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Ok, we don't own a CZ, but we've got an Intratec Protec .25 w/2 mags. It's a CZ45 clone. Does it count? Would like to get the real deal, but am a little short on fundage.
Most recent photo of Evka in her new dress with all her accessories :D

I love the wood grips. They feel alot better than stock plastic and look a hekuvalot better than the Hogue (though that still feels the best).


Evka is a pre-B CZ-85, thus the spur hammer. Must have been police issue as there is a good amount of holster wear but there's still alot of finish on the bearing surfaces of the frame rails and the rifling is beautifully crisp.
My first pistol is a CZ!!!

Well, technically it isn't 'mine' yet, my dad bought it for my 18th and told me we would transfer it on my 21st birthday. It's CZ75 BD and I couldn't be more impressed with it! I love my CZ!! If I decide to buy another pistol when I'm 21, it'll probably be another CZ. By the way, has anybody heard anything new about the new P-09 Duty??
Looks like an impressive design, for sure. That being said, I'm gonna wait a few months to make sure the design works out okay... I don't like being a beta tester.
I'm hoping to find a CZ75B owner who can help me source parts for my handgun. It's called a disconnector (part # 17) but is specific to this model. I've had the part sent twice from the US and both times the wrong version was sent. The one I need is flimsier than those and kinda looks like a ?. My gunsmith has no experience with this CZ model so I'm left to find the parts myself. I have been running around with this since November so if you can help, I would greatly appreciate it.
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SP01 Shadow ACCU


New offering from our shop. Offers a new bushing system for increased accuracy. Short reset for improved trigger manipulation. HAJO ( height adjustable only ) rear sight. Full action job with CZC comp hammer, 85C trigger, SS guilde rod, lighten springs, thin aluminum grips.
Here is my most recent CZ. An 85 in 9 x 21 caliber. I had a new 9 x 19 barrel fitten and took it to the range yesterday for the first time. Wow. I shot < 2" groups at 7 yards and about a 5" group at 15 yards, which is good for me. Low recoil, easy sighting. I have a new favorite (modern) gun. I got it NIB for $260 - than spent a couple of hundred on the new barrel and fitting.

Looks a lot like yours TheGloriousTachikoma!

Oh yeah, and recently acquired this too. Now have to sell some other guns to balance things out. Guess the Czech's will win over the Austrians this time! ;)

Yeah dude, I gotta be 21 to buy a pistol here in Texas, it's kind of a drag really.

Unless Texas added more laws beyond federal law, you can own that pistol under 21. I'm 20 and I'm sitting with a CZ75B in front of me that I traded for with an XD40 that I bought myself at 18.

This is my CZ52 I had hydro dipped and I replaced the internal steel with current century steel (firing pin and springs)
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Odd question here; if you had an extra SP-01, and an extra P-01, and had to get rid of one of them, which would it be?
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