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Jan 3, 2003
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Old subject and beaten to death but .... still seems we have some folks who have gotten their CCW but feel no obligation or need to expedite same .... other than ''now and again''. How in Hades do you choose when is ''the time'' to carry?

Let me STRESS .. I am NOT paranoid .. at all. But do wish that those who can carry would do so to the max when legal (added the emphasis).. forget discomfort .... remember the parallels......

Your seatbelt, your helmet if you ride ( I no longer HAVE to wear one ... but choose so to so). The fire extinguisher in the kitchen and/or in vehicle. Your home owner's insurance. Your smoke detector. Everything which is ''just in case''.

Shucks .. I work from home and spend most of each day sat in my office at bottom of the yard ..... relatively low crime area ... but still odd cases of miscreants and worse. When I go out and into town I don't have top think ...... ''oh, I'd better be packing'' ..... cos I am ... 16/7.

Dave 006 I think it was quoted some time back .... ''You cannot make an appointment for emergencies'' .... very true. And .... ''tomorrow carries no guarantees''. ''Expect the unexpected''. ''Don't assume''.

How does anyone KNOW ... short of being clairvoyant, that there is not some ''incident'' lurking around the corner. The gas station heist etc.

One reason CCW is so effective as a deterrant is because the BG's know we ''might'' be carrying ..... don't disappoint them on that one ..... in a million perhaps .... situation where your life or that of people you love, is on the line.

Responsibility is a default factor with carry ... but so also is the defence of self and family. Better the gun on the hip than 50 sittin in the safe!

Speech over!!:rolleyes: :p
Now that Ohio finally has CCW, you bet I'll be carrying everywhere it's legal (unfortunately there are a lot of restrictions in our CCW law :( )
I carry everywhere it is legal for me to do so. No exceptions.
Ditto. Bad things can happen unexpectedly, anywhere, anytime. So I wear my seat belt, I have smoke detectors, I try to be aware of what's going on around me, I carry a gun.
I carry. I don't have homeowners insurance though. It is legalized extortion. If you think about it, CCW is too. Why do we pay the state for our natural rights? I feel it is like paying to use a public restroom.
As I sit here typing this at 11:06pm, my 1911 is in its usual place on my belt. It's been there since I got dressed this morning. It goes like this every day of every week.

I never find myself on an errand suddenly forgetting that I'm unarmed. It's easier this way.
I'm with ya'.
I strap it on when I get dressed in the morning, and take it off when I go to bed. Then I have another within reach when I'm in bed.
A lot of people wait until after they have become a victim of a crime before they start carrying. I'm not waiting.
Im the same way, carry 18/7 and have a gun by the bed when sleeping. Its the just in case. I always tell gun friends who are thinking about carrying "sometimes", that you wont get a warning letter in the mail the morning of something bad happening.
I carry anytime I can legally carry

NC has some restrictive and sometimes vague laws regarding CCW. I can't legally carry in most places that I go to when outside of my home. I can't carry at work, restaurants that serve alchohol (It seems they all do :rolleyes: ), movie theatres, trade shows, concerts, parades, banks, post offices, federal, state, county or town offices. It wasn't until recipricity with neighboring states that I considered it worthwhile to even persue the permit. I mainly got it for long road trips. That said, I have found there still are many times in my daily life that I can carry a defensive weapon.

I also carry anytime I'm working outdoors and in my home when out of reach of my gunsafe. Of course, I don't need a permit for concealed carry on my own property, but now I have invested in more comfortable guns, belts and holsters.
Imagine a world where on certain roads or in certain communities, it was against the law to wear your seatbelt? You'd wear it up to a point then see a sign and have to take it off, feeling naked and vulnerable when you do.

That's kind of what it's like to have a CCW sometimes. :banghead: :cuss: :fire:
It really gripes me that my employers have a rule that you can't even have a licensed CCW in your car in the parking lot. Biggest hassle for me -- can't carry to & from work.

Otherwise, I carry whenever it's legal to do so. Since I'm not a drinking man, the prohibition against carrying in liquor-selling establishments doesn't really affect me. Florida has a restriction on carrying at sporting events (maybe they're afraid of fans getting heated up by referee calls or whatever), but oddly enough, it'll be perfectly legal for me to carry at the Wierd Al Yankovic concert I'm going to in a couple weeks.
My place of employment has a' no guns' sign on one entrance.I have used the other four entrances for the past 14 years and carry every day.:p
Basically if I`m awake I`m carrying. There are a very few times and places that I can`t carry and I abide the law then rearm asap. Marcus
My place of employment has a' no guns' sign on one entrance.I have used the other four entrances for the past 14 years and carry every day.
frenchwrench ....... WAY TO GO man!!:p :cool: :D

DMK ... I had not realized NC was just as tight as you describe ... hell, I don't know how some of you guys manage ... bit like .... ''on-off-on-off-on-off'' ... all day long potentially.:rolleyes: That does in many ways make rather a mockery of the carry option.

What saddens and irks me so much with restrictions is .. and we have all discussed this many times ..... that it renders defenceless the law abiding guy, in a place where a BG would just stroll right on in .. armed ....... if he so chooses. It's basically giving the criminal ''carte blanche'' to be able to meet zero opposition .. and deprives others of a right to even have a fighting chance.

To best of my knowledge, and I have checked as carefully as I can - I have two prime no-no's here ... Court House and schools. Beyond that I go anywhere packing, and that makes a lot of sense to me. Not so very long ago, and within I think about a week ... two banks here were ''done'' .... albeit very low key (note to cashier .. no drama) ..... but these are both branches I have used ... who knows .... another time....?? I prefer to feel ''enabled''.
I just know when it's the right time to carry.:rolleyes:
Blades .. hard to know how to take that! Precognition maybe??:eek:
Some of you folks are downright fortunate. I live in a state where CCW is not permitted. I go "naked" virtually all of the time because open carry, though legal, would make it very apparent that I'm armed.

I'm old and fairly infirm. If I'm ever accosted in a hostile manner, my only recourse is to get out of Dodge as quickly as possible.

At home, however, I have a gun nearby at all times. I keep my S&W Chiefs Special (loaded) in my nightstand. Grandkids are in and out of the house at times, but all have been alerted about the gun and do not go near it. Even so, at times I worry about that.

Maybe some day we'll have CCW here. I'm not holding my breath, however. Proposals have been introduced into the legislature virtually every year, and other stuff comes up to sidetrack it. I'm not optimistic.
me? I carry about 99% of the time...It might just be a P3At in a pocket holster but it does beat throwing rocks..

That being said...I usually wear one of my belt guns when going out and about...I dont worry to much about "when and where" I can carry unless I am going to the post office...

If I know that I cannot dress to carry a belt holster I just use a Kel-tec p-11 in a pocket holster...Gives me piece of mind knowing I got 11 9mm+p's at my fingertips and I dont have to worry about "flashing"

BTW my employer DEMANDS that I be armed at all times:D
I carry pretty much all the time.If I have to go to court would be the only exception.
You never know....especially with the current increase in gang related violence in my city.
Has anyone else noticed an increase in Bar shootings lately?
Almost all states restrict CCW in establishments that serve alcohol. Therefore there is little or no danger of anyone shooting back.

You're allowed to carry alcohol in your car. You just can't consume it there.
In most places you're even allowed to transport firearms and alcohol in the same car.

So why in the heck can't you carry a gun into a bar? Just as long as you don't brandish it it should be legal.
As a professional musician, most of my income come from establishments that serve liquor. And I am one of the few that walk out with more cash than I walk in with. I am also transporting several thousand dollars worth of instruments and equipment. Yet I am not allowed to carry the means to defend myself inside with me. But if I were to leave my firearm in my car and if it was broken into and stolen then there would be Hell to pay.

I understand that there are some people who can legally CCW that might be more likely to draw a weapon under the influence. But I also think that the majority still wouldn't.
Just as moet people I know that drink don't do it and then drive. They often have keys in their pocket, they just don't lose control and act silly.
All of those years I carried a badge I was still in bars and I drank more in a week then than I do in a year now. I have had to deal with drunks, stupis drunks, abusive drunks and plain old a-hole drunks. The thought of drawing a gun in response to a stupid comment by intoxocated moron never crossed my mind.

The last time I paid attention most bars were still serving some beer in glass bottles. I have seen a lot more people injured with beer bottles in bars than with firearms. And there are many more places than frown on a person walking around with a beer bottle than with a gun.

Why should I be deprived of my ability to protect myself just because of something someone else MIGHT do?

But then again, that's the direction our country had been taking since November 1963.

:( <sigh> :(
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