment, the magazines are fat for concealment too.
    Grips on both are only customizeable through surgery or a cheap looking piece of slip on rubber.
    The Glock has pointing issues for lots of folks.
    Trigger covering holster absolutely required for carry, limiting one's holster choices.

    I have tried striker fired pistols. The only one I like is the M&P. I carry a 4" Springer Champion 90% of the time
  4. FoMoGo

    FoMoGo Member

    Jan 13, 2007
    Andreas Pa, 18211
    I have total trust in my 1911s.
    Knowing that you are going to hit where you point in <20 yard situations is priceless.
    Notice I said point... not aim.
    I love the reliability of a glock... I just cant hit anything with them without the extra time it takes me to reorient my sight picture and grip to compensate for the "inappropriate for me" grip angle.
    Mine go bang when the trigger is pulled, carry all day like a dream, and hit where I want them to hit.
    All of the theoretical advantages in the world mean nothing if I cant hit what I want... out of instinct.
    I have nothing against the glock... and know the XD points better for me.
    It just doesnt have the "everything is gonna be OK" feel I get when I wrap my fingers around my 1911s.

  5. possum

    possum Member

    Oct 12, 2005
    Concord, N.C.
    i like glocks but none other than the 9mm models, i like 1911's, but there is no gun that i shoot better or that i feel more comfortable with than the xd line.
  6. Ben86

    Ben86 Member

    Sep 9, 2008
    MS, USA
    This is sort of my problem right now too. I want to buy my first .45. I have narrowed it down to an M&P, XD or 1911. I'm leaning away from the 1911 because I'm not so sure I want to have a manual safety, or the weight of the 1911. Plus the 1911s are about $1000+ I was looking at the Glock 21sf, but decided I'm tired of buying Glocks, I want something different, more comfortable.
  7. farscott

    farscott Member

    Dec 29, 2002
    Athens, AL, USA
    I agree with the basic sentiment, but I do not trust any 1911 until I have shot the dickens out of it, even full custom guns. Smiths are humans, and weird stuff happens. I got one gun that was perfect until I tried to remove the magazine. The magazine catch needed a bit of a radius for some magazines to drop free while it worked with other magazines just fine. I also got a Baer Comanche that was a jam-o-matic out of the box.

    As far as the original post, the 1911 advantages are ergonomics and ease of carry. For me, there is nothing easier to carry than a 1911 and nothing that is as easy to shoot. The Glock and XD are too thick in the butt for carry, and I cannot shoot the Glock well with my short fingers as I pull the gun down and to the left. I do want to try an XD(M) to see if the redesign helps me.

    Not sure about that as my daily carry, a 1976 Series '70 Colt, is 32 years old, which makes it older than any Glock or XD(M). It is on its fourth finish as I wore the last three clean off the steel. Those finishes included bluing, polymer, and hard chrome; it now wears IonBond. Any decent 1911 can go through a lot of rounds with very few parts changes.
  8. edSky

    edSky Member

    Oct 7, 2008
    Central Arkansas
    I have an XD Service (4") but it is too bulky, IMO. I like the feel and the weight, but I'd prefer a 1911 in 4.25" or 3" (EMP, Kimber Ultra Carry II).

    XD was my first pistol but a 1911 will always be my last, no matter how many more I buy. :neener:
  9. csay

    csay Member

    Mar 13, 2004
    I prefer a 1911 trigger and the fact that it has a thumb safety. Don't feel at all underarmed with the lower capacity of a 1911. I shoot Glocks well, but it always comes down to the plastic. Can't seem to get past it. Don't like XD's, because I've had to many FTE's with ones I've tried.
  10. bigmike45

    bigmike45 Member

    Aug 12, 2004
    Though not on your list, this stainless Wilson Combat Professional, a 4" 1911 has been my main CCW for several years now. Carried IWB in a Milt Sparks VM2.

    I also carry IWB my XD45 Service, also a 4" gun in a Brommeland Max Con V.
  11. 1911shooter

    1911shooter Member

    Nov 11, 2007
    Tamaqua, P.A.
    1911 hands down.
    first off easier to carry less bulky, second best ergonomics in the business. plus if it aint steel and wood it aint a fighting pistol. now any of the pistols listed are fine fighting handguns and if well all carried the same gun there would no need for this forum, but we dont so we can have these disscussions. and agree to disagree. for me and my partners its the 1911. since you didnt put a sig on the list.
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