Sturm Ruger's Third-Quarter Profit Up Sharply

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Dec 31, 2002
At least some gun makers are not being ran out of bussiness!!!!!

Sturm Ruger's Third-Quarter Profit Up Sharply
The Associated Press
Published: Oct 20, 2003

SOUTHPORT, Conn. (Dow Jones/AP) - Sturm, Ruger & Co.'s third-quarter net income more than doubled due to the gun maker's one-time gain from the sale of Arizona real estate.
Net income was $3.85 million, or 14 cents a share, compared with $1.36 million, or 5 cents a share, in last year's third quarter.

Sturm Ruger recorded a gain of 13 cents a share from the sale of its Single-Six Ranch, a non-manufacturing piece of real estate.

Excluding the gain, which was approximately $3.5 million after taxes, Sturm Ruger had net income of about $305,000, or 1 cent a share, in the third quarter.

Sales fell 3.2 percent to $36.8 million from $38 million.

Castings sales for the quarter fell 21 percent from a year ago, while firearms sales were flat.

The company designs, makes and sells firearms and precision metal castings.

Shares of Southport-based Sturm Ruger closed at $11.07, up 19 cents, or 1.8 percent, Monday on the New York Stock Exchange.
happy you happy, but read the article - sales fell, revenues from (investment) casting operations fell as well. Only went up because of the land sale.
well you just can't drop that line into a conversation without some details?
I've been quite happy with my MkII/45, close friends own 3 other MkIIs with high satisfaction - what made yours let you down, after 50yrs+ of the model's success?

I'm not a Ruger zealot or anything, but I own a few Ruger arms, and have been quite happy with them...
$36.8 million in sales with a net income of $305,000.

They are just barely keeping their heads above the water. They must have some serious overhead or debt.

Either that or too many chiefs on the payroll.

Just a suggestion Rusher, learn to read financial reports beyond the headlines. It will keep you from making bad investments with your hard earned money.

Their condition is probably why they sold the property.

With S&W selling homewares now, it seems the gun industry is in a real slump that they may not recover from without casualties.
The gun market is pretty saturated.
No honest man needs a Ruger. Can't say their corporate financial difficulties upset me too greatly. Only wish it was due to a boycott which they richly deserve.
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As I understand it, Sturm Ruger has no debt.
They should be able to weather a downturn in sales better than a lot of other gun companies.
After the death of Mr. Ruger, it's likely that they are making some changes. Selling this ranch probably is part of that.
Actually, this is bad news.

5cents a share last quarter, and 1 cent a share this quarter.
The 13 cent a share from the sale of the property is a one time thing. That is something that you can't count on every quarter.

Ruger should start making 20 round Mini-14 magazines again.
Ruger has no debt, but their overhead is high given their current level of sales. Sales in both their firearms business and their investment casting business should recover along with the economy or slightly thereafter. The company has found that they are better off in the long run keeping good employees through downturns in the economic cycle. If they let people go, they would have trouble meeting demand while maintaining QC when things turned around. It is the fact that they have no debt and buttloads of cash that allow them to do this while still paying a $ .80 annual dividend.
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