The Battle of the classic .380's!

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I was expecting a PPK, 1910 Browning, 1934 Beretta, and Mauser HSC when I saw "classic".
Well i sort of meant that classic look. classic lines, old fashioned design, that's what I like.
I've got the Beretta 85FS and the CZ 83. Either is a great choice. Both are accurate with low recoil. The Beretta fits my wife's hand best, the CZ fits mine. The only problem with either is the CZ's grip screws will tend to loosen, and if overtightened the grips will crack by the backstrap.
If you're seriously considering a CZ-83, is there some reason not to consider the nearly identical CZ-82 that's chambered in a near identical cartridge (as far as ballistics go) and sells for about half the price?

What he said. I looked at a nickel CZ-83 in a Gander Mountain store, where they wanted $700 (which is more than MSRP, if anyone's keeping score). And if I had bought it, they wouldn't have been able to sell me any ammo for it because they didn't have any, nor did they have any idea when they would be getting any. Instead, I bought a CZ-82 from J&G for $210 and got 1000 rounds of ammo for it for another $210. Haven't done the Duracoat thing yet, so it does have that "lived-in" look, but who cares? I'll get it prettied up one day.

Maybe the new kid on the block, but what a sweetheart it is!

A great little gun when you would otherwise go unarmed.
I had the earlier Sig 230 and liked it. I sold it a few years ago, but wish I hadn't. I sort of replaced it (ducking behind the desk) with a Polish P64. The P64 is an excellent gun for the money and actually packs slightly more punch with it's 9mm Makarov cartridge. Not quite as comfy to shoot as the 230, but 30% the cost.... (still ducking behind the desk):neener:
For new guns, Beretta 84 FS gets my vote in the "traditional .380's" category. Of all the .380's ever built, though, my preference is for the Remington model 51.

What is it for?


I think the real question is what is the gun for?

If it is for home defense or a car gun, then I would go with the BERETTA 84 hands down. The CZ 82 or 83 would be a close second.
Both are large enough to be easy handled and controlled. Both have large magazine capacities unless you go for the BERETTA 85 or 86.

For concealed carry, it it more complicated. Of the BERSA, SIG and WALTHER, I only have experience with the SIG. I like it, but would prefer the BERETTA in a hip holster. The BERETTA is more reliable than the 3 above guns in my opinion with better handling and a larger magazine.

I have shot the COLT 1908 Pocket Pistol and do not like the sights or small controls on it. It is a very nice gun otherwise.

If money is a concern, the BERSA has a good reputation (but I have not used it myself) and is well priced.

Good luck,

Because of this thread...

...I took my Sig P232 blue, Beretta 84 and Sphinx AT380 to the range to do a "Which do I like best" test. I hadn't shot any of these guns in over a year. My intent was to bring home the target and post it, but I left it at the range.:banghead: No great loss to anyone, as they all shoot about the same, at least in my hands they do.

The Sig has the best grip, points well, has good sights. I have a Hogue grip that makes it very easy on the recoil. No doubt a classic.

The Beretta has the best trigger, has never faltered, never failed, boringly dependable. I like that. It shot high a few inches, or I did. Hmmmm.:confused: The sights could be better. Mine has Pachmayr grips, a great grip, but it adds girth, and girth isn't needed on the Beretta.

The Sphinx isn't as popular or well known, but I really like this gun. It is very accurate, which is puzzling because the sights are not very good, definitely the weakest link in this otherwise superb gun. I like the trigger because it is smooth as butter.

I shot it the Shinx the best, followed by the Sig and close behind was the Beretta. Surprising because I usually shoot the Beretta very well as I carried it for years.

Classics are classic because they offer some intangible quality as well as good performance. When they hang around as long as some mentioned in the thread have, it is because they are special..and it's hard to wrong with any of them. ;)

Wish I had the target...DOOH!
All of these guns that I posted can go in the CC catagory. but they would be fun to plink with.

I like the all steel frame of the PPK/S, Government .380 and Mustang, some Sigs have steel frames, but they have the obnoxious heel mag release. Some folks like them I guess.
Sig 232 is waht I have now and like it. I sold my PPK a while back. I've been looking for Sphinx on and off over the years - too bad they are not imported.
I was expecting a PPK, 1910 Browning, 1934 Beretta, and Mauser HSC when I saw "classic".
These were also what I had in mind when the term "classic" was used. We might also throw in several other fine, pre WW2 pieces.

I have owned the above mentioned four and the four you listed. And as many others as I could find priced-right.

Of your choices, I prefer the Walther PP or PPK/S, (and not the PPK) and German, not S&W.

My all-time favorite .380 is the Remington 51.....hands down. A superb piece.
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