The factors which determine THR worth are...

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Oleg Volk

Moderator Emeritus
Dec 19, 2002
Nashville, TN my opinion:

1. The participants

2. The rules and their enforcement

Factor 1 is major, factor 2 is minor. Adding more rules will bring only diminishing returns and reduce the quality of the experience for all.

I have a successful example in the way I make friends. I have many friends with whom I stay in touch pretty much indefinitely. That's why my social gatherings tend to be big. However, it is possible not to be my friend anymore by:

1. Unethical behavior towards me or towards a mutual friend

2. Being sufficiently uninteresting or less than friendly, in which case I will simply re-allocate my scarce time and resources towards more deserving people

By that analogy, which we have tested on-line in the last few months, I think it would make sense to tweak the way THR operates. In the past, it has been operated as a place where all were welcome, barring egregious behavior. Full citizenship with ability to post were extended at once. As a result, we've gained many amazingly knowledgeable, civil people. We have also gained our resident population of things who don't play well with others. THR may become a scarce resource in the very near future.

1. The official policy will be to continually remove people who are proven oxygen thieves. That will be a subjectively defined condition, generally a combination of belligerence and lack of clue. Lack of knowledge will not be an offense, behaving like a poorly socialized child would be. THR will never be "full" but it will shed a certain amount of mange regularly. In the past, I disliked losing any members. Now, I realize that the time spent coddling those who don't play well with others is the time not spent for the benefit of those who do. My core interests are squarely with the good humans, not with the bad hominids trying to get by on external resemblance to humans.

2. Certain capabilities will be awarded on the basis of merit. That policy has been in effect for several months now. I won't elaborate on the specifics, only say that the rewards for acting like a mature, knowledgable and civil adult are quite pleasant. The down side to that policy is that it requires moderator involvement to identify the recipients of the honors. Large number of posts is not required, only a high signal/noise ratio here or even off-line.

In the meantime, use the combination of "Ignore" and "Report this post/outrage" buttons, and a thick skin to get the most out of this site. The moderating snipers are getting the range cards out. Three of the members we've come to appreciate will be approached with offers of moderator positions later this month. We'll do what we can to make THR a pleasant and an educational experience...with your help and advice.
Bashing without knowing

My biggest complaint is ....."I have never done that, do this".

My post about Judge Judy advising when a person can shoot a dog was intented to have members watch and learn. It turned into a Court bashing thread.
First, Oleg, let me thank you for all you do to keep THR open and running. I have always appreciated how it is run and I have also been very appreciative of the help I have always gotten here from the members.

This place serves such an important function to the firearms/shooting community. One of the most important is to keep us up on the political wars being waged against gun ownership and the information we get during the highly charged political seasons.

Another very important function is the information it provides to help us all stay informed in light of the crapola-propiganda-information we are continually fed by the very biased main stream media.

So, as to your new track here, I say 'full steam ahead' as that will only preserve and improve what we have here!
It's a friendly party and not a honky-tonk brawl with a cover charge or a 3-drink minimum so the folks that want to start fights and pee in the corner can find some dive to do it in.
I'm sure this post by Oleg was brought about by more than just the "court bashing thread." I can think of a few others off the top of my head.

Glad to hear this news, keep up the good work.

Thank you Oleg and THR staff for doing the great job of running this THR "database" as well as you do.
sounds like a good plan Oleg and while responding I wish to thank you and the entire staff for making THR what it is. We members probably don't express our gratitude for the site , and the work involved to keep it at the standards that we all enjoy enough .
Posts with no knowledge

I'm sure this post by Oleg was brought about by more than just the "court bashing thread." I can think of a few others off the top of my head.

You are very correct. I think we will see members posting in the upcoming election season just to put their signiture out in the forum to be seen, if they have something useful to add or not.
It might be funny to make a new member category (like where it says "senior member", etc.).

Put that "Proven Oxygen Thief" phrase to good use... would be interesting to see if that causes folks to reform. :D
Well stated Oleg,
Personally I had really tapered off my time on THR due to the "riffraff"
And the loss of The Roundtable.

I am not one of the most knowledgable when it comes to firearms in general. So I always lurked for enlightenment from those with expertise.
The roundtable was a way for me to be a bit more involved in the community by offering knowledge in areas where I do possess erudition of a subject other than firearms.

While I have enjoyed and tend to spend more of my time on APS, I have noticed a steady decline in the quality of threads there as well.
Perhaps it is due to the change in seasons. Many of us are even more inundated with projects that require our attention. And this time of year is the only time we have to tackle them.

Whatever the case may be, I will be sure to keep a closer eye on THR in hope that it will have improved.

We do all owe you a large thanks for all your efforts.
Fire at will, Oleg. :)

Most of us have noticed the problem, which is no surprise since it is getting much worse lately. I've certainly noticed, but never had a clue what should be done about it.

Your plan sounds about as perfect as I can fathom.

Thanks for this forum, Oleg. Some of us truly appreciate it.
I like TechSavant's idea

Changing their category to "proven oxygen thief" is hilarious!:D

If I might make an unsolicited suggestion (usually rude but I hope this is seen as valuable), the follwing escalation might be neat:

First level:
Moderator PMs offender stating that he is being boorish.
Second level:
Make the user a "proven oxygen thief". When they are a proven oxygen thief, they can no longer post on Legal&Political or General. I think that most oxygen thievery happens in those places.

With deepest respect
That sounds great Oleg, something needed to be done. I know that over the past few months I haven't been hanging out here as much because of some people's behavior (& other personal issues).

Getting rid of/hamstringing the ones that delight in conflict or stirring things up just to cause chaos certainly isn't a bad thing.

I do like Technosavant's status idea, with different grades of oxygen thieves (possible, proven, etc) :evil: .
Oleg, the High Road is yours to do with as you see fit. However, I still think you have one of the premier discussion forums on the Internet. The level of decorum here is normally very high. A few seconds on one of the more “popular” sites will demonstrate that.

~G. Fink
Dear Oleg
First of all, thanks you and mods for an excellent forum, where knowledge, feelings and fellows combined make a great place to learn, write and share about a great sport as the shooting it is. For me rules are to be follow, therefore if someone cannot stay between rules, I'm sure we don't miss them.


Thanks, Oleg. THR is something of an addiction for me ;) and when I'm jonesin' for a fix and all I get is noise... :uhoh:

Actually, I consider THR a circle of friends and acquaintances. Some I have net in person; many I have not. No matter.
This is a good thing

I found THR through a google search for something firearm related. I then lurked here for a few months before deciding to sign up and post. The reason I decided to sign up was the high level of discourse that occurs here at THR. I'm a member of several other internet forums, and have to say that THR is the best discussion forum that I belong to.

I'm all for you doing anything you need to do to keep THR the best Oleg. :)

Thanks for everything that you and the moderators do to make this a place for meaningful discussion.

I'm new enough here that I haven't seen the decline first hand, but if there's anything we can do to make it better still (this is the best-mannered and most-polite forum to which I subscribe), I'm all for it.

If there's anything I can do beyond contributing in a positive way, please let me know.

Gradations of varmints:

- trolls/flamers/worthless critters: their accounts will disappear, along with their graffity and other garbage. No warnings.

- regular folks who lack self-control: they will get a hint. Moderator contact is their chance to reconfirm honorable intentions. Such contacts ("Are you sure of the present course?") are attitude checks.

- repeat offenders who re-register repeatedely: all their posts will be trashed and any other ways of making life harder for them will be considered.
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